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  1. 4.40 Killarney Felix Desjy 10/1 Offering 4 places and although I’m on a dry run I’ll persist with win bets only unless I see fit otherwise
  2. Most of us are skint . Inflation , recession , fast women and slow horses.
  3. What site do you run if you don’t mind me asking
  4. Yep, it’s made me try and reevaluate how I do mine. There’s always room for improvement, certainly in my case. I’ve never thought about RTF before wether it be trainer or horse that’s RTF . I’ve got tomorrow off so may try and look at things tonight and try some test runs at very small stakes just for bit of fun.
  5. No luck . In both races my second rated wins. -60
  6. 2.10 Ascot Got this between Arecibo and Manaccan as my top two 2.50 points Arecibo at 11/2
  7. Ascot 1.00 Not much between Amazoe and Adjourn but Adjourn comes out very slightly on top. 2.50 points on Adjourn 3/1 Ive decided to half my usual stakes as I don’t tend to bet much on the flats these days, but jump racing, or decent quality jump racing is a bit sparse this time of year . Usual stake is 5 points but will be 2.50 on flats .
  8. Politesse wins over a very disappointing Battleoverdoyen who seemed to be in command but found absolutely zero when challenged and finished second . So much promise a few years back. Benefit run second also to keep on the prostitute theme , I couldn’t score in a brothel this week -55
  9. Sil Ver Klass a non runner among some others. If Benefit wins I’ve got a 40p reduction on the pound. I’ll elevate Powerbomb up as a selection as it’s still an 11 horse race and he’s 12/1.
  10. Good point about ignoring recent form and go off their best form regarding running at a big festival . Some trainers pin point a certain race at a festival and work towards that so the horse peaks or they run them cold to get a few Ibs knocked off for the big race. Obviously you’ll have horse/trainers that are just out of form. It’s definitely worth looking back at the horses/trainers career to see if there’s any kind of pattern forming . A horse with too many 1s next to it running in a handicap is as much a negative as a positive for its chances and it’s price will be shorter .
  11. Good luck Trotter , it’s fun trying new systems out. I suppose there’s flaws in most systems and even In really good one will see bad runs . I do incorporate RPRS in mine if need be, although I don’t take into account trainer form. I do look at it, but I don’t effect much selections. I suppose if we are after the perfect system then trainer form should go into that . In ways a horse is only as good as its trainer, standards no matter how good the horse need to be kept high .
  12. Galway 3.40 Ratings predictor 1 Benefit Run 8/1 2 Sil Ver Klass 8/1 3 Powersbomb Top two 5 points on each
  13. 3.05 Galway Ratings 1 Battleoverdoyen 5/2 2 Peregrine Run 20/1 non runner 3 Politesse 9/4 At the weights Battleoverdoyen should be taking this for the second year running. Not only is he 7Ibs lower this time round, he’s also ran to a much higher level a couple of days back compared to last years festival. His run a couple of days ago was a step in the right direction. 5 points win on Battleoverdoyen
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