** Nap's Competition Result : 1st Barnsley Chop, 2nd Daisychain, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, 4th Marmalade, KO Cup Tipsterix, Most Winners Calva Decoy**
**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**


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  1. Torque

    2020 Finish

    You've got to laugh when you're on the end of a last-kick losing bet - there's nothing else to do is there!
  2. Torque

    2020 Finish

    That game really illustrated the Highs and Lows of punting and how quickly things can change. Bremen took the lead very early and it looked as though that would be enough for the win with five minutes to go plus stoppages (High), then Heidenheim got an equaliser and with such little time left it looked as though it would be a draw (Low). Then a few minutes into injury time Bremen scored and surely that was going to secure the win (High), only for Heidenheim to be awarded and convert a penalty with almost the last kick (Low). Phew. That must have been exhausting if you were following it @waggy. Still, at least it wasn't one of your big bets
  3. Man Utd v Bournemouth (1) 1.25 Liverpool v Aston Villa (1) 1.33 Atletico Madrid v Mallorca (1) 1.25 10pt treble
  4. Juventus v Lecce (1) 1.12 Atletico Madrid v Alaves (1) 1.30 10pt double
  5. It's just the way things are done here. I'm not saying you would do it, but for example in your initial post where you put up Cilic on a plus if the initial post is edited after the result is known and again for example if Cilic had lost in straights you could edit your post to say that your pick wasn't Cilic on a plus. Hopefully that makes sense - it's just cleaner and easier to post a pick, then post afterwards in a separate post what the result of the pick was
  6. One other thing @kedbet don't edit existing posts. If you want to post the result of one of your picks then reply to the message you originally posted that had the pick in it
  7. Nice one @kedbet that was almost a lock. 5 double faults so far from Sasha heading into the decider which is another ridiculous number considering how few service games he's had. Not sure who his coach is now but there's no way I'd coach him because he's making things unnecessarily difficult for himself. The amount of double faults he serves is completely unacceptable and means that he's giving his opponents a handicap start every time he plays. To me it's really simple - if you double fault you 100 percent lose the point. Even if you hit a powder puff second serve there's a chance of winning the point, even if it's only one percent. From that perspective your second serve has to go in and really should be going in nearly every time if you're a professional tennis player.
  8. Maybe he's trying to set records for double faults in all categories - career, season, grand slam, exhibition formats. It's hard not to think that way with the amount of double faults he serves. 12 just now in two short sets.
  9. Sherrock wins the day - nearly won all her matches as well. Not sure what the price was but guessing it was decent.
  10. Man City v Burnley (1) 1.12 Atletico Madrid v Valladolid (1) 1.33 10pt double
  11. I see your point but Thiem is a tennis machine. If there's tennis to be played, chances are he'll be there.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me. He plays in almost everything during the normal season so can't see why his attitude would be any different now.
  13. If you're a professional tennis player surely you can get your serve over the net on a consistent basis. For me anything less than 3 out of 4 - 3 out of 5 at a push - is inexcusable.