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** December Poker League Result : 1st Elliott Sutcliffe, 2nd McG, 3rd juanmoment **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Hotspur88, 2nd Bagzi, 3rd Gazza's United, 4th luckypants, 5th Craggwood **
** December Naps Competition Result: 1st mick33, 2nd Sugardaddyken, 3rd kenisbusy, 4th Johnrobertson. KO Cup Winner: Kingdom for, Most Winners: Johnrobertson **


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  1. Apologies to those who follow, but my little girl has been quite poorly this past few days so I've been off the grid. Will be back with something tomorrow if I like anything enough. If not, it will be Monday.
  2. MK Dons 1.36 Wigan 1.30 Inter 1.11 25pt treble 💥
  3. Football Treble lands to return 17.5pts & Mixed Double lands to return 10.5pts. 28pts back today for an 8pt profit.
  5. The Tide Turns returns 18.75pts 💥
  6. 5pt 2/1 SINGLE 💥 25pts staked 🍀
  7. 5pt 2.8/1 TBP TREBLE 💥 5pt 11/4 SINGLE 💥 5pt 1.6/1 TBP DOUBLE 💥 5pt 2.2/1 MIXED DOUBLE 💥 20pts staked 🍀
  8. Honestly give up! Again! Would have been 16.5pts returned. Anderlecht battering SL and then gift them a goal towards the end. The defender just passes it to their striker!
  9. Terrible days racing today. Any I like have been smashed in and no longer represent any value. Therefore, just one bet for me today on the football.... 2.59/1 Football Treble 💥 5pts staked.
  10. Rose Hip let's down the TBP Treble! Tirano misses out on 3rd by a nose and let's down the double! Shanko lands the single! Football let down by St Pauli (Top of the league drawing 2-2 with 2nd bottom after winning every home game before today) Just goes to show how fine margins can change the outcome of a day. I did replace the football bet and add Tranmere which landed so that was a lovely return of 22.5pts and I stuck Shanko in another double with Threeunderthrufive which returned 16pts so it's been a good day but obviously not reflected on the P/L on here.
  11. 3/1 TBP Treble 💥 5pt win 2.36/1 Mixed Double 💥 4.5pt win 11/10 Win Single 💥 5pt win 2.02/1 Football Treble 💥 5pt win 19.5pts staked.
  12. Very very very very poor bet yesterday sorry 😞
  13. Middlesbrough 1.50 Wigan 1.50 50pt win double 💥
  14. 2.62/1 Mixed Treble 💥 4pt win 4pts staked.
  15. Let's start with the negative! I try not to make excuses for losing bets when they're poor, but that ride on Hathlool just now absolutely stinks!!!! Basically strangled the horse the whole way around and gave it a shocker. I'm sorry but that was the best horse in the race and something was definitely going on. Hathlool not placing has cost us a 15pt return. On a positive note, the TBP Treble landed and returned 14pts. Overall for the day was +5pts but I feel it should have been +20pts which is very frustrating!
  16. 5/2 TBP Treble 💥 4pt win 2/1 Mixed Treble 💥 5pt win 9pts staked.
  17. New Shepard beaten a close 2nd. And.... Couldn't make up my luck currently, might need to step back for a short break. Mixed Treble today.....the horse I had to win 2/5 finishes 2nd and the two horses I have to place win 🤣🤮🤦🏼‍♂️
  18. P/L = +2.5pts 2.81/1 Mixed Win/TBP Treble (6pt win) 11/4 Single (5pt win) 11pts staked total.
  19. The inevitable bad run after a few months of smashing it has happened. Too many bets being let down by one horse and a few bad bets. Had some nice winners but whilst this thread is at a very small profit, I'm going to reign it back to just one TBP bet each day. If a few more lose I'm going to just post my football bets up as they've been very good and in great profit for quite some time now. Sorry for the last few days, will work hard to get it back.
  20. P/L = +12pts Two selections today.... 4.5/1 Trixie 4 x 1.375 = 5.5pts staked in total 💥 5.03/1 TBP Treble 4pts staked 💥 9.5pts staked 🍀
  21. Ignore that, would have been 42pts back on the Trixie but instead it returned 5.5pts. -5pts for the day
  22. Two selections today! Same horses but placed as a Trixie & TBP Treble.... 4 x 1.25pt = (5pts total) @ 7/1 Trixie 💥 5.5pt win @ 2/1 TBP Treble 💥 10.5pts staked overall, good luck 🍀
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