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  1. March 5 - March 18

    The trouble is there is to many tournaments now and some players are disinterested if they get into a fight, I prefer to watch them now than wager so it is just my view
  2. UK Open

    Yes Cadby had a good tournament.I nearly backed Anderson at the quarter final stage when he was 2-1 and cross was 5-2 and think Cadby was about 7-1 ish but went against it
  3. UK Open

    Never had a bet and I can not split Anderson & cross when they meet,I have not been happy with cross since the world championships and hope he starts to deliver as I can see him going the way of Adrian Lewis but I hope not.
  4. Welsh Open 2018

    Hawkins v Higgins final and I am just sticking with Higgins as I backed him and Ronnie at the start of tournament but still think it will be close.
  5. Basic Greyhound system.

    Yep pretty poor,just blame the weather.
  6. Basic Greyhound system.

    Hopefully things will turn around in the second session.Good luck.
  7. Basic Greyhound system.

    Not much time to get on and I missed it,must be the cold weather today all round lol
  8. Basic Greyhound system.

    I missed these first 3 runners as the time zone first race was 10.44,10.51&11.06 in uk
  9. UK Open

    Well done with the winner and a nice price to boot as well
  10. Basic Greyhound system.

    Thank you for the information it is much appreciated Valkovets
  11. Welsh Open 2018

    Ronnie never turned up tonight and looked disinterested at times.Good win for Higgins but not a good game.
  12. Welsh Open 2018

    Ahh okay I never looked at the draw,silly me lol
  13. Welsh Open 2018

    Good luck with that one,I think it is looking like a Higgins/o Sullivan final.
  14. Premier League 2018

    I see tonight's premier league matches have been postponed
  15. Racing Chat - Thursday March 1st

    Kempton off as well then.I do not know when they called Newcastle off for today's card but the forecast was worse than yesterday but it did say a 8-30 am inspection last I looked at 6pm last night.