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    Xcout got a reaction from DrO in Mexico > Primera Division > Apertura 2017   
    Season Result: 
    Balance: +20.98 units  
    Win Rate: 71.42% (5 of 7 bets)

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    Xcout got a reaction from BillyHills in Naps Competition - Tuesday Dec 5th   
    3:10 Wolverhampton, Tatlisu 0.5 pts [email protected](1/5) at Bet365
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    Xcout got a reaction from DrO in Mexico > Ascenso MX > Apertura 2017   
    Season Result:
    Balance: +19.32 units  
    Win Rate: 75% (3 of 4 bets)

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    Xcout got a reaction from vikki37 in Mexico > Ascenso MX > Apertura 2017   
    FC Juarez 1 - 0 Alebrijes Oaxaca
    +6.28 units
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    Xcout reacted to BillyHills in Eclipse Stakes - Final (Nottingham)   
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    Xcout got a reaction from _BezCenny in Mexico > Primera Division > Apertura 2017   
    Veracruz 0-1 Toluca
    7.14 units
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    Xcout reacted to BillyHills in Latest Tables - October   
    Final Table
    Well done to Jinxy who bags his second title of the year
    Congrats to Bymatrix, Jimmy and Whistle Stop who made the places
    All prizes are now paid via PayPal
    If you haven't got an account either open one or send the prize to a friend/relative who can pass it on to you.
    £80: Jinxy
    £40: Bymatrix
    £20: Jimmy2shoes
    £10: Whistle Stop
    £30 KO Cup: BH

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    Xcout got a reaction from vikki37 in Mexico > Primera Division > Apertura 2017   
    Toluca 3-1 Lobos BUAP
    +6.96 units
    4 goals
    +3.32 units
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    Xcout got a reaction from BillyHills in Naps Competition - Saturday Sept 16th   
    @BillyHills Sorry, my bad, as I saw it on the odds-comparison.co.uk website and did it in a rush. Won't happen again.
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    Xcout reacted to BillyHills in Doncaster - Tipsters Competition - FINAL Leaderboard   
    Final Table
    Congrats to Vangovin for winning the Doncaster Tipsters Competition.
    His second day haul was the turning point and he wins first prize.
    Well done to both Roland Cooper and Bluemal on filling the places.
    Can all prizewinners send the PayPal details along with the prize being claimed and their PL username to:
    [email protected]
    Many thanks for the support throughout these competitions

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    Xcout reacted to BillyHills in Latest Tables - August   
    Final Table
    Well done Jinxy on winning a thrilling month of competition
    Wiggo, Xtc and JR came close with superb efforts themselves.
    We had 24 players who had at least 15 bets that ended in profit and will contest the KO Cup which starts on Saturday. In total we had 1234 bets and ended up £97 in profit.
    Also well done to Silver Fox on winning the Cup this month.
    £80: Jinxy
    £40: Wiggo Bets
    £20: Xtc12
    £10: John Robertson
    £30: KO Cup Silver Fox
    Contact [email protected] 
    Along with your PAYPAL email, PL Name and prize being claimed.

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    Xcout got a reaction from Tipsterix in Monthly Naps - Monday Aug 14th   
    3:30 Ripon,Cullingworth 0.5pts [email protected](1/4) at Bet365
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    Xcout got a reaction from corky in Monthly Naps - Monday Aug 14th   
    3:30 Ripon,Cullingworth 0.5pts [email protected](1/4) at Bet365
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    Xcout reacted to BillyHills in New Divisions Update   
    If you mean will I be doing the Admin - the answer is Yes
    If you mean will i cope - the answer is as long as people behave
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    Xcout got a reaction from BillyHills in Monthly Naps Comp - Thursday Aug 3rd   
    1:40 Galway,Tesseract  0.5pts EW @7(1/5) at Bet365
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    Xcout got a reaction from DrO in Mexico > Copa MX   
    Cimarrones Sonora 0 - 1 Pachuca
    +7.52 U
    Mineros 1 - 2 Necaxa
    +7.98 U
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    Xcout got a reaction from Marc Kearney in Mexico > Copa MX   
    Thanks for your comments Marc, and indeed Cruz Azul were clearly dominating before the red card!
    I tend to avoid the first three weeks of competition in Liga (you know those unwritten rules!). Tigres looks very powerful, and in the opener Valencia look impressive, but look how things are in Liga MX in the last match he got expelled, here is a constant up and down, winning streaks are not that often seen. Depends against with teams but yes, overs or btts looks like the way to go.
    Lobos BUAP debut in Liga MX shows a team that will provide fierce competition, a refreshing change.
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    Xcout reacted to Datapunter in Can there really be a system?   
    Re: Can there really be a system?
    Let's simply assume this statement to be accurate :-) Your knowledge has to be superior by more than 6.8% in this case to even start to make a profit. That in itself is hard to achieve and once there it is extremely fragile. Then you have used the word "consistent", if you rely on your knowledge of the sport then you are primarily using your own brain to make betting decisions. Unfortunately the brain isn't exactly "consistent" over time, decisions made today may differ from those you make in a year even given exactly the same circumstances. This means that even if you consistently make a profit over a given period of time that may change at any moment. The problem is you won't know it has changed until you've lost a bundle. So yes it is possible but don't count on it. My advice would be to create some sort of structure in your life that supports you, i.e. a job. Then make arrangements for 'consistency' in your daily life as much as possible. On top of that try your hand at betting but know it takes a long time, several seasons at least before you get any confirmation that indeed you can beat the 6.8% and even then things may 'turn' on you at any moment without you noticing so modesty is the key. One of the problems you'll get is time-management. In order to be profitable you need multiple accounts and take the best prices you can get. Can you be on-line at the right time to do that. You'll see a few systems posted here showing profit. Try your hand at following one on paper. Take the prices you can get at the time you are on-line to place your bet. Often you will need to take a lower price that the system poster has done. That will eat away any profit. Just see what difference it makes.
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    Xcout got a reaction from StevieDay1983 in MLS > September 2016   
    Los Angeles Galaxy
    Winless in their last six matches, LA Galaxy has been able to collect five draws in this streak, three of them in home, the team needs to start collecting victories here. And this seems like a good start.
    DF De Jong leave the team to join Galatasaray in Turkey, FW Robbie Keane played on Wednesday his Ireland NT farewell match and could miss this match, together with absences due to injury in last match make the team look thin for this match. Still the dept of the club is impressive, as many players that act as replacement would have starting positions in many teams. So players that other seasons where starters like Alan Gordon, and Jeff Larentowicz return to the lineup for this match, and should deliver a good performance as this is their chance to show their value.
    The team has four game home undefeated streak alive versus Columbus, all the way back to 2007, two wins and two draws in that span. 
    DF Jelle Van Damme
    MF Steven Gerrard 
    FW Gyasi Bardes (season-ending injury)
    Columbus Crew
    Improved in their last thee matches, as they collect two victories, winning last one 2-0 to San Jose Earthquakes on home, now they go on away.  Before they have collected a 10 matches winless streak, still the improvement might come to a hold this week as they encounter this match with several players on international duty or not very fit for playing for the team.
    After this match the go home once again and there the good results could continue, still this match looks very difficult for them to be able to obtain something. 
    GK Matt Pacifici
    DF Waylon Francis (questionable)
    DF Gaston Sauro (questionable)
    DF Tyson Wahl (questionable)
    MF Ben Swanson (season-ending injury) 
    MF Federico Higuain (questionable)
    MF Wil Trapp (questionable) 
    FW Conor Casey (questionable)
    International Callups:
    DF Harrison Afful (Ghana) 
    MF Rodrigo Saravia (Guatemala)
    MF Tony Tchani (Cameroon)
    MF Justin Meram (Iraq)
    Only time for this season that the team will face-off . Expect a match dominated by Los Angeles Galaxy, which will enjoy the best scoring chances, still not a field day as Columbus will lay down counterattacking expecting to get at least a point.
    LA Galaxy should return to the winning path as they go home where they are unbeaten, still have draw more matches than winning.  In their favor plays the international callups Columbus have together with their bad performance on away (1 victory in 11 matches). On top of that many questionable players that might not play this match, Columbus absences hurt them more than those in LA Galaxy. 
    LA Galaxy with 9 units @ 1.76 at 5Dimes
    Result: LA Galaxy 2 - 1 Columbus Crew
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    Xcout got a reaction from StevieDay1983 in MLS > September 2016   
    I also like gogetta opinion, but the international call ups can make things very different as expected, still I do not share one thing:
    The objective to win the CONCACAF Champions League is not very realistic. The difference between the MLS to Liga MX still is very considerable (considering the Liga MX and MLS teams taking part on that tournament).
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    Xcout reacted to gogetta in MLS > September 2016   
    LA Galaxy Head Coach Bruce Arena said earlier this week that this stage is "tighter, every point is sacred". My selections:
    Vancouver vs NY Red Bulls  -  Draw
    Dallas vs Portland - BTTS
    LA Galaxy vs Columbus - Home win
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    Xcout reacted to StevieDay1983 in MLS > September 2016   

    Odds courtesy of bet365.
    The 2016 MLS season is starting to enter its final regular season stage before entering the play-offs. Any matches standing out for you punters here?
    @gogetta and @Xcout, you guys were making some good points during the August phase. What are your thoughts here?
    Check out the MLS ratings right here: Punters Lounge MLS Ratings.
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    Xcout got a reaction from winnerwinner in Mexico > Primera Division > Apertura 2016   
    Queretaro vs Necaxa
    27 August 2016 23:00 hrs (CET TIME)
    In their last five matches in Liga MX,the team has just obtained a victory against Puebla back in July. From there the team seems to have lost the offensive power and lost their first match in Liga MX against Leon on away.
    In midweek the team played Copa MX, but they send an alternative squad so the main eleven is rested and ready for this match. 
    The team returns home, where they are unbeaten and have only allowed 1 goal in 3 matches. Coach Victor Manuel Vucetich considers this to be a good chance to take home advantage and take 3 points.
    Their return to liga MX has not been very good the team has not won yet, still remarks that they have obtained 4 draws so they have been able to collect point, but there are not enough for a team that first objective is to avoid relegation to Ascenso MX. Their forwards have not been able to score during this season. 
    The team have failed to produce more on offensive which have them leave points on home to Pumas and Tijuana, both great results at home, but on away the team has just not showed that and have lost their last two away matches.
    Necaxa is preparing for changes if the situation is not improved as during the week they present a new sports director that will have to make decisions if the situation continues as it is. 
    I do not see Necaxa getting to victory here, next match in home against Santos seems as a better opportunity for that.
    Necaxa should focus on at least getting a point here, with two points that will be very cautious in defence, Queretaro should dominate the match and get the best scoring chances, and return to the victory path with probable goals of Emmanuel Villa. The need of Necaxa to get points should provoke them to leave open spaces as the match proceeds, as a draw would not be of much use, spaces that Queretaro should capitalize from.
    Queretaro -0.25 AH with 8 units @1.82 at 10bet
    Result: Queretaro 1-2 Necaxa
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    Xcout reacted to Sir Puntalot in MLS > August 2016   
    I use the ratings to bet on MLS, which are the tips that go up here at the moment https://www.punterslounge.com/betting-tips/football

    Ratings tipped up Philadelphia @ 4.20 and Under 2.5 Houston v Seattle last night so a decent result, and well worth keeping an eye on.  

    Ratings are here https://www.punterslounge.com/football/ratings/usa-major-league-soccer
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    Xcout reacted to gogetta in MLS > August 2016   
    Match ended: Montreal 1-1 DC Utd. In the midst of a stretch of three games in six days, DC coach opted to make 7 changes to the starting team! Montreal also rested two starters. But this did not really change the complexion of the game; the visitors scored a penalty in the 39th minute, setting the stage for a hectic second half and visitor's GK Bill Hamid saved the point for them.
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