** Nap's Competition Result : 1st Barnsley Chop, 2nd Daisychain, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, 4th Marmalade, KO Cup Tipsterix, Most Winners Calva Decoy**
**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree Β£75, 2nd Rivrd Β£45, 3rd Ian309 Β£30**


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    Top 25 from last month qualify Top 8 go through to the KO Stages Good luck all
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    Well another profitable day with 6 winners and a couple of places - who cares about quality horses as there is a winner for every race - πŸ˜€ Catterick 1.20 Lucky Beggar 7/1ew---------3rd 15/2 Catterick 1.50 Our Dave 5/2-----------1st 5/2 fav πŸ˜€ Catterick 2.20 The Big House 4/1ew---------1st 3/1 fav πŸ˜€ Catterick 2.20 Bumbledon 14/1ew---------lost Catterick 2.50 Question Of Faith 25/1ew---------lost Bellewstown 2.30 Aasleagh Fawn 9/4------------lost Bellewstown 4.00 Mokhalad 6/1ew---------lost Bath 2.10 Awsaaf 5/4-----------lost Bath 2.10 Toolatetodelegate 8/1ew---------lost Bath 3.10 Holdenhurst 12/1ew---------lost Bath 3.10 Devils Roc 5/2-----------lost Bath 3.40 Michael’s Choice 15/2ew--------1st 10/1 πŸ˜€ Bath 3.40 Union Rose 4/1ew--------lost Bath 4.15 Motamayiz 6/5----------1st 5/6 fav πŸ˜€ Bath 5.20 Magic Shuffle 12/1ew--------1st 8/1 πŸ˜€ Bath 5.50 General Brook 15/2ew--------2nd 4/1 Bath 5.50 Grams And Ounces 33/1ew--------lost Sligo 5.10 Powersville 11/4----------1st 7/4 fav πŸ˜€ Sligo 6.45 Take A Turn 9/2ew--------3rd 9/2 Sligo 6.45 Powersbomb 25/1ew--------lost Wolverhampton 5.00 Tabaahy 5/1ew--------lost Wolverhampton 5.00 The Daley Express 20/1ew--------lost Wolverhampton 7.00 Beepeecee 7/1ew--------lost Wolverhampton 7.00 Steelriver 11/2ew--------lost Wolverhampton 8.30 Seaforth 9/2ew--------lost Wolverhampton 8.30 Voice Of A Leader 25/1ew--------lost Wolverhampton 8.30 Pike Corner Cross 16/1ew--------lost
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    Corona Tennis Off-Season News

    john my man πŸ’˜
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    sorry to hear about Helen, i have made Danshot an admin in the Stars club
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    Racing Chat - Friday July 3rd

    Dram ran a decent race to finish 2nd beaten a length and a bit , thought she had it but the favs late surge done her close home . She will strip fitter and looks like her first wins not far away .
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    2020 Finish

    1286 result: 16-4 (20 points). Won Β£170 Profit to date Β£2007.84
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    Racing Chat - Thursday July 2nd

    If you are backing favourites then you are better sticking to class 1 races rather than class 6 races. At BSP over the last 5 years on the flat you would have made a ROI of 9% on class 1 races and a loss of 3% on class 6/7 races. I wouldn't restrict my lay bets to handicap bets because the loss has been higher for non-handicap class 6/7 races at 9%, albeit there are more handicaps than handicaps. Interestingly a profit would have been made on the all weather courses so it may be wise to exclude these. Also horses that finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd last time performed particularly badly. Good luck, if these past trends continue you should be able to make good profits with these lay selections, as always with horse racing you have to hope the trends continue, they often don't unfortunately.
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    Rocket Mortgage Classic

    GL on your bets fader and Colp, .. it's all respect over here. Hopefully someone picks the winner this week. tbh, I don't really do the whole fan boy thing with these new users. Was hoping we don't have that in this thread. bol !
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    Lee's USA Racing

    Last night was the last day of the Autumn / Winter / Spring extended meet at Tampa so safe for now
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    Naps - Thursday July 2nd

    20.30 Wolves Red Archangel @14/1 corals
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    Naps - Thursday July 2nd

    Think this trainer will come good soon
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    Naps - Thursday July 2nd

    5-00 wolves savalas 7/2 bet 365
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