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  1. PGS v SPURS now, not their first teams but 1 all after 15 minutes lol
  2. For such a barren soccer summer, we are being spoilt. Confederate cup and U21 were good, and so far, this tournament in USA is proving V. entertaining. Man U beat Man City 2-0 the other day and Barca currently getting revenge against Juventus, 2-0 as of half time. It's a good game. And on the 29th we have another El Classico. Awesome.
  3. @StevieDay1983 you were saying your mate doesn't bet in the first two months because of unpredictability- I find weeks 3 through 8 the most predictable, before the madness of all the other competitions, injuries, etc sets in.
  4. The Scum should finish top 3 imo - depends how much they are over-extended in their other campaigns.
  5. I am in the USA and watched the highlights of the Man U v Man City game yesterday. They're both playing over here. Walker did okay. Man City might not have solved their keeper problems though. Ederson the new signing let both goals in through stupid errors and the scum won two nil. He looked out of place.
  6. Lol Tiffy was right and Vasilly was wrong lolol scandalous. Good match tho.
  7. Regarding Chelsea- I am picking up both a kind of dysfunctional family vibe from them and also a sort of laziness and spoiltness and even childishness in the way they have been since winning last season. and this night sound ridiculous but I think they might refuse to perform and Conte ends up the shock firing of the season. The crazy bastard never stops giving his team grief and i thnk its gotta start pissing them off.
  8. Ahah... Anyone else think Chelsea are gonna implode again this year? And Newcastle to finish number one?
  9. What is an ante? Seriously.
  10. Lol @Mindfulness I just think that going down one season then catapulting straight back up this season is a fine thing to achieve and a statement of intent. I can see a lot of close games and draws. They should at least get above the likes of your Stokes and your Crystal Palaces etc I'd think.
  11. Man U and Man City are on my radar this season. Newcastle also. As @AK1979 said, I think SPURS will struggle this year. Every home game will feel like a cup game for the visitors. I've noted from the first months fixtures alone that Newcastle and Man U get a lot of Monday and Friday games - mega annoying but understandable for Man U (time difference for the majority of the glory hunters around the world) but why Newcastle? You've got to think that Sky figure they'll be ones to watch this year. P.s. man city man u and Newcastle +1 comes in at 2.7
  12. I was at the second Diaz fight. Conor was prioritising keeping his distance so he didn't go down.
  13. BOOM
  14. @vasilli07 #!!!
  15. Thing is (as a boxer of four years myself), Mayweather is out of practice. he will be rusty. Also don't underestimate Mcgregor, he has a mean left and I think the videos doing the rounds are being sent out on purpose. He's a canny mofo and wouldn't have taken the fight if he didn't think he had a chance.