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  1. Team thing, if happening, was free entry, just supply team name and members taking part. Max for 4 or 6 players, i forget now. No team event, just all play individually as normal, points allocated for deep run and totalled for all team players. Think prize used to be GUKPT tokens or exclusive restricted freeroll or similar. Just to re-emphasize, may not be happening this year.
  2. So had a quick look, but can't actually find reference to there being a team prize this year, just the David vs Goliath thing. Maybe it's not happening, but link to Goliath website for full schedule, structure, satellites and talk of online day 1's which might be new this time around.
  3. Well done guys! Called away at 11th hour and only just home now, otherwise i would've been there to give you all a couple of extra points.
  4. Congrats to muttley beating dastardly in the heads up! Good game all, enjoyed your company as always.
  5. gem, will drop you a pm as cannot seemingly transfer at the moment via Stars, need to work out what the potential problem is and/or find another way. It might be that you don't have the £sterling balance activated on your account, in which case I can attempt a transfer in either $ or €. Just to reinforce what Sir Puntalot was saying, this is strictly a one-off in order to help a long-standing, very supportive member of the forum. In future it would appreciated if all added value transfers were made via the stated payment method to cut down on admin work.
  6. Well done guys, big target on Leo's back now Sorry, I wasn't around much this month and thought it would really mess the dynamics if i reg'd and didn't make it. Also not forgotten about our discussions regarding running something alongside the league, something that the super Swedes can play Bart
  7. Ah, that might figure yeah. It's kind of good/reassuring they check that sort of thing tbh, although appreciate frustrating at moment when totally innocent.
  8. Actually super happy I didn't overtake demios, wouldn't seem right as they weren't able to play the last leg. Well done demios, superbly consistent once again Well played everyone
  9. Personally only had it once before. I think at the time I had been on the same table as a user they were investigating for possible collusion/bot activities. So I could only assume they were assessing whether anyone else was involved. It all cleared ok after ID was sent and I think I even received a slight refund from the alledged bot's alledged fraudulent winnings. Share your caution in ensuring you only talk to the official support team and double-check the address before sending anything.
  10. Thx Paul, Helen will confirm shortly. Had a few technical issues over Xmas but she's all over it like a hawk (in the best possible way)
  11. Well played Rivrd! A super-competitive game tonight with everyone seemingly running deep into the levels and yet a host of quick-succession bust-outs sealed the points & payouts. Gutted to hear about the Swedish Home-Games withdrawal, missing you already in the league demios, we'll have to see if we can set something up to run alongside the current f ormat in order that you can still be involved.
  12. Good game all. Don't forget we have a week off next week, final leg is on 2nd January. Wishing all members a very merry Christmas and looking forward to your company at the tables again in the new year.
  13. So, I don't play much these days as you know, but I have played a few series events recently. You know the ones, like UOS, GCOOP, WCOOP, SCOOP..... is there a POOP? I think there should be! The beauty of them is that you can typically play a good few tournaments of a similar buyin at the same time and also have some different formats such as 8max, bounties, variants etc. There's often a bit of added value or overlay too, although I guess you'd have to play a lot/most events to pick up any amount of value. The question I have though is, have you found them to play any differently from regular scheduled tournaments and if so how? My initial impression is that they are full of poor players which should be a good thing, but the flip side being you can't get away with as much creative play as some beggar will always call you down all streets and catch the river? Do you guys/girls approach them any differently? Often deepstacked or long structures, do you go big early or wait patiently for good spots whilst the maniacs go crazy? Just wondered, I don't seem to have adapted my game to them yet, but working on it. Scored a couple of results on the recent Grosvenor series, nothing major. Thoughts welcomed. Bart