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*** Ascot Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. RUG, 2nd. Soi Bongkot & 3rd. Jediknight ***
** June Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Like2Fish, 3rd McG **
** June Naps Competition Result: 1st Kingdom for, 2nd Offramp, 3rd glavintobuy, 4th bymatrix. KO Cup Winner: Kingsom for, Most Winners: Johnrobertson **


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  1. Please post your MTT & satellite winnings in here. There isn't much activity being shared at the moment so just feel free to post any you want, whether big or small, one for the month or a whole record of your games. Good luck everyone, looking forward to celebrating your successes.
  2. Rob takes down our second leg and lifts himself up to 3rd in the league. Ian and Paul hold on to the top spots We have PLO week for leg 3 with 5000 chips to play with. Game is set up and registering for Wednesday.
  3. Well done to Ian on being the Thursday night League Champion and topping the table after leg 1 It's back to Wednesday nights again now and leg 2 is tonight. I've been struggling to get PokerStars to connect today but have just managed to log in and set the game up now so we have a NLHE 3000 chip game there open for reg and ready to run tonight at 8.10pm.
  4. I'm still waiting for the initial poster to log back in and possibly edit in some spam (and I apologise if he is genuine), but I thought in the meantime it might provoke some odds discussion which we haven't had for a while.
  5. I actually hadn't seen this when I posted on the facebook group. Great minds think alike!
  6. The Punters Lounge Poker League starts again this week for July. We normally run exclusively on Wednesday nights but for one week only we will be playing on Thursday this week for leg 1. We thought you might appreciate no pokerly distractions for the Euro football Semi-final! Once again we have £150 added to be shared between the top 3 in the league at the end of the month. Games start at 8.10pm, with a 20min late registration period on top of this. All games are played in the PokerStars Home Games PL Poker Club. The format is a NLHE 3000 chip tourney in Legs 1 & 2 and a 5000
  7. Those who played this, how was the format? Worth keeping on the list of potential fun week games?
  8. Hi Tyler12 I'm sure someone will be able to help you with how to work this out.
  9. I've set up a Total Progressive Knockout for 'Fun Week'. I know it's not everyone's idea of fun but it's one we've not played before. There is NO prize pool for finishing position, the buy ins are all paid out as bounties. 50% to the person who knocks you out and the other 50% is added to their head. It's a $3 +30c NLHE game. It shouldn't last long, so why not have a dabble.
  10. Well done to Manc on the final leg win with Andy and Kev also in the money. With the finishing positions of other contenders it was not quite enough points to lift you into the added value positions. Kev picked up a few extra points to confirm his champion status and has not finished outside the top 3 all this month. The double entrants multiplier doesn't always make a difference to the final finishing positions, but this month it came into play and gave both Leo and McG an added boost to lift them above Barry onto the podium. So final result is 1st @kevsul £7
  11. Well done to Barry, winner of the PLO leg and another good result for Kev keeps him at the top of the league with a bit of a gap, but still catchable. Very close at the moment for the other podium spots so quite an open race for the added value. Final leg is next week and we end as usual with a 5000 chip NLHE game, set up ready for the early birds to register
  12. Sorry I'm so bad this month, come on to do the reminder and realised I've not updated from last week. Must be football's fault. Well done to Gem on the win but not enough to overhaul Kev at the top of the table. I think we may call it a day on the bounty leg, I know some hate it and numbers certainly aren't enhanced with it. We can save it for 'fun weeks'. This week is PLO, game is set up (I did at least do that!)
  13. Well done to Kev, getting a good start to the new month with McG 2nd and good to see Dan back, in 3rd It's Bounty month so the next leg is NLHE knockout with half your buy in on your head. League points are based on finishing position so don't get sidetracked by the bounty booty!
  14. Leg 1 is tonight folks, sorry thread has gone up late but I think you probably know the night and format by now It's another month with an extra Wednesday so we'll play a 'fun week' variant format on the 30th to fill in.
  15. The Punters Lounge Poker League starts this week for June running on Wednesday nights. Once again we have £150 added to be shared between the top 3 in the league at the end of the month. Games start at 8.10pm, with a 20min late registration period on top of this. All games are played in the PokerStars Home Games PL Poker Club. This month is Bounty month again and we have a standard Bounty format in leg 2. League points will be calculated only on finishing position, and bounty payouts will be made according to PokerStars normal rules. Leg 1 and 4 are standard NLHE, and Leg 3 is our PL
  16. Result is up Firstly well done to Kev on the final leg win McG is correct that had muttley won that final leg (and McG 4th as was) then we would have had a tie for 1st place. In which case it would have been an equal split of 1st + 2nd prize money, half a mug and 5 pens each However, Kev's intervention settled the matter and it's congratuations to McG on being May's champion with muttley runner up and in 3rd place with 3 top 5 finishes is GirlyWirly Well done to all of you and thanks again to everyone for taking part. June league continues straight on this week, new thread
  17. Hi all, sorry I've not been around, had family stuff to deal with (still there but now got my laptop and a few minutes).Thanks for bearing with us while we did the admin, I'm told that payments have all been issued now so I hope that everyone has received it. Drop me a message if not and I'll chase up. For the record, I don't deal with the actual payments I just run the comp and pass the winners details on to the management team, so apologies if my estimated timescale of a day or so was a bit longer than what you thought. Maybe I'll say a few days next time... See you in August!
  18. Sorry folks, was updating this today but I've just been called away and only got my phone with me. I'll finalise when I'm back at home. Pretty sure McG is right and is our champ
  19. Thanks everyone for sending your details through. Just one still awaited who I've messaged, but meanwhile I've sent the rest off to the boss today so you should see the Paypal transfer in a day or so. Sorry for being a bit slow this month. I'm just getting the last couple of addresses to arrange the merch so will complete that ASAP. Roll on August
  20. Apologies for the late update. Things are hotting up at the top of the league. McG makes it two wins in a row to knock muttley off the number 1 spot, Leo moves menacingly up the table with a 2nd place finish, and ian gets 3rd place for consecutive weeks to move into, erm, 3rd with Girly very close behind. Lots to play for in our final leg, which is the usual 5000 chip NLHE with the points multiplier. Game all set up ready for registration.
  21. Thanks everyone who has messaged/posted, sorry not had chance to respond individually yet this week. I'll be checking off all your details over the weekend so I can pass them on for the payments to be processed. Thanks
  22. Yes thanks, I hid the post so your details weren't on public show
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