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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rav, 2nd kevsul, 3rd McG **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd BBBC, 3rd LEE-GRAYS. KO Cup Winner dj.orange. Most Winners Johnrobertson **


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  1. hey everyone i just came across this term Backtesting google says : Backtesting is the process of evaluating a sports betting strategy based on relevant historical data. This same technique can be applied to cryptocurrency, forex, and stock trading. Backtesting lets you simulate what would happen if you use a strategy over a certain sample size. When done correctly, this technique helps you determine the success of your strategy. is there a way to use it in order to make predictions?
  2. Rip so sorry to hear that my condolences to his family
  3. after checking every site i was able to found i end up using the following cgmbet software,worth every penny,best statistic source out there in my opinion soccerstats freat free site footystats, cost arounnd 10 euros per month,quite good site,im using it for the small leagues of UK and Germany adamchoi,co.uk free site with stats,nothing special,i fancy it mostly because it was the one i began making profits y using it 2 years ago
  4. i dont see any participation so lets have a video of Billy a God amongst mortal men
  5. hey i really do not know anything about xG stuff i ve heard the term in the past and tried to learn about it but i give up please consider making a thread about it and aware us how to make money from it cheers
  6. i found this interesting youtube channel called chat with traders where the host insterviewing a lot of traders i liked specially this video
  7. hey all since there is no betting action it is an opportunity to study i m wondering if there is way for us,people who try to make profits from betting,to learn from traders and investors Especially since i do not know famous and succesful bettors,unlikelly to any other activity,there re even world champions at tetris video game but nooone as far as i know on sport betting (besides billy walters) from who we can learn and benefit i found only a few people who selling their beting services and for that reason they re not reliable for me. personally i enjoy looking on youtube the stories from rich traders who turn over their lives from being poor but all i get is inspiration and not something practical
  8. Recently i heard an opinion on this that most people are betting on 1X2 markets cos it is the easiest to bet and recuires the less time to fin out what to bet not sure if it is any true but i kinda liked this idea
  9. Fulham to win 1.57 Portsmouth to win 1.60 Cardiff to win 1.95 15pts
  10. so for someone who bets only in one sport and uses only one bookie is it still usefull?
  11. hey all What do you think about keeping record with results? i ve read that it is a good thing to do but i cant see how it helps if you betting on line and you can browse your betting history in your account i look around and the only the only example of keeping results was on excel from this guy
  12. 3/4 won small profit of 1,36 units
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