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  1. A true gentleman, will be sadly missed by the whole community. Love & thoughts with his family & friends.
  2. So guys, apologies for still not being around much personally, I'm trying to deal with a lot of stuff at the moment, some of which you will have already seen via facebook etc. I will continue to pop in when I can. Purposely haven't read any ongoing discussion at the moment, but this is Punters Lounge, where open and honest discussion is always actively encouraged but lets sort things out amicably, calmly & respectfully with each other. We can look to change whatever isn't working for members, within the existing boundaries we have or seek/push new ones. Only noticed yesterday th
  3. Apologies for missing it, was in bed at 5:30pm and not in the hot-jiggedy way lol. Hopefully back next week if my back is back. Great to see a return to the top 3 for the legends that are slap & tickle, congrats all. 😛
  4. Well done everyone, great fun as always, more so given the larger turnouts, old school like it used to be Huge thanks to Sir Puntalot for bringing us all together in these dark (but surprisingly very sunny) days and the incredible added value 👍
  5. Back in for the banter. Great to see a good turnout. Good luck everyone. I'm EnglandBart for the benefit of any new members joining us
  6. Will be great seeing you again. Keeping the trophy within the family but beating the old man heads up would be a pretty epic outcome, going to be a tough field, but you never know! Edit: Opening Post updated. 20 in main event now!
  7. May have been me Leo, although not overly close, I'm north of Pompey.... although isn't everything come to think of it? 👨‍🏫🌍 Looks like you're sorted now which is awesome, but let me know if things change. Edit: I will be travelling up in the morning & staying over though.
  8. With the Genting hotel (which I was impressed with last time) seemingly already fully booked and before noticing Ian's post, I've booked into a b&b 1 train stop/short taxi/3 miles down the road. Reviews/pics seem good although of course the room will be basic. They do have a 2nd room if anyone is looking for a cheap option, £50 single occupancy of double room with breakfast, parking on the road. I've checked & they're happy for me to roll in merrily at 2am/3am although I've of course promised to be as quiet as I can be. It is however a PL do, so might just turn up for break
  9. Awesome. Was thinking of this a month or two back when a facebook memory came up, but then real life distracted me and never got around to doing anything about it. Will be amazing to catch up with everyone again!
  10. 6 in, 3 paid! with massive added Punters Lounge value? Get involved people! Will try to pop in occasionally and/or donate, but not around much at the moment I'm afraid. 🙁
  11. Starting today, promo each day in order to win satellite tokens to the Online Millions with it's $20m guarantee (& $10,300 buyin!) Today's requirement, assuming the same for everyone, is deposit at least $10 for a freeroll or all-in shootout token to win a $109 token. Worth checking your accounts now and again for any added value.
  12. Team thing, if happening, was free entry, just supply team name and members taking part. Max for 4 or 6 players, i forget now. No team event, just all play individually as normal, points allocated for deep run and totalled for all team players. Think prize used to be GUKPT tokens or exclusive restricted freeroll or similar. Just to re-emphasize, may not be happening this year.
  13. So had a quick look, but can't actually find reference to there being a team prize this year, just the David vs Goliath thing. Maybe it's not happening, but link to Goliath website for full schedule, structure, satellites and talk of online day 1's which might be new this time around.
  14. Well done guys! Called away at 11th hour and only just home now, otherwise i would've been there to give you all a couple of extra points.
  15. Congrats to muttley beating dastardly in the heads up! Good game all, enjoyed your company as always.
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