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  1. Didn’t we move the time from 8 to 8.10 start for late stragglers then originally had 10 minute late registration as well ? Therefore couldn’t we just have a 10 past start time and no late reg ? Just an option if available.
  2. 2 joined past the 10 minute level tonight dont know how you would do the points as could affect positions near the top not posting this as im out but just in general for other players
  3. Must of been the most mental FT in a long time with the shorties surviving, all good fun, well done all
  4. RIP Paul, you was always on hand to help me out in the early days as a poker mod which helped me negotiating all those added tournaments I arranged when poker was booming and you will be sorely missed by many of us who have been PL through and through as without you many of us wouldn’t of still been here. Thoughts to all your family.
  5. Might as well start with my first game of the year with a win good fun as always.
  6. Finally logged in after a longggg time, yes I’m happy to split the money for £60 each. Do you still need me to email in H ?
  7. Re: Punters Lounge Xmas / New Year Tourney Mon 5th Jan - Details Updated see post 1 Hadn't really realised how long it had been Pete, im still floating about and still play the odd game here and there but couldnt resist playing a PL game been the first for a long time on here. Still managed to get the good old 7 2 off in early doors :) [ATTACH]6627[/ATTACH]
  8. Re: Samba's Lucky 15 **60% remaining** I'll take 5 - will ship it over to you :ok
  9. Re: Samba's Poker Pot **ready to go** All received cheers buddy :ok
  10. Re: PL Exclusive - Stan James February Poker League - $650 ADDED - Grand Final 3rd Ma I can't do Tuesdays, wednesday , or Thursday,so trying to schedule in this week is going to be hard. I think rescheduling for next Monday is best as that is the night that the league runs.
  11. Re: PL Exclusive - Stan James February Poker League - $650 ADDED - Grand Final 3rd Ma Just spoke to the big man, and theres not much that can be done now, it now looks like its disappeared from the lobby, this is looking like its going to have be re arranged for possibly next week. Will keep everyone posted.
  12. Re: PL Exclusive - Stan James February Poker League - $650 ADDED - Grand Final 3rd Ma Me too, wont start :\
  13. Re: Samba's Poker Pot **ready to go**
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