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  1. S Lowry did not make the cut on +1 so a loss sadly.
  2. Well done Fader.I did back MVG in play to win last nights match.
  3. Thank you Timmy.Well done the Professor a great winning start.What a welcome back winner.
  4. Yes please if you do not mind eg Seattle hawks v Vancouver rebels(just made them up)for example.
  5. Nice to see you back Professor.Could you put the full team name down please if you do not mind.Thanks.Good Luck
  6. Australia v Georgia Australia -25 points at even money at Bet365.Put my bet on and changed to -26 now.
  7. S.Lowry for me 16-1 8 places paddy power.Good Luck
  8. Poor show by Evans who lost 2-0 and only averaged under 80.When I back Dobey he gets beat but when I back against him he wins.Never mind that has been my luck this weekend.Had a 4 timer on and 3won but Man City let me down,I suppose luck changes so mine must be around the corner lol.Well onwards and upwards.Good Luck
  9. I have the odd lay bet but sometimes if a horse has drifted from 4 to 10-1 in the market on the exchanges you can be laying it at 20-1.I normally do £20 lay bets but one or two go against you at 20-1 can be a £400 losing day,I only do them if it needs the run or a going change but normally leave alone.I was paper trading a guy for about a month and could give between 4-9 a day lay bets and 1day 3 won out of 7 at 16-1,10-1&12-1.It takes a few bets to re coup your money so I would be aware of this.Hope this helps and Good Luck.
  10. That just about sums my racing day up today with that run.When it drifted from 4 to 6-1 the writing was on the wall.Never mind Tomorrow’s another day.Good Luck
  11. I have it in my tracker and was noted 3 days ago it was running.I have backed it at 5-1 but e-w.You where right about Mums Tipple striker.Good Luck
  12. I am backing Ricky Evans to beat Chris Dobey at evens Betfair.I have looked at the outright s and could not pick a winner.Good Luck
  13. Yes thanks I put it in my tracker to follow and I took 16-1 on betfair.Thank you,Good Luck
  14. I will just be having a watching brief on this tournament but Good Luck