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  1. Naps Competition - Saturday Nov 18th

    15.05 Uttox Baraboy 9/2 Form working out well couuld be primed for today
  2. Naps Competition - Friday Nov 17th

    Chelmsford 21.15 SPIN TOP
  3. Darts Bets

    Mensur Suljovic 10-2 Berry van Peer Lost -1.00 Glen Durrant 10-8 Dave Chisnall Won +0.66 Lost -1.00 Gary Anderson 10-6 Michael Smith Lost -1.00 Peter Wright 10-4 Stephen Bunting Lost -2.00 P&L -4.34
  4. Naps Competition - Thursday Nov 16th

    14.25 Ludl Creevytennant

    Southwell today overall 555.14 (on AW type as today -30.50) clonmel +338.00 no filter on type (all odds +539.00) Taunton +512.00 (all Odds +825.80) Ludlow +201.74 (overall -293.96 (this shows a huge profit at 4/1 to 25/1 compared to overall) Chelmsford +1,033.00 (overall 1,750.46)

    hi tomyb just to let you know most tracks in profit make a larger profit by doing 4/1 - 25/1 stats Having looked throught he top 30 tracks all show a bigger profit with this filter. but their are a few that show a much lower profit like Carlisle were the profit their overall is 888.36 but the filter is only showing 132.96 so this is why it is best to filter the tracks using the results page each day. you can also find better profit by filtering the course by type as well when their is mixed types at a course for example i could show a loss overall but on FLAT type it could show a profit, or it could show a profit overall but when filtering type NH could be much higher profit and FLAT could be a small profit or even loss, best way to filter is 1. go to punters lounge results 2.click on the arrow next to course 3. click on FILTER BY CONDITION 4. click were it says none and go to text contains 5. in space type name of course searching click OK 6. go to odds click on arrow go to filter by condition then go to between then in box 1 put 5 & in box to 26 click OK this will then give you all the selections between 4/1 and 25/1 at the course, to check the P&L over mouse over column then were the F is at top of column click on that and at bottom left it will say SUM this is the total. If you want to filter by type click on arrow next t type then uncheck the boxes you dont want and it will filter between types, REMEBER if changing filters after make sure you check the box again because if you filter to another course it will stay unchecked, to check more courses you only need to go to course and repeat from 2 and type in new course for this to filter no need to do odds again as already set, WHEN FINISHED FILTERING MAKE SURE ALL THE ARROWS AT THE TOP ARE RETURNED TO NORMAL IF NOT GO INTO FILTERING SECTION AND CLICK ON NONE IN ALL SECTIONS AND MAKE SURE ALL BOXES ARE TICKED. HOPE THIS HELPS
  7. Darts Bets

    so close on the first bet if Barry had hit that double, well played Barry great tournament and Mensur great has usual
  8. Darts Bets

    Wednesday November 15 (7pm) Second Round x4 Mensur Suljovic to win Score 10-3 (5.00) Glen Durrant to win (1.66) Score 10-6 (9.00) Gary Anderson to win Score 10-4 (7.50) Stephen Bunting to win (3.50) Score 10-8 (13.00)
  9. Darts Bets

    Noppert to win (1.72) Score 5-2 (6.00) won both bets +5.72Gurney to win 5-4 (5.50) Lost -1.00MVG to win 5-0 (3.00) Lost -1.00Cross to win 5-3 (4.75) Lost -1.00Green to win (1.44) Score 5-1 (6.50) Lost -2.00Taylor to win 5-2 (4.50) Lost -1.00Price to win 5-3 (4.75) Lost -1.00RVB to win 5-1 (5.50) Won +4.50 3 winning bets and a Profit +3.22 I had 5 wins out of the 8 matches on players but some of the prices were to short

    I would def do Chelmsford Tommorrow Taunton and Clonmel tomorrow may be worth chancing as the stats are good On Friday Chelmsford, Dundalk and Newcastle Saturday I would not back at any of the courses

    12.40 Bang Agamenon 2.37 Lost 13.10 Bang Renes Girl 2.50 Lost 13.45 Bang Potters Legend 5.50 Lost 14.20 Bang If The Cap Fits 1.50 Win 14.50 Bang Midnight Tour 5.00 Lost 15.20 Bang Pageburg 2.50 Lost 15.55 Bang Motueka 1.80 Lost not a good day at Bangor just 1 winner (these are the odds I got) -5.50 Newc Innoko 9.00 Lost Newc Ostilio 2.20 Lost Newc Lady Lintera 8.00 Pl Newc Francis Xavier 1.20 Win Newc The Lincoln Laywer 2.10 Lost Newc Rock On Bertie 13.00 Pl Newc Ypres 10.00 Lost P&L -1.04

    results in excel table will be updated monthly yes you can use 100+ bets but also look at tracks like Taunton who do not have many meetings per year but have high S/R and ROI and the PPB is very high so you can still bet at these tracks. no this does not fit in with the 4/1 + odds that is a different system but TBH I think it can be used with that and should improve the ROI

    HI guys hope ths spreadsheet is of help Just some info for those following as im not going to be posting all the time. For bets my suggestions would be to look at the Track stats and by using a combination of a good S/R, a Profit in the P&L Column and a good ROI would give you a good selection of tracks bets to follow, you can also use the PPB to show if a track is making a profit for each bet placed and maybe ensure this figure is 2.00 or above to sort it more, remeber that a combination of the 3 helps figure if a track has had just a couple of big winners but not consistantcy, my personal views would be S/R +25% P&L +100.00 ROI +10% PPB +2.00 I would also be carefull were tracks have a small amount of bets as this could make the stats unbalanced. Also remeber that by using the results page you can also filter each track by race type to enhance the stats more Have fun with the stats, enjoy your racing and make money

    12.40 Bang Agamenon 13.10 Bang Renes Girl 13.45 Bang Potters Legend 14.20 Bang If The Cap Fits 14.50 Bang Midnight Tour 15.20 Bang Pageburg 15.55 Bang Motueka 15.40 Newc Innoko 16.15 Newc Ostilio 16.45 Newc LAdy Lintera 17.15 Newc Francis Xavier 17.45 Newc The Lincoln Laywe 18.15 Newc Rock On Bertie 18.45 Newc Ypres

    3 Newcastle Racecourse 572 160 412 27.97% 11,440.00 1,391.76 12.17% 2.43 Newcastle AW Stats 8,740.00 Total Staked 1,243.90 Flat Profit 14.23% ROI 6.50 Average Losing Odds 7.12 Average Winning Odds 6.81 Average Odds 321 Losers 116 Winners 437 Runners 26.54% Strike Rate