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** November Poker League Result : 1st Danshot, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st internetmails, 2nd Donnyflyer, 3rd vangovin, 4th Peter York. KO Cup Winner mickyftm32. Most Winners waggy: **


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  1. Them unexposed hurt on the young races lol
  2. Ye been weird one speed times over the shop
  3. Earls defo great 👍 progressing well my nap will post nap page lol
  4. Nice work I had metier so happy days saffie is great also
  5. 130 aintree hurricane harvey 15-2 william hill
  6. compound interest is strongest force in the universe. the only worry if u kept all balance as cash, over 10 years inflation will have taken 30% of pruchasing power.
  7. unlucky with the favs looked great on paper
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