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  1. I'm in Thailand so I'm turning the air con on lol
  2. Hibs are awesome - 2 goals in 10 mnutes what a reaction.
  3. Bundesliga I & II Predictions > Dec 8th - 11th

    And so begins the most stunningly unlikely set of injuries and shocking yet unrelenting series of one-nil losses to ever befall a manager, ever.
  4. Premier League Predictions > Dec 9th & 10th

    "Everton played a full reserve team Thursday so should be fully rested for their spanking." Courtesy of this thread - these boys are hilarious Some more choice quotes on the Liverpool v Everton match: "Heart says 7-0Head says 7-1" "Disappointed in you scouse lads, not even on your second page yet.Anyway Everton will bend over and get bummed once again I predict." "I wonder who Everton will injure this time. Might be wise to install rubber bumpers on Salah." "Time for Everton to roll over and have their belly tickled again."
  5. Bundesliga I & II Predictions > Dec 8th - 11th

    The @StevieDay1983 curse strikes again lol Which Premier league manager do you reckon is least likely to get fired next Stevie?
  6. @allyhibs feeling lucky today man? About time Celtic lost a league game innit.
  7. Premier League Predictions > Dec 9th & 10th

    The system works!!!
  8. Premier League Predictions > Dec 9th & 10th

    WEST HAM v CHELSEA - Chelsea win I am seeing a couple of half-tidy tipsters backing West Ham to do well in this match, and I think it's more a case of feeling than thinking. West Ham are quite crap really, and only did well last weekend against a tired Man City team. Chelsea have maintained their shape well in their past half dozen games and I just can't see an upset here. Odds are 1.5 on Chelsea which isn't great value but for a pretty reliable possible outcome, added to an ACCA it will all add up. I don't know if you noticed but this is one of those weeks when the bookies are jacking the odds up some to entice us back in. Take advantage. BURNLEY v WATFORD - DRAW As @Mindfulness says above, these are two great teams, difficult to differentiate. A draw is nailed on unless someone gets red carded. PALACE v BOURNEMOUTH - Palace win Bournemouth don't impress. At first I thought a possible draw, but Palace need the points more. Form is slightly better for Palace. Add to home advantage, I think a win for them. HUDDERSFIELD v BRIGHTON - DRAW You see this a lot - two newly promoted teams playing each other to a draw. I can't tell the two apart and so it's a draw for me. SWANSEA v WEST BROM - West Brom win We are in trouble at the moment and West Brom will take advantage. If we get anything from this match it will be only west Brom to blame. West Brom are also the in form side. TOTTENHAM v STOKE - Tottenham win Spurs are just too strong here. NEWCASTLE v LEICESTER - Newcastle win Here's the upset i see this week. Newcastle have not won in a while and Leicester have not lost, so no other reason than those two I think this is the result. SOUTHAMPTON v ARSENAL - Arsenal win I cannot get my head around the odds being offered here. Arsenal just pulverised Bate using a second tier team and Bate are a good team. Must be because of the bookies offering us an early Christmas and Arsenal losing to Man U. Anyway, i can see Arsenal winning by a couple here. LIVERPOOL v EVERTON - Liverpool win Again, this seems nailed on. Everton have a good squad but they are not currently a match for Liverpool. I thought differently at first, this being a derby, but then i came to my senses. Liverpool to take Everton apart. MAN U v MAN CITY - DRAW A lack of Pogba v a tired Man City = a draw. End of. I also partly based my analysis on my own system, which has 4 home 3 draws and 3 aways this week.
  9. Premier League Predictions > Dec 9th & 10th

    I'd say fatigue is setting in re: Man City. Scraping a win is still a win, they remind me of how Leicester got their title - winning all those important little games with one goal making all the difference. I feel like we will see Man City play their hearts out this weekend and snatch a win. They know that this games will send them eleven points clear at the top. Man Utd will try to frustrate them and will fail, such is the ferociousness of that relentless attack. Don't be fooled by the loss in Champions League. That was Pep letting the team take a breather - an "acceptable" loss would be one way to put it, though Pep said it was the game they had to lose to break the streak, or get their heads back on track, something like that. Pep is a sneaky one. He does very well to appear guileless, even believing it himself, but subconsciously he knows exactly what he's doing.
  10. Champions League Predictions > Dec 5th & 6th

    @Pep004 how do Monaco look for tonight? 9 to 1. Possible value on the handicaps...
  11. Premier League Predictions > Dec 2nd & 3rd

    @Mindfulness id cash out if I were you Milan will win that imo. Though what do I know? I'm backing man city to draw with West ham today. And a draw in the South coast derby.
  12. Premier League Predictions > Dec 2nd & 3rd

    I thought Leicester were brilliant against Spurs the other night. I can see goals against the big boys this weekend with the fatigue of all those top flight fixtures kicking in. Case in point Newcastle right now. As you are all aware I have a daft system I use which relies on my (mild) aspergers cross referenced with tipsters I like and a few other oddities. But it has been eerily spot on at least once a month and I've seen nine fold accas roll in. This week I think it will be 4 H 4 D and 2 A. This is my lie of the results this weekend - Chelsea Liverpool Everton Huddersfield DRAW Leicester Burnley DRAW (this one seems obvious to me) Stoke Watford West Brom Palace DRAW Scum Bournemouth Soton DRAW You're welcome.
  13. Premier League Predictions > Nov 28th & 29th

    @Pep004 from "10) Austin states his case in rout of Everton He was made to wait for almost four months but given his first league start of the season, Charlie Austin grabbed his chance with both hands. Mauricio Pellegrino was inevitably quizzed as to why it has taken so long for him to harness his striking instincts from the off. As torrid as Everton were, credit should also go to Southampton who looked like scoring every time they poured forward. For the impressive full-backs, Ryan Bertrand and Cédric Soares, utilising the ruthlessness of Austin was simply too good to pass up. Asked whether he had a point to prove, Austin said: “You could say so. But for me it was all about biding my time on the training pitch. I have got my reward, and more importantly we got the three points. It’s the first 80 minutes I’ve played since Stoke in the first game of last season and I was blowing the cobwebs off my legs.” Ben Fisher"
  14. Ligue 1 & 2 Predictions > Nov 28th & 29th

    What do you guys think about Monaco beating Nantes tonight? @Pep004? @FCNA?
  15. Premier League Predictions > Nov 28th & 29th

    Not good enough to beat Man City. They might score though.