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  1. Rams at the Bengals to round out the week. Fingers crossed. 25pts K. Williams to score a TD @ 1.98 21pts T. Atwell to score a TD @ 3.50 8pts B. Hopkins to score a TD @ 16.68
  2. Just seen 365 have Brown at a better price than I got on the exchanges so I'll have a bit of that. 14pts AJ Brown to score a TD @ 2.50
  3. Eagles at the Buccaneers first up on MNF and here's what I'm going for. 21pts J. Hurts to score a TD @ 2.12 58pts AJ Brown to score a TD @ 2.37 11pts O. Zaccheaus to score a TD @ 8.64 13pts D. Thompkins to score a TD @ 10.31 8pts R. Jarrett to score a TD @ 14.72
  4. Sorted now. Strange mistake though really.
  5. The market still hasn't been settled correctly. Instead of Austin they've got Pickett down as a TD scorer and I'm sure that's wrong.
  6. Did Austin score? I think he did but my accounts say different.
  7. Last match is the Steelers at the Raiders. 28pts C. Austin III to score a TD @ 5.51 21pts A. Hooper to score a TD @ 6.49 12pts A. Abdullah to score a TD @ 10.31
  8. I wish I'd been looking at TD's in that one
  9. Next up for me is the Bears at the Chiefs. 37pts K. Herbert to score a TD @ 3.65 22pts K. Toney to score a TD @ 4.23
  10. The first game I'm looking at is the Chargers at the Vikings and here's what I've got. 25pts J. Jefferson to score a TD @ 1.92 25pts M. Williams to score a TD @ 2.78 8pts G. Everett to score a TD @ 4.72 14pts CJ Ham to score a TD @ 17.17
  11. All over par and nowhere. I might start backing my players to shoot over par it's happened so many times recently.
  12. Smith looks too short to me, so I'm taking him on with the next three in the betting on the exchanges. 25pts Ferguson to win DPWT Open de France @ 3.74 10pts Paul to win DPWT Open de France @ 7.27 15pts Higa to win DPWT Open de France @ 9.62
  13. Portsmouth v Lincoln City (1) 1.65 10pt single
  14. A good night - undid the losses of last week. Fingers crossed for the remaining matches.
  15. A few more as the market firms up closer to the start. I've also gone in again on Brightwell as he's drifted slightly. 17pts M. Breida to score a TD @ 3.94 37pts J. Jennings to score a TD @ 4.72 31pts G. Brightwell to score a TD @ 7.47 5pts P. Campbell to score a TD @ 8.64 32pts R. Bell to score a TD @ 9.82
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