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  1. I have placed a double on K.Wilson and J.Lisowki at just under 11-8.Good Luck.
  2. Well done to James Cahill,but this morning Ronnie did not look his normal self but did not make any excuses when being interviewed after the defeat.Still plenty snooker left in the tournament but have not had a bet and just like to watch it but I was pleased for Gary Wilson to get into the second round.
  3. I have backed step back two weeks ago @40-1 and just hoping for a bit of luck but good luck with what ever you are backing as it is a bit of a lottery.
  4. Well done Ronnie on the tournament win and 1,000 centuries,was unplayable in the final and throughout the tournament.On his day there is not a better player.
  5. Personally I never like match betting as I like to bet on prices to win but they are so poor now ,especially snooker and you need to pick 3 players out to get a return If all odds on.
  6. http://Good shout with Perry winning the first frame,I thought once self by got in first that could of been curtains.
  7. I backed Adam Scott at 88-1 just a small bet of interest.He finished tied in 33rd.I thought it was going to go to a play off but reed held his nerve in the last round but speith just ran out of holes with his late charge.
  8. Do you mean like a match bet instead of horses it is greyhounds as l do not think they do one for the dogs.As Barry Hills quotes there the only bets I have seen as well in trap challenge and winning distances
  9. No luck both draws on the double but Barcelona did well to come from 2-0 down with less than 2 minutes to go. I like the look of Athletic but are to inconsistent to have a bet.
  10. Must be time for las palmas to get another victory at big odds lol I was in gran canaria and went to see them play Valencia at home and had 20 euros on them to win at 14-1 and they did 2-1.I must admit I think they are going to be relegated this season to the segunda.Good Luck Saturday guys !!! I am having a double on Barcelona and Girona both to win for a cheeky £20 bet
  11. The trouble is there is to many tournaments now and some players are disinterested if they get into a fight, I prefer to watch them now than wager so it is just my view
  12. Yes Cadby had a good tournament.I nearly backed Anderson at the quarter final stage when he was 2-1 and cross was 5-2 and think Cadby was about 7-1 ish but went against it