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  1. Well done to Billy44 who returned with a win in the PLO. Ian made another podium to take the top of the league and is in a good position to hold on to it with no points to drop and a third score set to count in the final week. But plenty of others with low scores to drop are in with a chance of the added money. We return to NLHE for the last leg with a 5000 chip game at 8.10pm, usual 20mins added late reg.
  2. Rotherham v Preston (2) 2.25 Luton v Wolves (under 2.5) 1.80 £10 double
  3. @helderjma you need to post this week to avoid elimination.
  4. @patriciamarc you need to post this week to avoid elimination.
  5. Well done on the win Ian. The top 2 in the league are our 2 weekly winners so far, but with PLO night tonight for leg 3 could everything change? Game starts at 8.10pm with the usual 20 minutes added reg period.
  6. @Tiffy after consideration I'm going to take the bet as a double on your other 2 selections and disregard the Brighton (1) selection as it's not fully clear on the intention. Your instruction is for home win (1) which lost on the Man U v Brighton game, but without knowing the odds you took it's possible you have misquoted the team or the instruction, so in fairness I will void the selection so it doesn't taint your whole bet. Settled as winning double at 1.25 x 1.50.
  7. @Fader @Tiffy is that exactly as it was sent? Brighton were the away team (Man U home) and won. I suspect it was intended as Brighton to win as it wouldn't be the normal way to set it out quoting only the away team for a home win (1). That's why it is helpful to have the odds quoted within the selection for clarity.
  8. We'll look into merging the 2 accounts for you @StevieDay1983 are you able to do this? @luckypants @Allotment Pete
  9. Bournemouth v Chelsea (1) 4.20 Man U v Brighton (2) 2.87 £10 double
  10. @Paddy Grace you must post this week or will be eliminated.
  11. Leg 2 tonight, same format as last week, NLHE with 3000 chips. Starts at 8.10pm and there's 20 mins added late registration period.
  12. Rest week for us this week. I've 'liked' all the winners from last week but will be after the weekend before I get the table up.
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