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  1. My guess for the drift would be that Kukushkin is so inconsistent in his results. You could make a case that the opening line was based on the ability of both players, and then slowly as the market started to factor in Kukushkin's inconsistency the price on him rose. All hypothetical of course, but plausible I'd say.
  2. 20pts/Serena Williams to win WTA Australian Open @ 5.00 General
  3. Barty and Rublev both won. New bank 965.35pts
  4. Absolutely. That would be ben-wah all over if it happened.
  5. Agree with @FootballFrenzied that from a value perspective you should let the bet run - I don't think I've ever seen a bookie cash-out offer that was fair - but at the same time if you'd rather take the money than risk the bet losing then that's the thing to do. GL whatever you decide to do.
  6. Must admit I'm also wary of what the tournament will bring. The conditions are usually difficult enough due to heat and humidity but whilst you can get an idea of which players struggle and thrive in conditions like that due to previous performances, who knows how different players will react to poor air quality. Logic says that they'll all struggle, but if some struggle less than others that could definitely lead to some strange results. Anyway, it's going ahead so let's see what happens but personally I'll be treading very carefully during the first few days and probably during the tournament in general.
  7. 30pts/Rublev to win ATP Adelaide @ 2.25 Unibet
  8. Shapovalov and Mertens both lost, Barty bet still running. New bank 886.60pts
  9. Hi @Matty1290, and as @Sir Puntalot said, welcome. I probably should do what you suggest, but where's the glory in that! I might take my initial stake out at some point - that way I'm not losing 'my' money, but other than that I'll probably carry on until I hit a loser. Most likely the next bet for this thread will come from the Australian Open which starts in a few days - I'll be hoping there aren't any big upsets and that the conditions improve as poor air quality could lead to some strange results.
  10. 50pts/Mertens to win WTA Hobart @ 2.75 General
  11. 15pts/Barty to win WTA Adelaide @ 3.75 Bet365
  12. 50pts/Shapovalov to win ATP Auckland @ 3.40 Betfair Exchange
  13. Successful in the darts overall though @Fader which isn't easy to do so nice one
  14. I didn't see it, but it wouldn't have made any difference to me if I did in terms of whether to back Troicki this season because I think he's done at the top level in singles. Last year he was terrible and I don't see where any improvement is going to come from this year now that he's a year older and definitely in the 'veteran' category. Klahn obviously isn't great either so I can see why the price on Troicki is attractive, but I think there are better bets out there for the first round so it's one to leave alone for me.