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Sir Puntalot - R.I.P


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I have been given the sad duty to announce that the owner of Punters Lounge Paul Ross, better known to many as Sir Puntalot passed away in hospital last night after losing his battle with Cancer. He was 45 years old.

I have known Paul for nearly 20 years and many of the members got to meet him at various PL Race days and Poker tournaments.

He was a very good friend to me and was always there on the end of the Phone, Skype, Slack etc....

Paul was very straight forward and always strived to make Punters Lounge the best betting site on the internet, he knew this day was coming and has a team in place to carry on the good work and as he would say, its business as normal.

The funeral will be next week sometime which will be a small family affair due to the Coronavirus situation.


Many thanks for the continued support.



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I've known Paul since discovering poker and joining PL in 2006 and met him first on the infamous PL race day in York/Leeds.  I sort of fell in to the role of Poker queen but many people have contributed to the success of PL Poker over the years and Paul has always supported this side of the forum, especially in recent years with PL funds in the monthly league.

The Poker crew were very fortunate to be able to have our live event this February and have the opportunity to get together and see each other.  I know Paul would have loved to have had a race day this year too. 

He lived life to the max, and didn't give in to the cancer.  He loved Punters Lounge and the best way to honour that legacy is to continue to support and love the place too. 

RIP Paul, sending love to all the family.  x

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RIP Paul, you was always on hand to help me out in the early days as a poker mod which helped me negotiating all those added tournaments I arranged when poker was booming and you will be sorely missed by many of us who have been PL through and through as without you many of us wouldn’t of still been here. 
Thoughts to all your family. 

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Very sad news.  Time spent with Paul was never boring, and the way that he befriended PL members of all ages and types was exemplary.  He was not someone to stick just to his own mini clique of moderators at social events, and the way he welcomed Rob in to the PL gang was definitely appreciated.  He loved being involved in banter, but was prepared to take it as well as give it.  We will all miss him in the flesh, but his spirit will live on.  Rest in Peace Paul, a top man.

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RIP Paul ,

Only met you twice and unfortunately wasn't able to be at the meet up in Feb due to being out of the country. 

The first time we met was the 1st PL poker event I attended and even though I didn't know anyone you made every effort to make sure every member new and old had a good time. I hope the Punters Lounge continues in the good spirit and example that you lead by. 


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It's taken me a few days to compose my thoughts on this matter.

I don't know Paul as well as a lot of you but over the years I have spent some time with him and found him to be the kindest of people.  I think I first met him in very odd circumstances where he managed to blag PL some seats at a mini poker tournament in the middle of Leicester Square with the world boxing champion - Evander Holyfield of all people - you couldn't really make it up if you tried!  Over the years I met Paul at many of the PL poker meet ups and got to know him much better - I guess as keen boozers we were destined to be drawn to the same fun pursuits!  I think i got on well with Paul as we both shared the view of having a good time and not taking poker too seriously in these events - it was all about the banter and shots!  This was to be a theme as I met up with Paul a few years later in Vegas where we spent some days enjoying all that Vegas could offer - beer pong, one armed ladies, 6ft long tequila slushies, $1k a hand blackjack and free flowing booze  - what was not to like!  This trip will always have very fond memories for me and i was very pleased to be able to spend some time with him at Birmingham recently at the PL meetup reminiscing about those times - him and Kayla i think were quite shocked that i had such a vivid memory and that i still had photograpghic evidence!

Paul will be missed by all that knew him.  He was a top bloke.  He was the sort of guy that you don't see for a whole year but then you meet up and pick up as if you just saw him yesterday.  Paul was a guy that loved to help people.  He helped me on several occasions when there was nothing he was getting in return other than a thanks.  I don't know a great deal about his business affairs but i do know that what he created with PL poker group was unique and will serve as his legacy.  We have a lot to thank him for. 


RIP Paul.


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I can't believe this. Haven't  been on here for years. Met Paul on several occasions at th PL meetups and even wrote some rugby articles for him. This has truly saddened me he's the same age as me ffs.

GodSpeed Paul see you in the next life brother. 

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