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  1. Come on Stuart,keep it going in the final
  2. Come on Stuart it is the tournament for the outsider this week.Could be a Murphy and Bingham final but not a lot to choose in the second match.Good Luck
  3. Higgins crashes out,You could not make this tournament up really.Probably should of stuck with the outsider Carter now but hindsight is a wonderful thing.Pleased I have just been watching the tournament Good Luck
  4. I like a favourite but the bookies do not give much away in prices.I can see Higgins doing well and Trump and alsoRobertson normally does well.Good Luck
  5. For me i think Scott Mitchell will win and Jim Williams -2.5.The women’s Suzuki for me at 11-10.Good Luck.
  6. Well that is my selection out and I do not know what it is with the name Evans but beat me at darts and Tennis last night as Australia lose the first rubber 1-0..Poor form at the minute but I think to many Micky mouse tournaments does not help in sport.I knew I should of taken a break and recharge and re group but hey ho.Good Luck if you are playing as you will need it.
  7. Sorry I meant the welsh lad Jim Williams and Harms was the no 1 seed.I took it more of interest bet Veenstra just to watch the tournament really.
  8. I have taken a punt at 8-1 R Veenstra before the tournament started and won quite convincingly yesterday.Harms was pushed against the swede but then went up another gear and is still a worthy favourite.Good Luck
  9. I did c .connors but changed my mind and have gone with Matt Kucher Betfred 25-1 7 paces Leishman @ 45-1 Ladbrokes 5 places and finally Sun Kang 160-1 bet 365 as I have him down as a 66-1 chance on my personal ratings and have been following him for about 3 years without backing him.I think last weeks winner will take all the beating Justin Thomas.Good Luck.
  10. Well done Fader on the 16-1 shot and am pleased for Peter Wright. 3 bets for me in the tournament 2 wins and a loss in the final so + 2.5 overall.
  11. Well done Peter Wright World Champion.Well today just sums up my whole betting day started off okay and went from bad to worse but luckily I was just using the bookies betting money which I had won over the last 4. months and lost over 1k today on horses mainly and not the best start to the New Year.Will have a break and see what is what.Good Luck
  12. I would say price played poor yesterday and we all know MVG has another gear when most do not.What a bad loser price is and pleased he got beat as not my favourite person.I like Wright as a player as well and as I have backed MVG I see no reason to jump ship now but if he did lose I would not be to worried but I could still half my stake on Wright and still get 5-2.On betfair.6-4 but backed it with a bookie at the start of tournament is not a bad price now for MVG.I will have a think but I can play it both ways for a return and win win win if I arb my bet.Dam if you do and dam if you do not.Good Luck and enjoy your New Years Eve.
  13. A nice 7 point winning bet for me yesterday overall 2 bets 2 winners in the tournament + 8 Well today I can only see a MVG and Price final and that would do nicely as I have backed MVG outright to win the tournament.I would like to see wright win as not keen on G.Price.Good Luck
  14. Aspinall for me today @1.61 on betfair and should see off his opponent and a 7 point win bet.I did look at Wright and hopefully Durrant can run price close.Good Luck.
  15. Happy crimbo too.The first leg of the treble lost but was just an interest bet.