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  1. i was just thinking what a horrific season this has been so far
  2. i'm not playing these but just for my fellow punters on the forums i will post a couple that could come in on saturday bournemouth, newcastle, cardiff, aston villa, ipswich, reading, southend, mk dons stake £20 pays £10.000 good luck
  3. this is a clash of totally opposites styles of play and it will favour man utd more. chelsea plays high defensive line and man utd could be clinical on counter attack. it's perfect game for mourinho's tactics to work
  4. honestly i would stay away from low odd teams this week because every week i fall for the same trap. ideally they should be routine wins but routine is anything but in these games. teams like luton, doncaster, portsmouth, lincoln will expect to win and they may but more often these matches tend to go awol. you could say a team like cambridge is so poor and no chance of getting anything but usually when teams are in such poor form and as they say down and out they usually come back fighting at some point. i would not be surprised if they are more motivated and raise their game. can they win? well maybe but i've seen plenty of situations like this and it makes you pull your hair out and at how they lose to lesser sides but win against better ones. well the answer is, they simply know well ahead they are up against it. it really comes down to expectations and it affects the psyche of players. you and i know that anyone can beat anyone in this division because players and clubs are not professional enough to win week in and week out. i will bet you cambridge are not going to be the ones underestimating i'm not getting involved until tuesday
  5. tough calls this week. i think i gotta skip and save some money
  6. i hate two week breaks. there is no money to be made this week. it's too tough to all. i suspect surprise results all around. meh pass
  7. just one acca for me this weekend accrington, shrewsbury, rochdale, portsmouth, colchester, newport,lincoln stake £20 pays £5.000
  8. Serie A Predictions > Oct 5th - 7th

    juventus is the best. they have never let me down
  9. Premier League Predictions > Oct 5th - 7th

    i do back outsiders because i love an underdog and every week there is and upset result somewhere. i try to anticipate where some will happen. few weeks ago i tried it on gillingham against shrewsbury but it didn't come off and it finished 2-2 in the end but i knew gillingham had the quality to win. they did win against portsmouth on saturday and no one expected that. their odds were as high as 7/1. fleetwood totally trashed doncaster and they were 5/1 so these kind of results prop up from time to time and i hate when i miss out on them.
  10. La Liga Predictions > Oct 5th - 7th

    i didn't back them. i've been staying away from real madrid all season and for good reason. they can't replace ronaldo but i guess he had to go when he refused to half his salary
  11. Premier League Predictions > Oct 5th - 7th

    99.99 percent of punters went for burnley win and look what happened. i should open up a bookie shop and i would win everytime
  12. that didn't go according to plan. i'm finding this season strange as hell
  13. La Liga Predictions > Oct 5th - 7th

    barcelona are winless in last three league games. they are looking poor in defense. valencia is aiming for the first home win of the season and why not here. it usually comes when you least expect it. the hosts will be motivated and that's all guarantee i need to have punt on them
  14. Ligue 1 & 2 Predictions > Oct 5th - 8th

    it took lille a while to score three goals against marseille but i'm inclined to think they can win as their home form is holding up. nantes has brought in new coach in vahid halilhodzic and he's experienced in french league. i think he could lift the spirit in nantes camp and win
  15. i've been saying it for a while i just think this bayern munich team doesn't have the legs as before. when you look at players like lewandowski, ribery, muller, robben. these players are the backbone of bayern munich. their legs are getting older and it was not an accident they got blasted last weekend. i sense more problems for them. i'm double chance on borussia monchengladbach