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** October Poker League Result : 1st avongirl, 2nd McG, 3rd Rhino_Power **
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  1. On the subject of BoG, are many bookies prepared to back their convictions the day before like Bet365 do?
  2. Saw him interviewed yesterday and it sounded like he really hates the style of course. Think it was him anyway.
  3. Based on a book I read 30 years ago................It suggested that a player improves after the birth of his first child(not sure about LPGA). Something to do with the relief of the birth and the joy of having a child. John Rahm became a daddy for the first time on Sunday so he will be carrying my money 2 pence e/w John Rahm to win the masters 11/1 Sky Bet (11 places 1/5 the odds) (disclaimer I lost £2000 in the 90's following advice of aforementioned book)
  4. Once I got to the £620 mark it would be a £20 bet but if that lost it would be back to £15 and then down to £10 if back down to £400. I will always have enough for at least 40 bets unless my method sucks in which case there won't be a need for a staking plan. Thanks for the good wishes.
  5. Stick to the £15 until I got up to £620 or back to £400 and £10 bets. Checking how many corners I can cut here, it's a bit like bending covid 19 restrictions. Probably have given up by 3:15 next Wednesday or what ever stupid new times races are starting at these days.
  6. So for £10 my bank should be £400. If I got up to say £415 could my next bet be £15 knowing I will drop back to £400 I would go back to £10. I think that would make sense. No intention of taking anything out of the bank hoping for a ROI that will allow me to increase stakes so that one day I can go to Macau. Thanks for your input.
  7. Glad this thread was in a link in another topic as I was going to ask a question about a staking plan for my current attempt to win millions. If I was backing 5/1 shots that were 6/1 how many units would I need to reasonably expect to cover a worst case scenario. I started of with 20 units which I know is not enough but I was quite happy to throw a couple of £100 away to see how things go ( paper runs are not very exciting). So currently betting £10 a horse, what sort of bank would be needed to increase to £15, doubt if £300 is the correct answer. Would always drop back to what ever % of the bank is suggested. Any Ideas? Is Slapdash still about? he could probably give me an answer accurate to 10 decimal places!!!
  8. Online, Omaha Hi/lo and nothing else. Try to get a game in a casino every time I am off the Island, live poker is so much better. Tracking software killed online cash games years ago and Zoom poker and the likes were the final nails in the coffin for me. Hope Gafs ok, have you reached his posts total yet Helen??
  9. Sad news, only met Paul once ( might have been Newcastle for a Virgin Poker event) but came across as an honest and open guy.
  10. glceud

    Ooblio R.I.P.

    Very sorry to hear this. A top block on the forum, the tables and in real life. Only met him at the tournament that never was in Gibraltar but a pleasure to finally meet the online PL poker legend. Thoughts are with you Donna.
  11. Live tournament win 50+ runners. First live appearance in two years, might be time to start playing again! http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/event.php?a=r&n=344903
  12. First topic I have started in over a year, pretty hard to find much poker value these days!!!!
  13. 1cps entry tourney in the Coral exclusive tournaments with a 3500 euro package to the winner. Might be of interest to those who like sunshine and sand, personally I prefer wind and rain. Haven't seen it posted here.
  14. glceud


    Re: 10/10 Need to know a lot more Craig. What were the stack sizes in relation to the blinds, what were other stack sizes in tourney, how far away was the money or if in the money what was the pay out structure, any history on player, your image, probably the buy in, etc. I am curious however as to why you called expecting him to have a top pair.
  15. Re: What do you hope to achieve in poker in 2014? Couldn't find a hi/lo tourney anywhere, so apart from the one $40 crapshoot at the Luxor and a $1/2 cash game at Binions no poker was played. As for the wife's present, I bought that at Tesco's before I left ............better safe than sorry.
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