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*** York Ebor Competition: Well done to 1st daveg, 2nd glavintobuy & 3rd Donnyflyer ***
** September Poker League Result : =1st muttley & juanmoment, 3rd McG **
** September Naps Competition Result: 1st Mick33, 2nd BBBC, 3rd Rainbow, 4th Tipsterix. KO Cup Winner: CS333, Most Winners: Alastair **


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  1. Is that not what the forum is for at the end of the day if you can not handle criticism and being positive what is the use of a forum...
  2. That is fine,I never changed my comment and i let people make there own minds up what they want to do without any reasoning when I put a bet up.I understand time is a big factor and that is why I do not post every bet I have on the forum.Good Luck
  3. So why did you Quote Gilbert has won the last 4 matches head to head.so in theory you where betting on him again to win the match.Was actually a good match and Malflin deserved to win.
  4. I took 1-2 Hamilton before yesterday’s qualifying and in a 2 horse race. Bottas the only danger and the cars realiability. Some bookies are now going 2-9 on which is a stupid price.
  5. Sometimes you have to way up the probability and just because Gilbert has won the last 4 matches between the players the law of averages should be in Maflin favour as he has to win sometime.
  6. Thank you for the competition and well done the winners and everyone who took part.
  7. Paddy power are offering money back for up to£ 10 if Chelsea win in 90 minutes.
  8. 1.50 Gd Call me Ginger 2.25 Gd Platitude 3.00 Gd Enbihaar 3.35 Gd Gulliver 4.10 Gd Tomfire 4.40 Gd Tasfeeq 5.10 Gd Hats of to larry Thanks for holding the competion and good luck winners and losers.
  9. Yep some people are only interested in today and the future and not the past,I suppose some would of been still in nappies. RIP Willie Thorne
  10. 1.10 Gd Celestran 1.45 Gd Breathtaking Look 2.15 Gd My Oberon 2.45 Gd Montatham 3.15 Gd Liberty Beach 3.45 Gd Desert Encounter 4.20 Gd Perotto 4.55 Gd Sarsaparilla
  11. 1.10 Gd Caspian Queen 1.45 Gd Bright Melody 2.15 Gd Gussy Mac 2.45 Gd English King 3.15 Gd Fancy Blue 3.45 Gd Running Back 4.20 Gd Tedolina 4.55 Gd Winter Power
  12. 1.10 Gd Be more 1.45 Gd True destiny 2.15 Gd Glenties 2.45 Gd Signficantly 3.15 Gd Mohaather 3.45 Gd Spright 4.20 Gd Toro strike
  13. 1.10 Gd Angel power 1-45 Gd Dervo 2-15 Gd Devious company 2-45 Gd Dbai 3-15 Gd Santiago 3-45 Gd Celsius 4-20 Gd Alkumait 4-55 Gd Tulip Fields
  14. Gary Anderson wins and go collect again 3 bets and 3winners this week so a total of +10.34 profit.
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