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** February Poker League Result : 1st juanmoment, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd the_dak **
** Last Man Standing Results - drew005 wins £250 / Wishy wins £50 **
** February Naps Competition Result: 1st RAYSINGH_GURU, 2nd CASH OUT KEV, 3rd HARRY_FAINT99, 4th DONNYFLYER. KO Cup Winner MRJOL, Most Winners: BYMATRIX **


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  1. You probably have an edge maybe watching video like me or what not
  2. All weather and Flats is usually where my money is at, I'm hitting big winners on jumps but have 5 or 6 losing races between most the time.
  3. Silva won Great 5th 10.5 start Copper coin won. Never in doubt lmao
  4. 220 Sedgefield silva eclipse 18.5 matchbook 335 Huntington great hall 13.0 matchbook 405 Huntington copper coin 11.0 matchbook
  5. I've worked on my systems 6 years but I have to alter them and review every 6 months to update with new data lol. Hard work but it's worth while. Improved hit rate since doing rating system on top of my other systems recently but does mean increase of how many picks each race. I'm still working at jumps and flats so that will be the real test!
  6. I post the odd one or two, I fear the bookies I do accas with would recognise my level of doing too much as they may come to these sites to route profitable customers. I've had 2000-1 so far this year my best but I'm hoping to hit 10000-1 shortly.
  7. Got it wrong 23 wins from 34 lmao. So far march (I only back top 3 of my rated as below) I have 30 from 34 placed but that is from 3 picks. Can I only do two on the place pot to be realistic on the amount of bets I do? And do you have to do all the races on one day or can you choose?
  8. I'm always getting 2nd places (and winners 27 from 34 races so far march, 3 picks per race.). Is it worth me doing these place pots at my level? Is it tote?
  9. Howzer 2nd by smallest of margins. Equidae couldnt manage this time.
  10. 530 southwell howzer black 5.8 matchbook 700 Southwell equidae 10.5 match book
  11. My roi is so much it's worth doing Betfair even with charge, as I demonstrate on my picks here.
  12. Depends if u have a winning or losing account. Losing accoutn of £10k I'll prob pay at £20k winnings. Otherwise £5k. Info below courtesy of caan betting. Once you meet the qualifying criteria below, you become eligible to pay Betfair premium charges: Bet on more than 250 markets (lifetime of account) Profitable account (lifetime of account) Total charges equate to less than 20% of your profit (lifetime of account) From this point you then have a Betfair Premium Charge ‘allowance’ which equates to £1,000 worth of premium charges. Until recently, this was displayed on yo
  13. Leats we have matchbook smarkets and betdaq too. Plus Asian books if u do that.
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