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** May Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Elliott Sutcliffe, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st nawoo, 2nd thebestthere, 3rd Data, 4th Dramfech, 5th Fader **

Punters Lounge Exclusive £300 added Poker League - April Fun Week - Wed 29th April


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14 hours ago, drew005 said:

Awrite, I missed the first two games. Is it ok to play next Wednesday? It's my first time, so would it be a one off buy in each week? Just so I know before joining? 

Hi yes you can join in any time. Each game is an individual buy in and pays out as a normal tourney under PokerStars rules. The added value is based on the league table so you won't be able to get 3 scores in this month, although that doesn't necessarily mean you can't get into the top 3.

Just to foreward though, it's Pot Limit Omaha for leg 3, then back to No Limit Holdem for the final leg. :ok

Make sure you apply to join the Home Games Club (info in first post) :ok

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Another great turnout, with Thebestthere not only taking the top spot but also knocking out the bounty on the way. :clap 

John Antony takes the runner up spot for consecutive weeks, which puts him on top of the league table. :clap  Last week's winner, Pots, holds onto the 2nd spot, and Rhino and Dan, who both finished in the same positions as last week (4th and 5th) move up to 3rd and 4th overall. :clap


Next week we have our regular Pot Limit Omaha leg with an enhanced starting stack of 3000 chips. For those not overly familiar with the 4-card game, you have a week to learn it!  Game is open for registration, see you there, with another £10 on my head :ok

Bounty 080420.jpg

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An unexpected win for the bounty tonight :loon means the £10 on my head will carry forward to our week 5 fun week - will finalise details of this after next week's concluding leg for the league prizes. (But I'm favouring a game of HORSE)

Consistent results again for John Anthony and pots11 have them pulling away a little at the top of the table :clap  but the chasing pack are closely bunched behind and still have chance to catch up with our multiplier in leg 4.

It's back to NLHE for the final leg next week and the game is now open for registration.  Another £10 bounty up for grabs if you can catch me. :cigar

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Fabulous turnout again for the final leg of the league, massive thank you to everyone who has joined in this month, hope you've all enjoyed it and come back for more :cheers:nana

Well done to Bart who won the leg :clap, but combined with other results on the night just fell short of making the podium.

All of our podium winners have put in super consistent performances over the month and are well deserved winners of the added value. Only one leg winner in there, the rest of us weekly winners falling short with our other weekly efforts. :ok

So many congratulations to our league winner Pots11 (rathbone) with an awesome 1st, 2nd and 3rd in weekly results :clap ? ?

Second place goes to our regular John Anthony (SciTopus) with two 2nds and a 4th position :clap ?

And in Third is Rhino_Power with 3 final table finishes, and no football to play! :clap ?

Special mention to Danshot who also had 3 FTs, along with 2 bounties. :clap and thebestthere (Pamela1) with 1 bounty.

We have £20 added value to play for next week in our Fun week while we wait for May to appear. Details to follow.


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Instructions for League Winners:

1st @pots11  £125 + PL Mug and Pens

2nd @John Anthony  £75

3rd @Rhino_Power  £50

Bounty x2 @Danshot £20

Bounty x1 @thebestthere £10

To claim please email [email protected] with the following:

Subject: Poker League

Message Content.

PL Username: *
PayPal Email: *
Prize Amount/Position: £125 (1st) / £75 (2nd) / £50 (3rd)

Winner (pots11) - please also provide address for PL Mug & Pens to be sent.

Payments are normally processed together for all our monthly competitions and may be up to 14 days after the end of the month. Well done everyone :clap

@Sir Puntalot @BillyHills

(Added value winners to follow for our week 5 Fun week, next week, but didn't want to delay the main event winners.)


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Tonight we have our 'Fun week' game as April has 5 Wednesdays, so we have a week to fill whilst we wait for our May league to start. We have £20 left over from our added value pot for April, so we will be adding £10 for the winner of tonight's tournament, along with a £10 bounty on my head (PL-AvonGirl).

I have set up a HORSE tourney to give us a bit of a change. This is rounds of Limit Holdem (H), Limit Omaha HiLo (O), Limit Razz (R), Limit Stud (S), Limit Stud HiLo (E - Eight or better). It's our usual 10min blinds (10mins of each game before it changes) and I've made it 3000 chips. I'm sorry if this means it goes on all night! I've reduced the buy in to $3 (+30c).

Enjoy! :cow (yes it's a cow not a horse!)

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  • avongirl changed the title to Punters Lounge Exclusive £300 added Poker League - April Fun Week - Wed 29th April

Fun week result. Well done to @Crespo25 (ABarSteward) on the win and @AlbusFawkes (Vincent Eley) on taking my bounty. :clap

Please can you both drop a line to [email protected] with your PL Username and PayPal Email to claim your £10 each.

@BillyHills @Sir Puntalot


See you all next week for our £300 added May league :drums


Bounty 290420.jpg


PL Stars 290420.jpg


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