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  1. Rangers v St Mirren (1) 1.25 Liverpool v Fulham (1) 1.28 Sporting Lisbon v Santa Clara (1) 1.44 10pt treble
  2. 75pts/Cerundolo to beat Paire (ATP Buenos Aires) @ 1.40 Boylesports
  3. Just noticed that. Definitely stands out and Tauson is one to watch this season.
  4. I can't see why Cecchinato is favourite to beat Djere in Buenos Aires, bearing in mind that he lost the last time they played each other which is fairly recent. It could be because Djere hasn't won a match so far this year, but then he hasn't played on clay yet which is his favourite surface. Cecchinato is hardly in great form either, with just one win over Dellien last week to show for his efforts this season. Although playing last week might give Cecchinato some sort of advantage, Djere tends to do well during this clay swing so I'll be backing him at odds against. One favourite I do l
  5. Man City v West Ham (1) 1.22 Bayern Munich v Koln (1) 1.18 Inter Milan v Genoa (1) 1.17 10pt treble
  6. I'm aware of that. I still say he's inconsistent overall and I'm certainly happier backing Uchiyama at 3.50 than Kwon at circa 1.30. Based on previous meetings, I'd be very wary of backing Kwon to win in straight sets, but if that is your bet then I'll be hoping either for a Uchiyama win or Kwon to win without dropping a set.
  7. Martic couldn't get it done for me despite taking the first set and Inglis was a blowout as expected, but I'll try again with another player who is too big a price in my book and that's Uchiyama. He plays Kwon Soonwoo who's a decent player who started to emerge last year before lockdown, but like Gauff he isn't the most consistent despite stringing a few wins together ahead of this match. For his part, Uchiyama is also inconsistent but is also a decent enough player which is reflected in his ranking. He's played Kwon Soonwoo before and although he's never won, the matches have been close. This
  8. I like two today in Adelaide. Martic is too big against Gauff, bearing in mind that the American has had two tough three-set wins in a row and also hasn't had much consistency in recent times. I'm also taking a punt on Inglis to beat Swiatek, as I've liked how she's played in the last few weeks and she's had some decent results. I always like to look at fading the top players in the weeks after a Slam, as I always think motivation levels suffer. Swiatek should win, and she should win comfortably, but if she's not entirely focussed then the home player might spring a surprise. 20pts Martic
  9. Won't see a winner at those odds again for a very long time. He had a lot of help from O'Sullivan though. Reminded me of the Cahill match from a few years back - missed lots of chances. The pink towards the end and also the black that didn't reach the pocket. The clearance by Brown in the final frame deserved to win any match though.
  10. Djokovic and Osaka bets won, Medvedev lost. New bank 1770.66pts
  11. If Nishioka was decent against Martinez, then I don't want to see him play badly. I thought he was terrible.
  12. Man Utd v Newcastle (1) 1.28 Rangers v Dundee Utd (1) 1.17 Juventus v Crotone (1) 1.15 10pt treble
  13. 40pts/Osaka to win WTA Australian Open @ 2.68 Betfair Exchange
  14. You know what @waggy if that's the way you like to bet then fair enough and who is anyone to argue with you. As long as it doesn't affect your life then there's no reason not to carry on the way you want to. Anyone of a reasonable mind could be concerned when someone bets like you do about whether you can afford it - whether you're using money that's needed for other things - and about whether it affects your mental health or puts a strain on your personal life. But if none of those things are happening then good luck to you
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