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  1. Djokovic and Nadal bets lost. New bank 1469.59pts
  2. This should be over in straights. If Medvedev wants it, he wins 2-0. If not, he loses 2-0. Let's see.
  3. Man Utd v West Brom (1) 1.30 Bayern Munich v Werder Bremen (1) 1.11 10pt double
  4. Definitely lacking motivation. If qualification was on the line, I don't think Rublev wins so easily.
  5. Rublev to take a set and overs between Rafa and Tsitsipas would be my call.
  6. 20pts/Djokovic to win ATP Tour Finals @ 2.26 Betfair Exchange
  7. Not sure I've ever seen this in a Nadal match. Every single time he got ahead he got immediately pegged back. Didn't consolidate any advantage that he got.
  8. 20pts/Djokovic to win ATP Tour Finals @ 2.25 Paddy Power 75pts/Nadal to win ATP Tour Finals Group London @ 1.83 Betfair Sportsbook
  9. Zverev missed 7 serves in a row at the start of the match and this is a guy who is well over 6 feet tall. Serving might be difficult for recreational players but it certainly shouldn't be for professional players, much less those ranked at the highest echelons of the game.
  10. Zverev's serve is embarrassing. First game of the match against Medvedev and he chucks in three doubles - he might as well have just forfeited the game. I'll really never understand it - how can one of the best players in the world be incapable of getting at least one of two serves in.
  11. It was definitely worth a bet at the price. Let's just hope they don't do a Bury - I'm assuming if they do then a relegation bet is a busted flush, and as much as any bets should be voided it wouldn't surprise me to discover in the small-print that there's no obligation for a refund.
  12. I think it'll be Southend and Stevenage that get relegated. As I said though, I hope I'm wrong
  13. I hope I'm proved wrong because it's always nice to take the bookies to the cleaners with a big odds win that was completely mis-priced, but for me the only way Bolton get relegated is if they get a points deduction. Other than that, I'd say there's going to be two teams worse than Bolton and that's all that's needed to sink the bet. Despite the good result today, Southend look doomed - rookie manager, budgetary constraints (I think) and a a poor team. This looks like a perfect case of taking a bet with value - i.e. Bolton should definitely have been shorter than the opening 50 to 1 for
  14. Hi @Heisenberg68 Assuming you mean coloured text, you can do that using the task bar above where you write - it's marked with an 'A' I hope this helps
  15. I'd like to see seeds that lose first round matches - or second if getting a bye - getting no paycheck inclusive of appearance fees. They're supposed to win and it's hard not to conclude, as @vvararusuggested, that sometimes they just aren't bothered about winning. The way I see it, if you're seeded then you're making a good living out of the sport and so can afford the penalty of not getting paid for a first match loss at a tournament. I suppose though that if something like that were implemented, it would just kick the can down the road and you'd get top players tanking in their next match.
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