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  1. So, I don't play much these days as you know, but I have played a few series events recently. You know the ones, like UOS, GCOOP, WCOOP, SCOOP..... is there a POOP? I think there should be! The beauty of them is that you can typically play a good few tournaments of a similar buyin at the same time and also have some different formats such as 8max, bounties, variants etc. There's often a bit of added value or overlay too, although I guess you'd have to play a lot/most events to pick up any amount of value. The question I have though is, have you found them to play any differently from regular scheduled tournaments and if so how? My initial impression is that they are full of poor players which should be a good thing, but the flip side being you can't get away with as much creative play as some beggar will always call you down all streets and catch the river? Do you guys/girls approach them any differently? Often deepstacked or long structures, do you go big early or wait patiently for good spots whilst the maniacs go crazy? Just wondered, I don't seem to have adapted my game to them yet, but working on it. Scored a couple of results on the recent Grosvenor series, nothing major. Thoughts welcomed. Bart
  2. Well played Leo & everyone. Great banter as always and classy etiquette as we've always come to expect from PL members. Gem raised a good idea during the game of having a little side event, namely all entering a regular tournament on a last longer basis and/or sharing out any combined winnings? Will let him post his thoughts, but just wanted to log it so it's not forgotten. Could maybe do something at the same time as the league? or use those occasional 5th week wednesdays? Thoughts welcomed and I'll have a chat with Father Christmas after the holiday season and see if he has any thoughts.
  3. Christmas VALUE - Various sites

    Betfair added.
  4. Christmas VALUE - Various sites

    About to add Unibet - Advent Calendar, see their website for details.
  5. Christmas VALUE - Various sites

    Ho Ho Ho-liday value has been added at various poker sites. Post details in the thread if you come across any more and of course let us all know if you manage to bag anything spectacular! Punters Lounge: The Exclusive £150 added monthly league - Huge value for members with low entries and huge banter! PokerStars: Supposedly an advent calendar type promotion, but can't seem to access. Someone will post details no doubt PartyPoker: Christmas Advent Calender. Seemingly going to be a mixture of giveaways and earn tokens/entries for achieving certain player points. Grosvenor: Christmas Freerolls every night in December giving away varying amounts of moola. Seemingly no points/playing requirement whatsoever so may be swamped, but free money to those who survive! Unibet: General - Christmas Advent Calendar available on their website. Various promos, giveaways etc, but might have a certain playing requirement. Poker - Also "31 Days of Christmas". Complete Poker specific missions to gain daily rewards. Betfair: Advent Challenge - Earn player points to spin the prize wheel. Coral Poker: Haven't seen anything specific yet, but bear in mind they already do the £100 daily login lottery, weekly 200x£10 freebet freeroll etc. May be other seasonal promos soon. Others when encountered or added when you post details! Bart
  6. Had a press release from Grosvenor and can't see anywhere that it's embargoed so hopefully already out in public knowledge. It includes details of a new Deepstack tour running alongside the GUKPT Mains & Mini's and the 25/25's:
  7. Congrats again demios on an awesome opening series and to all those picking up added value! The extra tournament has been set up for Wednesday 8pm UK time (remember that British clocks changed last weekend). After a close vote, the tournament will be PLO. As KO format only allowed $4.05 or $6.75 buyins, decided against for now, but we can always consider for future. Good luck all, have fun!
  8. Also, as this is a 5-week month, we have the chance of an extra non-league fun tournament this coming Wednesday, 31st October. Please let us know in this thread what you would like to do, options are: A regular No-Limit Holdem tournament. A variant tournament of your choice (PLO, Hi/Low, Stud, Badugi, Triple-Draw etc.) A knock-out format? Not actually sure whether this is possible within PokerStars-Home games? No tournament, a rest week. Any tournament played would still have the usual payouts, but just wouldn't count towards the league. Let us know in this thread your preferred & 2nd choices a.s.a.p. so we can get it set up in good time ready for Wednesday. Bart
  9. Well done guys, sorry didn't make it, something unavoidable came up 11th hour. Disappointing numbers, especially for those chasing points, I'm sure it's just a one off though, had great numbers at the start of the month. Congrats to all who played this month & especially those picking up the added value, who will be announced in due course.
  10. Daily MTT & Satellite Winnings - October 2018

    Little one. $12.58 Outlast 1400 players, reach the final table and still not even the best PL member there lol. Always good seeing fellow members in a tournament
  11. Reminder bump for Leg 2 tonight. 8pm UK time, PokerStars poker client (Home Game section). Registration for the game tonight is open & will stay open for 10 minutes after scheduled start time. All existing & newly signed up members of Punters Lounge are very welcome & encouraged to join. Please sign up to our dedicated Poker Club on PokerStars (Home game section) as detailed in the first post of this thread. We will be checking applications shortly before tonights game. Punters Lounge Sports Betting & Poker Forum have a long history of providing exceptional added value & fun events, both live and online, for it's members across both the Sports Betting and Poker arenas. Join in, bring your best banter & by all means brag about your successes in the forum afterwards! Have fun all! Bart
  12. Well played demios, great start to the league & thoughly deserved Good turnout tonight too, thank you all & best of luck in the coming weeks.
  13. @avongirl SciTopus in PokerStars Helen, when updating the league table. Welcome once again to all new members this month. Good luck in the league, have fun and don't forget to check out all the other sports betting, poker etc areas of the forum If you have any questions, don't be shy to ask, we're a friendly bunch here
  14. Good to see some new members join us. We have a Pot Limit Omaha game this coming Wednesday, 8pm UK time. There is minimal late reg (5 or 10 minutes i think), but games are usually set up straight after the previous week, so plenty of time to get involved. The club applications are looked at ad hoc, so may take a short while for you to be accepted, but don't worry, we'll look to get you included before this weeks game. If PLO isn't your thing, don't worry, we're all pretty laid back & relaxed, with friendly banter. We'll even help anyone to learn how to play the variant if need be. And we won't blind out those disconnected unless it's clear they're not returning etc. Return to No Limit Holdem next week. You still have a good chance to pick up points this month, best 3 scores count, people have won the league with 2 good results before! Good luck & have fun. Bart
  15. to the forum and our Exclusive added value poker league. Please apply to our PokerStars Home Club, details in Post #1 of this thread, and good luck/have fun! Bart