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  1. It's been 4 years since Komp passed too. Here's a picture he knocked up when PL was in it's prime with most of it's main members, I'm sure Paul would appreciate it. Quite a few memories here....
  2. Man, what is it with betting forums and deaths in recent years. I've only just heard about this, RIP Graham and my deepest condolences to the family, like the others you died far too young. You were a gentleman and credit to PL.
  3. Character was the word I was looking for. GC created Characters of which this forum was created. I'm not saying that so you bring back GC lol. I'm just saying that because that's how it was. PL is what it is now and I respect that.👍
  4. I was just doing my sailing ship impression Billy once I heard Paul had passed away. Just came to pay my respects then while here thought I'd have a look at few old classic threads and noticed they are no more🙁 This place holds a lot of history and most of that started in GC as friendships developed amongst fixed odds betting fans. I know most of it won't be considered 'PC' in todays world but then it was a different generation and just how it was on dial up lol. You'll be surprised how this place changed so many peoples lives, myself included for the better. Just a pity things turned out the way they did and split up what was a dream team. Hard to believe that was 15 years ago albeit truth be told it seems a lot longer as so much has happened since.
  5. Where's GC gone? Man, the chat is what made PL, there were some classic threads in there. Whoever decided to archive wants a kick in the nuts.
  6. It's been a long time since I frequented these parts. How long has my ban been lifted? you should have told me lol. That's not important I suppose as I've only passed by to pay my respect but was surprised I was able to login after all these years. RIP, nobody deserves to die at such a young age, same too with Kompressaur and Mickeypaul who made PL the place it once was, they were part of the jigsaw that made this place so attractive to Paul. Whatever happened is all water under the bridge now since Pauls passing but I do have a feeling they may continue that argument in another dimension😄 PL was here before Paul and I hope it's a success after Paul, this forum was built on more than one man, if you forget that then you may as well close the doors now. May they all find peace and I wish you the best for the future.
  7. Re: The Pope you tell em Kidda and welcome to PL , who we talking about here? Oh i see, reading up Herp has been cheating and looking at prophecys, He's allready had a warning for that Pento as whats the point of trying to beat the bookies when we have Nostradamos and Mr malarky to make it a piece a pish (Herp did u make up that Malarky fella?). He aint been the same Pento since his grandma read his tea bags and predicted Porto for the champ league last yr and now he swears by his Prophecy's in fact he wont leave the house till his read Mystic meg's predeiction for the day bless him. she mentioned last weekend about being cocksure and asserting ureself but we dont want to go into that.
  8. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 21st May 2005 Hello and welcome to PL Nexum, its great to have input from other countries so we can combine different thoughts and ideas to try and pick the winner. As what may sound good in western Europe does not necessarily mean it will catch on in Eastern Europe and visa versa, if we can balance it out and take into account the regional voting then were in with a chance of winning. By the way your English is quite good, u wanna try and read some of the Scouse posts;)
  9. Re: The Pope crafty Bastards, just read what Keema had to say about the liberal Ratzinger and his mob, would kill 2 birds with one stone making Ratzinger Pope, it would plse the south Americans, and the muslims with their anti-semitic views. i just hope the vatican are avid readers of PL like John Paul was and realise they are sussed. BASTARDS!!
  10. Re: The Pope Well done Keema for doing the updates, didnt realise we had a pope thread:o I got on Hummes from the off @ 15's mainly cause he's south american, where probably most of the worlds catholics live and are losing (like someone has allready mentioned) droves of fellow christians(aka the catholics not me ) to the protestant faith. I was at first attracted to the African candidate mainly because of the muslim influence in that part of the world but i reckoned they need to get their own house in order b4 even considering that. In an ideal world we would no doubt see an Italian pope but nowadays Religion is mainly about politics so i think we should take that into account, Just got the shock of my life when checking the odds a minute ago to see a German Ratzinger is now fav, anyone shed any light on this? Considering its only 50 yr since the 2nd great war. I know he probably had nowt to do with what happened but we are talking poloitics here and i cannot see it being a wise move by the Vatican, maybe there ready to lump on Hummess and are trying to sting us;)
  11. Re: Speedway Tonight Well done Pete aint been in other sports for a while and nice to see ure still doing well.
  12. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 21st May 2005 Just listenened to em all and The Bosnian one jumped out straight away as being very abbaesque which someone has allready picked up on, type of song that always does well especially if folks are beginning to get bored of the asia/Turkish beat type songs. Have 4 more on the shortlist which i'll post l8r as im in work. just took 28's for Bosnia @ Befair, when normally doing the rounds @ 16's.
  13. Re: Grand National Ante-post wooo this yr i have picked the same horse as Getin and a few others, decided not to read this thread untill the last minute once i had my picks as not to be influenced in any way. 1 Strong Resolve win @ 15/1 place @ 7/2 place 2 It Takes Time place @ 11/2 3 Spot Thedifference place @ 8/1 4 Amberleigh House place @ 5/1 got to nip out in a sec but Get1n i'll try and get back early and get my msn sorted for a laff again. Mickey u got any pics yet?
  14. Re: Testing Fcuk, its started snowing outside!!
  15. Re: Post count Whats up with it? looks ok to me.
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