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  1. My main problem with Portero is that lately he hasn't been able to get it done on his favoured clay, so I'm struggling to see how he gets wins on grass if he can't even win on his favoured surface.
  2. From a price perspective I see what you mean. He probably is worth backing at the odds it's just for me I can't see him winning and so I'd rather back a player at plus money that I can see winning. It looks like you think he can definitely win so I wouldn't want to put you off. Go for it
  3. Huesler seems OK, but I'd have serious reservations about Portero. I've not checked yet, but there must be better plus money options than him.
  4. Coric has withdrawn as I understand it @money44
  5. As much as the first set didn't go to a breaker and the next two did, I'd say it's much more likely the first set goes to a breaker than subsequent sets. Once you get past the first set players can start to get affected by fatigue and start to make mistakes. Also you often see the player losing the first set on a breaker folding easily in the second due to the lesser chance of winning the match from a set down. I think you got value. The fact you didn't cash doesn't change that in my eyes. Place enough bets like that and you'll get ahead eventually.
  6. Bellier might be about to do a Van Rijthoven as well. In fairness it's not all unpredictable - Berrettini going back to back couldn't be described as that much of a surprise, except maybe from the perspective he's not long back from injury.
  7. These few weeks between the French and Wimbledon are always trappy. It's really hard to get a handle on a good bet - motivation is questionable, the transition from clay to grass is probably the most pronounced surface transition there is and lots of players have hardly ever played on grass so you've got much less of an idea of what to expect and sometimes no idea at all. It all adds up to results like Van Rijthoven winning the other week and Haddad Maia turning into Serena out of nowhere which are scenarios I don't think you'd see on other surfaces.
  8. Can't see him retiring anytime soon. Yield is one thing but profit is what counts and with a record like his he'll have been limited to pennies years ago.
  9. A few words about Garbine for anyone of a mind to back her anytime soon - tread carefully. Conditions are a little tricky in Eastbourne right now due to wind, but even so the unforced error count from her is too high and shows why she's been losing so often recently. If you can't keep the ball in the court then literally anyone can beat you, and a quick look at Garbine's record this season shows that's exactly what's been happening.
  10. I don't think anyone will hold it against you Harry
  11. So another week comes to an end and it was a poor week from me where I lost about 50 points, finished off with Botic underwhelming against Berrettini and Halep failing to even make the final in Birmingham. I was a little unlucky with Halep though, as one of the reasons I backed her was her opponent in the semi-final might have been fatigued after a busy couple of weeks, but after rain washed out a day's play that angle became largely redundant.
  12. Ahead of the final round I'm backing Zalatoris and Rahm. Fitzpatrick is the favourite and although he's won around here as an amateur, this is a Major and that's a whole different kind of pressure. Zalatoris has been knocking on the door in these tournaments recently and Rahm of course is already a major winner. 10pts Zalatoris to win US Open @ 4.72 Betfair Exchange 10pts Rahm to win US Open @ 5.41 Betfair Exchange
  13. Well I jinxed that. Krajinovic coughs up his serve so Berrettini serves for the first set. This time I don't see Krajinovic breaking back.
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