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  1. £100 to £100,000 Glory Hunt

    I've cashed out my initial stake a few times but that's all. There's been times when I could have cashed out with a decent profit, but that's never been the aim of this thread. Anyway, it turns out that Djokovic has been getting heavily involved in tennis politics and it's been suggested that might explain his poor performance against Kohlschreiber. I know that he's a member of the ATP Player Council but I never expected that role could affect his performances and results - I'll have to bear that kind of thing in mind for the future.
  2. Kerber, Nadal, Svitolina and Federer lost. McIlroy won. New bank 893.60pts
  3. 15pts/McIlroy to win PGA Players Championship @ 2.86 Betfair Exchange
  4. 70pts/Federer to win ATP Indian Wells @ 1.62 Betfred
  5. Division 2 - Week 2 Selections

    Sunderland v Walsall (1) 1.57 10pt single
  6. 30pts/Nadal to win ATP Indian Wells @ 2.75 General
  7. 25pts/Nadal to win ATP Indian Wells @ 2.75 Sky Bet 25pts/Svitolina to win WTA Indian Wells @ 3.90 Betfair Exchange
  8. 15pts/Kerber to win WTA Indian Wells @ 4.60 Betfair Exchange
  9. £100 to £100,000 Glory Hunt

    I think that's me and tennis done. If there wasn't something wrong with Djokovic I'll be surprised and if there was I had no way of knowing about it.
  10. £100 to £100,000 Glory Hunt

    Didn't see that coming. Djokovic was awful. Another attempt bites the dust
  11. £100 to £100,000 Glory Hunt

    Nadal won. Next stake is 235.99 Bet 12. Djokovic to beat Kohlschreiber @ 1.07
  12. £100 to £100,000 Glory Hunt

    Back to the original plan. Djokovic and Nadal are on the same court and Nadal is up first. Bet 11. Nadal to beat Schwartzman @ 1.10
  13. £100 to £100,000 Glory Hunt

    Scratch the above. I wanted to back Nadal to win his match today but it turns out he'll be on court at around the same time as Djokovic.
  14. £100 to £100,000 Glory Hunt

    Djokovic v Kohlschreiber was carried over to today because of bad weather, which is a pain as there are a few things I might be interested in tonight that are before the match resumes. What I've decided to do is park the bet and make a new bet 11. If that bet wins I'll top up my Djokovic stake with the winnings, and if it loses I'll scratch out of the Djokovic bet by laying him which will mean I wont lose much more than my starting stake and the accumulated profit.
  15. £100 to £100,000 Glory Hunt

    Next up has to be Djokovic to beat Kohlschreiber in Indian Wells. The Serb was rusty against Fratangelo but should be better for the experience and his reward for coming through that match is a meeting with a player he has dominated in previous meetings. Kohlschreiber is a good player there's no doubting that but he's always had trouble getting wins against the very best. He's taken sets from the likes of Nadal, Federer in their most recent match the other week and even Djokovic at this tournament previously but wins have been hard to come by. He could keep it close against Djokovic and he may even take a set but I'll take a chance that history repeats itself and when the match is over it isn't the German that won the final point. Bet 11. Djokovic to beat Kohlschreiber @ 1.07 Betfair Sportsbook