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  1. Online, Omaha Hi/lo and nothing else. Try to get a game in a casino every time I am off the Island, live poker is so much better. Tracking software killed online cash games years ago and Zoom poker and the likes were the final nails in the coffin for me. Hope Gafs ok, have you reached his posts total yet Helen?😉
  2. Sad news, only met Paul once ( might have been Newcastle for a Virgin Poker event) but came across as an honest and open guy.
  3. glceud

    Ooblio R.I.P.

    Very sorry to hear this. A top block on the forum, the tables and in real life. Only met him at the tournament that never was in Gibraltar but a pleasure to finally meet the online PL poker legend. Thoughts are with you Donna.
  4. Live tournament win 50+ runners. First live appearance in two years, might be time to start playing again!
  5. First topic I have started in over a year, pretty hard to find much poker value these days!!!!
  6. 1cps entry tourney in the Coral exclusive tournaments with a 3500 euro package to the winner. Might be of interest to those who like sunshine and sand, personally I prefer wind and rain. Haven't seen it posted here.
  7. glceud


    Re: 10/10 Need to know a lot more Craig. What were the stack sizes in relation to the blinds, what were other stack sizes in tourney, how far away was the money or if in the money what was the pay out structure, any history on player, your image, probably the buy in, etc. I am curious however as to why you called expecting him to have a top pair.
  8. Re: What do you hope to achieve in poker in 2014? Couldn't find a hi/lo tourney anywhere, so apart from the one $40 crapshoot at the Luxor and a $1/2 cash game at Binions no poker was played. As for the wife's present, I bought that at Tesco's before I left ............better safe than sorry.
  9. Re: What do you hope to achieve in poker in 2014? Achievement achieved [ATTACH]6155[/ATTACH]
  10. World Cup Fiver Fever With the 2014 football World Cup just around the corner Coral Poker is giving one lucky player the chance to enjoy it in style! On offer for the winner of our World Cup themed promotion is a 42" flat screen LG TV, an iPad Air and a £250 bonus, not bad going from a fiver. Starting on May 7th , Coral will be hosting five £5 rebuy ‘Group Stage' tournaments where the top ten finishers will all qualify for the main event, the £2014 guaranteed, World Cup Fiver Fever special on Thursday May 22nd. Wednesday May 7th £5 Rebuy Group Stages Qualifier 10 Guaranteed seats to World Cup Fiver Fever Saturday May 10th £5 Rebuy Group Stages Qualifier 10 Guaranteed seats to World Cup Fiver Fever Tuesday May 13th £5 Rebuy Group Stages Qualifier 10 Guaranteed seats to World Cup Fiver Fever Friday May 16th £5 Rebuy Group Stages Qualifier 10 Guaranteed seats to World Cup Fiver Fever Monday May 19th £5 Rebuy Group Stages Qualifier 10 Guaranteed seats to World Cup Fiver Fever Thursday May 22nd World Cup Fiver Fever 1st prize World Cup package & £2014 guaranteed £2014 World Cup Fever Final – added prizes 1st Prize: 42" Flat Screen TV, iPad Air, £250 bonus and £60 Takeaway vouchers 2nd Prize: iPad Air, £100 bonus and £40 Takeaway vouchers 3rd to 20th: £20 Takeaway voucher The top three qualifiers from each ‘Group Stages' tournament will also be rewarded with a £20 takeaway voucher, meaning there should be no distractions from the World Cup and Coral Poker for at least one evening! Finally, to celebrate the main event and the football World Cup, Coral Poker is guaranteeing a prize pool of £2014 so even if you miss out on the first and second placed packages, you could still take home a brilliant cash prize. Terms & Conditions Expand for full Terms & Conditions 1.Only players based in the UK and Ireland are eligible to win the physical prize of the flat screen TV, iPads and takeaway vouchers. 2.Coral Poker is not responsible for the delivery date of the World Cup package, although all efforts will be made to ensure it arrives as soon as possible. 3.Prizes will be paid out according to the standard tournament payout structure. 4.The final prize distribution will be available in the tournament lobby once the tournament begins. 5.We retain the right to cancel or modify the tournaments and alter the prizes at any time. 6. For additional promotional terms please click here. 7. Promoter: Coral Interactive (Gibraltar) Limited, Regal House, Queensway, Gibraltar.
  11. Re: Irish Poker Open Very nice:clap I played the IWF there last year, lovely hotel,good food a good bar and well organised poker- what's not to like.
  12. Re: Spring Fever Poker Challenge William Hills I'm not playing it, just thought it looked like good value before they started allocating all the tickets!
  13. glceud

    USA Mobile Phones

    I don't know anything about mobile phones but am looking for two to keep in touch with a mate when in Vegas in July. Basically I want something that is cheap to stay in contact while we are both in the states. I have seen this on ebay Any one know exactly what this means? From what I can see my own phone would need a new sim card and to get unlocked which would cost a fair bit.
  14. Re: Spring Fever Poker Challenge William Hills Hope you opted in.
  15. Looks well worth the effort, :ok Spring Fever Poker Challenge Take the Spring Fever Poker Challenge between April 13 - April 20 and walk away with your share of more than €5,000 in gadgets and tokens! Win a brand new Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or iPad Mini, as well as iPOPS VI entries, just for completing daily challenges - it's that easy! You must opt in below to take part in this promotion: Thank you. Your claim has been received. Spring Fever Poker Challenge - How does it work? Taking part is easy - simply follow these steps: 1. Visit our Spring Fever Poker Challenge app on Facebook 2. Answer the trivia question to reveal the daily challenge. 3. Complete the daily challenge to earn a free token to our massive final on April 24 There are 8 challenges running between April 13 and April 20. Each challenge you complete grants you a token to our Spring Fever Poker Challenge freeroll taking place on April 24, 20:00 UK time. This is a multi entry event, with up to 8 entries per player if you complete all 8 challenges. The more you play, the more chances you have to win great prizes! Spring Fever Poker Challenge - Payout Structure (click to expand) Place Prize 1 Xbox One 2 PlayStation 4 3 iPad Mini 4 - 10 €100 Token entry to "iPOPS Main Event" 11 - 20 €75 Token entry to "iPOPS-1H Sunday Special" 21 - 30 €50 Token entry to "iPOPS-3H Super Tuesday" 31 - 50 €40 Token entry to "iPOPS-4H €40K GTD" 51 - 100 €25 Token entry to "iPOPS-5H €30K GTD - 6 Max" Terms and Conditions
  16. Re: Daily Satellite Wins - April 2014 Brilliant Bene, Handy as you were going over anyway!
  17. Re: iPoker Network BONANZA SPECIAL €1+€1 with €2k added One on tonight.
  18. Re: W.S.O.P. Sat. Thread 2014 Don't think you have to even put money into the pot, just to be dealt cards and the pot to be raked.
  19. glceud


    Re: Challenge The k/7 hand- you should either have been out of the tourney or had more chips by then. No matter how bad your cards are you have to start shoving sooner than that. Any unopened pot will do, even if its UTG.
  20. Re: Sunderland v Crystal Palace > Saturday March 15th I am a bit concerned that no one has put forward Sunderland in this match(Max bet allready for me) I can't see how Sunderland are odd's against here, it is a must win game and they have proved in their cup runs that they can prepare and perform under this sort of pressure. They have a very experienced squad many of whom have been together for some time. I think there are at least 5 teams worse than them in the league. Palace are woeful, probably worse than Fulham and are lucky in my opinion to have half the points they have so far. Some of their ball possession stats are so low it's scary and even then most of that possession is in their own half. Pretty sure the Palace plan will be to stop Sunderland getting 3 points and less than 2.5 goals may be an option, but my money is already down and I am more than happy. 10pts Sunderland. Is this my first ever football tip???????
  21. Re: Hand - Close to winning 550 euro seat Ok my last word on this. Players min raise in sats to maintain there stack size, they min raise so they can still fold and have enough chips to shove. At least that is what I do and I think others do too. With most of the table having less than 10bbs, 5 bbs is still a more than a big enough stack to shove. You have to be the one asking the questions in shallow stack poker or you will blind out. I think we will have to agree to disagree on this DDL as our opinions on short stacked final tables fold equity are miles apart.
  22. Re: Hand - Close to winning 550 euro seat Yea well Ram when you have qualified for over 25k's worth of live events online fell free to lol. Until then at least explain how your superior poker knowledge thinks folding is the only option.
  23. Re: One Big Poker Room? Pokerstars, Full tilt, Winamax and quite a few others are on separate networks.
  24. Re: Hand - Close to winning 550 euro seat 1 time in 10, try 5- 7 times in 10. Might be min raising with aces might not, any over pair your in trouble big Ace and your not that far behind. Calling ranges in Satts are very tight as everyone waits "for a better spot" Late position raising ranges have to be massive to have any chance of survival. 4-6 is quite a good play as no hand with a 4 or a 6 will call.
  25. Re: Hand - Close to winning 550 euro seat Finding better spots is the most overused statement in poker(even more than blaming variance for not winning). With shallow stacks you have to min raise in late position to maintain your stack and you also have to play back at some point,this is that point(avoids blaming variance too). Min-raise folding this close to the objective of the Tourney happens all the time.