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  1. 75pts/Kenin to beat Stosur (WTA Guangzhou) @ 1.33 Betfair Sportsbook
  2. I'm passing on the unders tomorrow between Burnley and Norwich. The main reason is Norwich - they've started the season like they finished the last, namely with the attitude that they'll score more than they concede and win games that way. That's obviously no use to me, and whilst they should find it difficult to get past the Burnley defence it probably won't be that difficult for Burnley to create chances against a leaky and undermanned Norwich defence. All in all it's a recipe for goals and it's an example of a bet that if I take it and it loses I'll be kicking myself. No doubt it'll finish 0-0 after saying all that, but if that does happen it won't change what I think are good reasons for leaving this game alone and waiting for something better.
  3. 5pts/Tsonga to win ATP Metz @ 4.50 Unibet 45pts/Kenin to win WTA Guangzhou @ 2.00 BetVictor
  4. Bet 11. Lay 0-0 between Eintracht Frankfurt and Arsenal @ 15.00
  5. I'm looking at laying 0-0 in Arsenal's match against Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League that kicks off shortly. The Gunners have made changes, as they often do in these matches, but importantly Aubameyang is in the team and I don't think the changes in defence make them any stronger in that area. Frankfurt did well in this competition last season and are on a great run at home, plus they have a useful goalscorer in Dost leading their front line so at least one goal looks likely here. I'm asking for 15's in-play and will post to confirm if I get on.
  6. 150pts/Kenin to win WTA Guangzhou @ 2.50 General
  7. Bet 10. Lay 0-0 between Watford and Arsenal @ 15.00
  8. Next up is laying 0-0 between Watford and Arsenal. There should be goals in this, as Arsenal continue to create chances up front and concede them at the back - plus Watford have a new (old!) manager which should mean players trying to impress and more chance of a goal for the home side. Right now it's about 20's to lay 0-0 and I'd like better so I'm requesting 15's and I'll let it run. As always if I get matched I'll post to confirm.
  9. Thought that might have been a push. Unlucky.
  10. Nothing doing in the Brighton v Burnley match. Would have been a winner if I'd got on, but too many question marks for me around Brighton and their new manager's tactics and formations.
  11. The teams are in and Burnley have named the defensive players I want and it looks like Brighton are playing with a back four. It bothers me though that there were four goals in the corresponding fixture last season, when Brighton had a defensive manager. I've decided to try to play it safe in this one and ask for 1.05 on under 5.5 goals. I'll post if it gets matched.
  12. The next possible bet for this thread is unders between Brighton and Burnley. The line I'm looking at is 4.5 goals and like previous Burnley matches that I've looked at, I want Pope, Tarkowski and Mee to be playing at the back. I'm not sure how Brighton will set up - I think they play a back three with wing-backs - so I'll look at that nearer the start. Initial thoughts are that this could have a few goals in it as Brighton are playing much more attacking football this season under a new manager, plus Burnley seem to be playing more expansively as well even though their team and manager have been settled for a few seasons now. Once I've seen the teams and figured out how they might line up I'll either back under 4.5 goals before the start, or I'll leave it and see if there's an early goal which might give me the chance to back under 5.5 goals.