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  1. Two selections today.... 4 x 1.5pt (6pts total) Trixie 💥 3/1 Mixed 4 Fold (5pts staked) 💥 11pts staked in total 🍀
  2. Helios Allen let's the treble down in horrendous conditions! I then put Cephalus to win with Crazy Spin to place in a double 5pts which returned 17.5pts but obviously the P/L on here will just be -4.25pts for today sorry. New P/L = +18.5pts
  3. Tough day yesterday, losing 8pts. Current P/L = +22.75pts Just the one selection today.... 5/1 TBP Treble 💥 4.25pts staked 🍀
  4. Emir finishes 3/3 so the bet is down. Going to have one more play today which I'll post below.... 2.85/1 Mixed Treble 💥 (4pts staked)
  5. R4 in Emir Sacree race with two horses withdrawn so now only three runners. Need a top two place but returns now 14pts instead of 17pts.
  6. Tomorrow looks very tough again so just the one bet for me.... 3.24/1 Mixed Treble 💥 4pts staked 🍀
  7. 16pts staked today and 16pts returned so no difference to the P/L. Whittle backed into 1/1 and finished 2nd giving us no return on the Trixie beaten by a 20/1 shot and then the other horse ran out for the last treble at the first obstacle so it was a 'what could have been' type of day. But, happy to get out of a tricky day with no damage done. Time to look for tomorrow.
  8. Wow! First two horse come in and then the odds on heavily backed fav runs out at the first fence to cost us the treble landing.
  9. One last selection for today.... 2.35/1 Mixed Treble 💥 (5pts staked) 16pts staked total 🍀
  10. Really difficult racing tomorrow so ended up with three selections from Newcastle. Current P/L = +30.75pts 2.10/1 Mixed Treble (5pts staked) 💥 WIN Trixie (4 x 1.5pt stakes = 6pts staked total) 💥 11pts staked total 🍀
  11. First Dynasty terrible! Still profit from the Trixie but only a couple of pts profit. I got roped into backing that horse after seeing the gamble and the yard being shrewd. Usually only pick my own horses and need to make sure I don't get sucked into a gamble again.
  12. Brorson wins to return 14.5pts (23pts for me but I said I would record to a 5pt win) The Mixed Treble lands to return 18.5pts. Overall 33pts returned for a 23pt profit. New P/L = +30.75pts As a side note but not recorded, I need First Dynasty to win for a 46.2pt return as the last leg of my Trixie. Put the bet on too late to post on here unfortunately so if it does win I've done myself out of a hefty profit on the P/L....
  13. Sounds good mate. I've actually put 8pts on Brorson as I really like it and couldn't believe the price but for the purposes of the P/L my max bet is 5pts. I am now at £10 per pt and my starting bank on the 1st October was £125. My current bank is £3000 so I think I may move my stake per pt up to £15 soon. Anyway, let's hope we can bag some more winners today. Good luck 🍀
  14. Let's see if we can continue this good run of form. Current P/L = +7.75pts 15/8 WIN Single (5pts staked) 💥 2.7/1 Mixed Treble (5pts staked) 💥 10pts staked total 🍀
  15. Naas TBP Treble wins to return 20pts. I wish I had put a win treble on but never mind, I must not get greedy. Unfortunately Tipperary Tiger not placing let down the other treble. All the same, 8.5pts staked and 20pts returned for an 11.5pt profit. Overall P/L = +7.75pts
  16. Tried to put this up but had too much on today and this is what I've been on about regarding missing some lovely winning bets being put up on here. This 4pt stake just returned 22pts and a nice 18pt profit. So I'll be in profit today but unless one of the two I posted win then I'll be down on here. Sorry.
  17. Current P/L = -3.75pts Tough day today but here goes.... Naas TBP Treble 4/1 💥 (4pts staked) 1410 Ginto 8/13 1445 Bronn 4/9 1520 Paddys Planet 11/10 Mixed Treble 3.75/1 💥 (4.5pts staked) 1255 Tipperary Tiger TO BE PLACED 1/2 1300 Blue Lord WIN 4/9 1515 Mawkeb TO BE PLACED 6/5 8.5pts staked total 🍀
  18. Trixie with slight drift returned 22pts. Only other winner was the 7/2 3.5pt win which returned 15.75pts. Therefore a 15.25pt profit on the day. Overall since I started = -3.75pts
  19. Happy New Year!!!! Going all out today and putting all of my bets up.... 4.37/1 Trixie (4 x 1.25pt bets = 5pts total) 1220 Allegorie De Vassy 8/11 1415 Socialist Agenda 4/5 1418 Arriviste 8/11 10.55/1 Trixie (4 × 1.25pt bets = 5pts total) 1310 Hors Piste 10/11 1315 Vernon Subutex 6/5 1325 L'Homme Presse 7/4 Football Treble 2.40/1 5pt win Oxford Utd Rotherham Forest Green TBP Treble 4.1/1 4pt win 1245 Powerful Position 5/6 1340 Geromino 4/5 1505 Fakenham Barden Bella 4/7 3.5pt win single 1453 Southwell Al Ameen 7/2 22.5pts staked 💥
  20. I appreciate the message and I completely get that cheers. Annoyingly, away from the one a day I'm posting in here, I've actually made some fantastic profit since starting this thread, just haven't had the luck with what I've posted in here. On another day, 2/3 bets would have landed easily and my P/L would be looking very nice. I'll carry on and see how it goes, just got to hope I put the right selection in here.
  21. When your luck is out, it's bloody out! Repeat of yesterday! Graystone first horse going to win easily and falls at the last hurdle. So 4pts down the drain when it should have been a very nice return as the others both won. No complaints with The First Hurrah, was highly fancied so not sure what happened. Very poor start at -19pts. Doesn't seem to be any interaction in here and don't want to keep a thread going for no reason so I'll leave it there I think. Hope everyone else is having more luck currently.
  22. 1245 Taunton Graystone 8/15 1425 Taunton Rainyday Woman 1/2 & 1405 Haydock Blaklion 1/1 TBP Treble 4.65/1 4pt stake 1900 Wolverhampton The First Hurrah 2/1 5pt win 9pts staked 💥🍀
  23. Sickening! Sacre Pierre possibly would have got up but easily finished 2nd if not and falls at the final hurdle to let down the treble and cost me a 20pt return. Not the start I wanted but -10pts so far.
  24. 1155 Sacre Pierre 5/6, 1207 Famous Bridge 1/3 & 1345 Leopardstown Run Wild Fred 4/6 TO BE PLACED TREBLE PAYS 3/1 5pt bet 🍀
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