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** January Poker League Result : 1st McG, 2nd ian309, 3rd muttley **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st cookro, 2nd mickyftm32, 3rd Fire and Ice, 4th AdriaN92, 5th stuboy43 **
** January Naps Competition Result: 1st glavintoby 2nd PercyP, 3rd TVY. KO Cup Winner Alastair. Most Winners Wanderlust **


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  1. Man Utd v Crystal Palace (1) 1.40 Bolton v Cheltenham (1) 1.53 Eintracht Frankfurt v Hertha Berlin (1) 1.50 10pt treble
  2. Like Perry, Jimmy's had his chances. He'll probably go the same way as Perry now.
  3. 2-1 Perry. That might be as good as it gets for him. Should have been 3-0 when he was in and Robertson was as cold as ice, but potting the white gave Robertson the chance to step in and get his arm moving.
  4. On form alone I think he's got to be opposed. Especially as Perry knows all the tricks and is a good player in his own right.
  5. There is that other side to it definitely. I just think if you're not that bothered about winning - and I don't think he will be - then it's harder to win anything.
  6. Definitely. Robbo has underwhelmed this season and Perry is a tricky opponent who has got the best of him plenty of times before. Also I'm not convinced Robbo is all that bothered about this tournament. It's not a big one and none of the top players are here and if he wins it, it'll be a bit like Djokovic rocking up at a 250 and winning it.
  7. No idea. Must have been 250's at least. There's always going to be that random element about this event though isn't there. Some players are more suited to the format than others there's no doubt, but at the same time when you're talking about a one frame crapshoot then anything can happen.
  8. Fair to say that nobody unless they were spinning a coin had Wakelin as the winner. Must have been astronomical odds.
  9. What those boosted odds show though Harry - and I know you know this - is that even the best bets can lose. All of those Hills evens bets have been worth taking and have been potential 'loss leaders' for Hills, but even so there is still the chance that they lose.
  10. Bet 22. Rangers to beat St Johnstone @ 1.05
  11. Pish from Rydz. Got the high checkout but otherwise checked out poorly. Wade as he often does checked out clinically.
  12. Quite like Rydz's chances against Wade. There's a boost on 365 which looks worth taking which is him to win and hit the highest checkout. Checkouts are obviously Wade's strength - they have to be as he's not a big scorer - but as I think Rydz will win I'll take a chance he hits the high checkout in the process. Price is 4.33.
  13. RB Leipzig v Stuttgart (1) 1.36 Juventus v Monza (1) 1.55 Man City v Arsenal (1) 1.70 10pt treble
  14. I'll take your word about Smith - I'm on
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