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  1. There's the aura I was talking about Must have been worth at least 0.1 of a goal advantage on the spreads if he'd stayed in!
  2. Not to mention USA '94. If he hadn't been kicked out of the tournament it wouldn't have surprised me if Argentina had gone on to win it. He was playing well and had a real aura which could have made all the difference.
  3. Looks like no tennis until at least the the start of May in Madrid
  4. I'm not involved in this competition - know nothing about horses - but I do play the football tipster competition. It's sad that players of any of these free games that are kindly put up by @Punters lounge and run by the likes of @BillyHills go against the spirit in which they were clearly intended - which is to play every week for example in the case of the football tipster competition and then let the chips fall where they may in terms of winning or not. If players did that then there would be no need for extra rules like strike rate etc. I can honestly say I play the football tipster competition every week unless I forget for some reason and I've never sought to protect any winning position I might have been in previously by not playing. It's human nature I suppose to try to take advantage but it's a shame that we can't all as players of these games self-regulate.
  5. 10pts/Kenin to win WTA Lyon @ 2.70 Betfair Sportsbook
  6. 30pts/Kenin to win WTA Lyon @ 3.35 Betfair Exchange
  7. This is a perfect example of a good bet that was worth taking but which still lost. Sometimes that's what happens unfortunately - good bets can lose and conversely bad bets can win. The rationale was spot-on and for very nearly two sets Kenin looked like she really wasn't bothered about winning - she gave up a break advantage twice in the first set, spurned a set point at the end of the set and then lost the set on a tie-break having led by a mini-break before failing to convert a break point in the second set and being broken in the very next game. It was almost as though with the losing line in sight as Cristian served for the match she decided that actually she'd rather not lose the match, but after watching that performance it's hard to see her winning in the next round and not because she's not able to but because her focus is elsewhere.
  8. Portsmouth v Rochdale (1) 1.36 Borussia Dortmund v SC Freiburg (1) 1.20 PSG v Dijon (1) 1.11 10pt treble
  9. 100pts/Edmund to beat Lopez (ATP Acapulco) @ 1.40 Boylesports
  10. Not to jump on @Fader's toes but it's 67 in decimals