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  1. Sounds complicated. Do you have to type everything into the computer in order for it to save all the data. I’ll use Richard as an example here, but how does he get his ratings from the computer. I have to go through each race and want to rate and it takes me half hour. I can imagine the computer does it in seconds .
  2. Funambule Sivola makes a lot of appeal. The Pertemps qualifier, isn’t that the race that the top rated horses don’t like to win? If so think I’ll give that a miss .
  3. What’s the craic with Excel etc . How does it work regarding horse racing .
  4. Not bad for a second rate trainer is it
  5. Obviously the more horses in a race the less % your selection has of winning, that’s if you rate up all the horses in the race. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to get rid of the horses that you think have little to no chance of winning. Would that give you more accurate odds for the horses that are left in the race? Some races are competitive where all have their merits, but there are races where some horses are literally just making the numbers up.
  6. Willie Mullins has a runner at Clonmel “Klassy Kay” 6/4. New recruit to the yard and won well on her first run for the yard last month . Mullins has had 53 wins from 123 races at Clonmel.
  7. That’s the thing I’m doing my own prices but I don’t fully trust that they are accurate, because I’m not sure if my ratings are any good. Obviously time will tell. I’ll stick with it and overtime I’ll hopefully see where I’m going wrong because there’s plenty of room for improvement where I’m concerned. Cheers for the book recommendation, I’ll look it up, and yes I know I need to move with the times 😂
  8. 2.00 Clonmel Klassy Kay 5/4 Bet365 New recruit for Willie Mullins who won well on her debut run for the yard lto. The trainer has won 53/121 races at the course .
  9. Bit annoyed with myself but not been in great form lately so maybe it was a confidence thing too. Put the selection in the nap of the day, so at least I’m off the mark for the month in that .
  10. I had her down as 4/1 in terms of what her odds should have been. Whether I should have taken lesser odds is another story. Hopefully in the long run it pays off, but I’m new to this waiting around for a horse to get to certain odds before backing it. Usually I’d just back my selection but I’m trying to find value in my bets along with trying to do ratings.
  11. Missed out on it. When I last looked she was 11/4, but had been 10/3 at some point. Been at work so didn’t have time to keep too much of a close eye on the odds.
  12. Miranda wins at 3/1. Typical as it would have broke a bit of a losing run, but never mind.
  13. Don’t look like I’m going to get my 4/1 for Miranda . 10/3 was as far as it went and now she’s into 11/4. May have to sit this one out .
  14. Decent little class 2 handicap hurdles at Ludlow tomorrow. Miranda comes out top of the ratings. 5/2 currently but I’m going to wait and see if she drifts to 4/1 which the forecast is expecting her to do.
  15. I’m sure it will sort. I’d enter but I don’t like looking at horses everyday as it gives me headache, and tires me out. Hard graft at times.
  16. Saying that if everyone is happy with how it is at the moment then don’t change it. I’ve personally got no problem with it, but it would be better if it was a proper naps competition without the silly odds, that do come in from time to time, but are no way naps .
  17. I think it would help people understand why someone has napped an 80/1. You wouldn’t have to write an essay , but just a few words as to why you have napped it. It might put people off napping these huge outsiders that are picked for the wrong reasons.
  18. Maybe a bit of a write up on why you have Napped the selection will do just fine. Might put people off having huge odds just to try and get lucky.
  19. Pity Hogans Heights has not made the race. He looked a proper prospect over these fences last time he was here, although it wasn’t this race, and it was over shorter distance, but he’s potentially got further in him the way he won here last time. Gun to my head without properly looking at the card and Walk In The Mill appeals. Tried and tested. Jumps these fences for fun and is still on a workable mark I reckon.
  20. Yeah thought he usually started off a bit slow. Same could be said for a lot of yards though. Seems he’s got off to a good start this year though.
  21. I’ve looked into stuff but I haven’t a clue about any of it. I also don’t think I’d like to risk money for financial gain, apart from on the horses which as you say is harder to make money on 😀 I’m at point now where I’d like an income for later on in life. I’m self employed so don’t have a company pension to fall back on
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