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  1. Edit: Confused myself on weeks, next weeks bubble $5.50 can be used for any future league entry or any mtt of your choice.
  2. The mans on fire! Vwp sir & indeed all cashers. Sorry for not making it last night, only had mobile option availabke to me & apparantly home games not yet supported (my thx to Tony for confirming I wasn't going totally mad or perhaps already too far gone )). Regrettably may well miss next weeks too, but will hopefully be back for the last one. If next weeks bubble boy/girl posts in the forum, I'll happily pay their $5.50 entry into the final weeks game, in lieu of my entry as I can't get in to reg & sit out & that messes with table dynamics anyway.
  3. Apologies to muttley for breaking his hattrick, I see the deposit-boom, withdraw-doom gods are still in play. Well played everyone, enjoyed your company as always.
  4. I wouldn't worry too much tbh, been swamped with well over 1,000 people, just 48 paid out in cash game tickets with 1 package, and there's 2x€5 re-entries. I'm in but don't blink, I don't have time for these crapshoots any more, might as well make it a single card flip, more chance than using any form of skill to navigate the thousands of chaff.
  5. Great banter again last night, thanks for your company guys and very well done to those who cashed. Still plenty of time for others to get involved, best 3 scores count.
  6. As part of the Cash Game Festival being held in Bratislava, a series of freerolls are being held by the sponsor sites this week. Tonight Unibet are hosting a €5k freeroll with a €2k package up top for the next event in Tallinn. Tournament is password protected, accessible via their twitch channel, please do not post passwords here in the forum, we do not disrupt others private/restricted events. Starts 8.15pm (UK) with 30 mins late reg.
  7. Party Poker Tokens

    Think the last thing they gave me was a migraine lol
  8. Long touted, seemingly now concluded with a valuation dependent on the outcome of the ongoing review of fixed odds betting terminals in the UK. GVC, owners of many gaming brands including PartyPoker & Bwin have now agreed terms to take over Ladbrokes/Coral who only recently merged themselves. I think the once large entry tournament that is online poker has reached a short-handed final table and seemingly won't stop until 2 big corporations go heads up. Whose next I wonder?
  9. PL Meet Up & Poker Champs 2018 - 9th June

    I didn't make Derby so will be good to meet you and others I missed at the time.
  10. PL Meet Up & Poker Champs 2018 - 9th June

    @Ian309 Travelodge & Premier Inn have cheaper rooms, but some may involve a short taxi ride. Premier Inn (Birmingham NEC/Airport) might be walkable? and just £32.50 (+£8 parking), link embedded but worth trying Al's link for possible further reduction? Travelodge (Birmingham Airport) probably short taxi-ride, £42+£8.49 parking booked in advance (but £33 if not prebooked so don't get caught out!), link embedded. Can't speak for any of these personally, but have always found both brands to be pretty good. Basic and sometimes with noise disturbance but that usually is dependent on the guests staying at the time, which can happen anywhere. Forgive my naivety, but do they have overnight flights coming in & out? Possible flights noise? No idea! Trains possibly an option for some people? Did consider myself but too expensive and too many changes for myself to be viable. Maybe Staffy/other locals can provide some guidance on hotels, which ones are good or to perhaps avoid?
  11. PL Meet Up & Poker Champs 2018 - 9th June

    I think I own shares in it now for that, thought I might have to let my solicitors know the title deeds were on their way But I wasn't going to miss out, meeting up and the PL banter are worth every penny. I'm easy re food, let's make Rich's job as easy as possible for him, maybe all go out for pizza or can do our own thing?
  12. Cheltenham Tipsters Competition - Day 4 Selections

    130 Ch: Sussex Ranger210 Ch: Flying Tiger250 Ch: Mr Whipped330 Ch: Definitly Red410 Ch: Virak450 Ch: Brave Eagle530 Ch: Dolos
  13. PL Meet Up & Poker Champs 2018 - 9th June

    I've booked into the onsite Genting hotel. £90 without breakfast +£15 for parking, extra if you want breakfast, access to gym/pool, refundable option etc. I was going to ask whether for £15 quid I could stay in the car park but chickened out Looking at the map, the train station & other hotels appear to be walkable, but don't quote me on that, and Brum airport also nearby for the Sir Puntalot private jet
  14. Cheltenham Tipsters Competition - Day 3 Selections

    130 Ch: Kemboy 210 Ch: Who Dares Wins 250 Ch: Frodon 330 Ch: The New One 410 Ch: Last Goodbye 450 Ch: Countister 530 Ch Pendra
  15. Cheltenham Tipsters Competition - Day 2 Selections

    130 Ch: Next Destination210 Ch: Presenting Percy250 Ch: Max Dynamite330 Ch: Min410 Ch: Cause of Causes450 Ch: Casa Tall530 Ch: Tornado Flyer