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The Official Accas Thread


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On 7 mars 2017 13:02:40, Notorious said:

At least you know about the cavs ;)

Come on.. The Cavs sent their B team 2 days ago at miami, with James and Irving back on this match, we could expect a win, as every bookie in the world and any NBA experts... James or Irving didn't outplayed, scoring almost 30 pts each if i'm correct... But after Bogurt injury, they played poorly, almost never saw them played that bad since a while...

They were good reasons to back the cavs here at home... Don't play the "i knew it " card... i'm starting to know you.. ahah...

Cavs just had everything wrong this night... I've watched the game so i can tell... I love Miami, Dragic and Waiters are impressive... but come on... it's the Cavs, it was obvisou to back them here... I took the risk of backing the spurs, GS and Utah, all went good... 

"At least you know about the cavs"  >> I know that I can back them in next games... Still a great team :ok 

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19 minutes ago, Sir Puntalot said:

Hi Guys,

Should we start a new thread each month for this? Will get very long and struggle to load if there's lots of images in it over time?

Let me or @StevieDay1983 know. :ok

Agreed! Loading could be a problem indeed... We'll be soon at 150 pages.... you wanna start in april?

Edit; @Notorious hey would you be kind enough to share with me your nationality... as i think you're not from the perfidious Albion... I'll guess either you like Paella, or salted cod since your comments on portugal on the CL thread.. :lol 

I don't like the fact that you're using a bit too much french bashing on me, so, i'd love to know where you're from... I swear, i'll be nice and behave myself... :) Not much trash talk, just the usual... I need intel... :cheers

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Thanks for the tips, i agree with most of them, and so you know, i'm of course a Spurs fan (and you would have guessed anyway)... Loved Chicago a time, not anymore, and my second favorite team is Utah..

But let's talk about that on the NBA thread if you will, and i suggest you to repost your tips there, it could be useful to some people... And maybe we could discuss adding a few NBA games to our accas, i've done it a few times, but not much... I'd love to share with you on that, but accas only on NBA on more than 2 games is a nightmare, something to avoid at any cost!!!

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On 6 mars 2017 13:32:40, DrBetter said:

Little monday acca:

> Chelsea win @1.6 

> Sevilla Draw no bet @1.40 

> Frosinone win @1.8  (also Dnb is possible here around 1.3, less value but more safety)) - BTTS too dangerous

> Stuttgart Draw no bet @1.6 (the win at 2.3 is tempting, but too risky for me, i prefer safety here)

Total odds @6.2...  or @4.3 if taking Frosinone in a DnB.. 

I didn't took frosinone in a Dnb.. so close, the rest is fine.. but the thing with draw no bet is if everybody draws, what a poor value at the end... i'm pointing the obvious, but this acca reminded me that! :lol

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Fridays accas - small units as always backed up with singles.

I follow a 60/30/10 rule -> 60% of daily bankroll (not full bankroll) on singles, 30% on doubles/trebles 10% on small stakes accas

Juventus - Milan: Juve win
Brighton - Derby: Brighton win
Stuttgart - Bochum: Stuttgart win
Nice - Caen: Nice win
Leverkusen - Werder: O2.5
Dundalk - Limerick: O2.5

@ 17.3

  • Brighton/Juve/Leverkusen O2.5 from above

@ 3.77

  • Stuttgart/Nice/Dundalk O2.5 from above 

@ 4.588

  • Nice/Stuttgart/Juve/Osnabruck/Marseille + BTTS (all wins, Marseille win & BTTS)

@ 45.76

  • Nice/Stuttgart/Juve/Leverkusen BTTS 

@ 5.61


  • Emmen/Breda/Nordsjaelland/Marseille BTTS played as doubles combos -> you could throw all in an acca if you want (no odds as 6 permutations)

Nice and Stuttgart should be comfortable wins. I removed Brighton from the rest despite their must-win match-up as they have shat the bed too many times.


Always cover your ass with singles to ensure positive ROI.

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