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  1. Kindred Group, best known in poker circles for Unibet Poker, have announced that they will shortly begin the migration of Stan James players to Unibet accounts as the former brand's online presence is run off. The group has announced it's intentions to concentrate on developing it's main Unibet poker brand, along with 32Red - a brand acquired earlier in the year running alongside it, at least for the time being.
  2. Daily MTT & Satellite winnings - September 2017

    $248.00 (£184.19) in Tokens/Seats from the free daily $1.10 token. $1.10 > $5.50 > $27.50 > $215, a shot at a DTD1000 Seat in the final qualifier later in the week with average starting stack.
  3. Daily MTT & Satellite winnings - September 2017

    Not heard of that one, but have personally been out of the loop for quite a while. Can you post up details in the main Poker forum, other members may be interested Update on my $1m guarantee adventure from above, had a torrid time, card dead, always called when trying to create something, went out 3640/5722(728) but c'est la vie, in profit from the satellites
  4. Out in 127th/926 (10), not bad effort for single bullet. Don't recognise any forum names still in, but good luck if you are!
  5. A bit crapshooty, but to be expected in these types of tourney. I have flights & a hotel penciled in just in case, so playing semi-seriously, but not expecting to need them. Spotted a couple of PL Legends playing so far, good luck guys.
  6. Daily MTT & Satellite winnings - September 2017

    $215 Seat (~£158.20) Did it again, seat this time in the $1m guaranteed next week from the free daily $2 token. Sats are pretty soft with deepish structures, but you'll need to be watching t.v. or doing paperwork to avoid boredom. QF = 9/984 = 26,819 chips vs 10k avg SF = 20/542 = 93,091 chips vs 50k avg Final = 23/127 (29+1). Only realised tonight that they're re-entry, think the final had like 160 entries from the 127 uniques.
  7. There's a 10x seat satellite for the Genting Poker Series main event (£440 buyin) in Edinburgh on PokerStars tomorrow evening, Sunday 17th Sept. There is a 1xStarscoin buyin (& possibly rebuys), but effectively a freeroll. Prizes are Seats Only, no expenses. You MUST be able to attend GPS Edinburgh in person, think it's on in a week/10 days time. NO cash alternative. NO transfers to other players. NO transfers to other GPS events. In addition I would add that anyone winning a seat SHOULD: Have a great time and lap up every moment of the experience, win or lose. With a little run good, make day 2, reach the payouts, final table or take down the whole event. Hey you never know! Buy the OP half a shandy next time you see them if you win big as a direct result of seeing this post Ok that last one isn't compulsory, but good luck & have fun!
  8. Live Poker Events - 2017 Calendar

    Sorry for the lack of updates guys, been laid up with bad back again. Made a mental note to sort this out now I'm back up & crawling.
  9. Daily MTT & Satellite winnings - September 2017

    $189 cash (~£142.75) Just freerolling for old times sake & to distract me from what would've been Dad's 92nd birthday. Cheers Dad for the run good from above! . Only wish I'd remembered it was Wednesday & joined the league for some decent banter at the same time. Next week maybe.
  10. Anyone have money locked up on PKR?

    No, don't worry, I'm not looking for a handout News is that PokerStars will be refunding players PKR balances dollar for dollar soon. More details soon no doubt. Stars world domination continues apace.
  11. Live Poker Events - 2017 Calendar

    Possibly Ken. Think that is more achievable for me this year than Goliath. I'll take a look at the satellites in the next week or two.
  12. Live Poker Events - 2017 Calendar

    Oh and is there any interest in forming a Goliath team or teams again this year? Assuming that they are continuing with this as in previous years, will double-check. If interested please post up as "Going" or "Interested".
  13. Live Poker Events - 2017 Calendar

    Working on a mid-year update, apols for the delay. If anyone had anything to include, change or would like to see included please post in the next couple of days.
  14. Online satellites for Genting GPS events are back for the first time since Genting closed their own online offering. Satellites for the GPS Mini (Luton) start on PokerStars on Sunday 2nd July. Brings GPS back into line with GUKPT, 25/25, GrandPrix & UnibetUKTour with value/convenient routes in for all you grinders out there. Good luck and don't forget to post your progress/successes in the forum!
  15. Step 1: Existing PokerStars players, just navigate to >Tools >Star Code & enter SPIN1M to get a free ticket. New players, sign up to PokerStars using by clicking on any of the Pokerstars links in this post. As a Punters Lounge member, you will also be able to join in our exclusive $ added monthly league. Step 2: Outlast the other freeroll players to obtain 1 of the 10x free $10 Spin & Go tickets in each freeroll. Current numbers in the freeroll are 800 to 1,000, but will likely increase as the promo goes on & word spreads. Step 3: Get lucky in the spin, odds shown below. Step 4: Win the 3-handed spin & go. Step 5: And most importantly, celebrate any win with your Punters Lounge friends at the next meet up Simples!