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  1. Men's Volleyball Winner - Brazil 4.00 Betfair Sportsbook (30pts) Men's Tennis Winner - Novak Djokovic 1.73 Betfair Exchange (40pts) Women's Tennis Winner - Naomi Osaka 4.10 Betfair Exchange (30pts) Men's 3x3 Basketball Winner - Poland 15.00 Betfair Sportsbook (30pts) Women's 3x3 Basketball Winner - USA 2.10 Betfair Sportsbook (90pts)
  2. You won't be far off with that assessment @neilovan and it's incredibly frustrating to watch players going through the motions, or worse just not caring. There are supposed to be sanctions to prevent tanking but the fact is it goes on all the time. Shapovalov yesterday was a prime example. It was obvious he wasn't bothered about winning by the way he played - rushing to the net all the time even if that wasn't the right play, 10 double-faults, unforced errors all over the place. He certainly didn't play like that against Djokovic at Wimbledon and that's because he was fully motivated. With hin
  3. 20pts/Parrizas-Diaz to win WTA Gdynia @ 5.50 Paddy Power
  4. Russian Olympic Committee Gold Medals - Over 17.5 Medals 1.54 Betfair Exchange (45pts)
  5. I'd say the best way to solve this problem is to stake to a bank high, and only lower stakes when a percentage of the bank is lost. That percentage should be determined by the expected longest losing run of the bets being placed.
  6. Thanks @vikki37 same to you too. Let's hope they can be completed safely.
  7. Softball Winner - USA 1.54 Betfair Exchange (70pts) Women's Football Winner - Great Britain 10.00 Betfair Sportsbook (5pts) Most Gold Medals - China 9.20 Betfair Exchange (15pts) Japan Gold Medals - Under 27.5 Medals 1.55 Betfair Exchange (40pts) Australia Gold Medals - Under 12.5 Medals 2.36 Betfair Exchange (15pts) Italy Gold Medals - Over 8.5 Medals 2.02 Betfair Exchange (55pts) Brazil Gold Medals - Over 4.5 Medals 1.81 Betfair Exchange (30pts) Men's Football Winner - Japan 10.00 Betfair Sportsbook (35pts)
  8. So the Olympics have started - even though the opening ceremony is yet to take place - and I'm going to see if I can make some profit between now and the end of the Games. I ran a similar thread during the last Olympics (see below) and I'll be following the same format this time around. The Softball and Women's Football Tournaments are underway and I took positions in both markets before the first matches began, and I'll include those selections here purely for the sake of completeness.
  9. Ruud won, Collins lost, Krejcikova won. New bank 2324.04pts
  10. 35pts/Collins to win WTA Budapest @ 2.40 Bet365 75pts/Krejcikova to win WTA Prague @ 1.38 Betfair Exchange
  11. 85pts/Ruud to win ATP Bastad @ 2.50 Boylesports
  12. 10pts/Ruud to win ATP Bastad @ 3.50 Sky Bet
  13. Disappointing final I thought. Berrettini was poor. Way too many unforced errors and the fact his first serve-forehand combination was hardly to be seen meant he was facing an impossible task. That said, after stealing the first set if he'd been able to hold his serve from 40-15 things could have been very different. But he didn't and you could almost see the momentum he'd had up to that point evaporate and transfer over to Djokovic. Ultimately though, that's the story of a lot of tennis matches. Key points are very often what decide the outcome.
  14. Djokovic and Barty won. New bank 2178.04pts
  15. Yeah I've just realised that. Better to start a new one so that's what I'll do.
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