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  1. I watched some of it today and the boards are not very clear.R.v barnaveled lost all his 4 matches today.Do no think I could watch it on a regular basis.Barney plays P.Taylor on Wednesday and if he plays like he did today he will get slaughtered.Stay safe.
  2. Thank you for the link yesterday and was much appreciated.
  3. I also like R.Cross and think he is excellent value at 5-6 even though he is not on form.Good Luck
  4. I thought G Price had the measure when he was up in the final but it was not to be in the end.First and second in the betting as well in the final.
  5. Well done Fader I had a small bet on Dott in the semi final and took him in the final as well as was playing with the bookies money for a bit of interest.I must admit I am not keen on the format with 4 out of the 7 players can get into the semi finals.I would prefer if the top two only for a final as it seems to give some players a second bite of the cherry.
  6. Peter Wright never got a look in against G.Price.At least aspinall turned up tonight.
  7. Yes you need a lot of luck and sometimes you can just break off and the guy cleans up and you are out the tournament with just one shot.I will be watching it and might just have a interest bet and you need a fast player as well.Good Luck
  8. Well done the magician and played well all week and K wilson never showed up in the final.That is what normally happens when they use all the energy etc in the semi finals to beat a opponent and think job done to lose in the final.I was tempted to back Ronnie at 4-1 as he needs the points but went against it luckily.
  9. Poor show by Durrant and seem to only be trying in the last 3 legs to get a draw.Lots of draws tonight so bookies will be clapping there hands.Pleased I left the darts alone tonight luckily and I hate the format.
  10. Think if Glen Durrant turns up should win cosily but not great odds of 1-3 so I will leave it alone.I might look at 7-2 or 7-3.Good Luck
  11. T Finau @22-1 with paddy power 8 places.Good Luck
  12. I did say cross would do okay,I hate the draw it should be 13 legs and an outright winner,it is just another edge for the bookie.Good Luck
  13. I fancy Rob cross to beat Gerwyn price but not at evens am afraid.Might win but the price puts me off.Good Luck
  14. I was on the 7% for 2 =£2 on beat the drop,10% of losing bets,25 free spins and£10 in doubles etc in credit.The free 25 spins where a waste of time as only line was 10p and think in 2 months .I have now reverted back to the 2% for January
  15. Just finished out of the places tied in 11th
  16. Not many people win the final by a whitewash.Well done fader on your 33-1 place but was no match for Robertson.
  17. Flukes also are part of the sport and they say it all evens itself over time.Well carter firmly put Donaldson in his place today and after the masters has hit a bit of form but tomorrow is another day.
  18. Yes carter match could go either way but past results means nothing and it is all on the day on how they both perform.Good Luck.
  19. Carter,Hawkins and Robertson for me to progress to the semis and will leave the last match alone but just favour G.wilson.Good Luck
  20. Just noticed this thread.Keep up the good workNordac20
  21. Let us know when there is a bet on here monty
  22. T Un - nooh does the buisness 5-2 win and a nice start +5.5 points Up
  23. I am having a 5 point ew on Tommy Fleetwood@7-1 paddy power 8 places.Has been playing some steady golf this season and will be right there hopefully.Good Luck.
  24. T.un-nooh to beat R Williams 1.57 betfair as I think he is a far better player on his day 8 point win bet.Just hope it is his day lol.Good Luck
  25. Well done Lee Westwood from close house and just 5 minutes drive to mine.Shows the young guns how to do it and back in the worlds top 30.A nice fella to boot and the gym work has certainly helped.