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  1. @vasilli07 well done again, Seattle only conceded last minute and I cashed out, betting without the handicap.Cheers pal.
  2. Chile for me.
  4. @stevieG well done mate spot on so far. So is anyone watching these matches? Really good fun and thank fcuk there's some matches to watch.
  5. Holt shit I thought @Magic0024 was just a computer that spat out facts lol - he's sentient!
  6. They are good at the business aren't they? But they were disappointed by all accounts with Ashley Williams this season and they are gambling on some of the buys, so all in all if they've got the money to throw around to ensure at least half of their signings are decent, why not? But I don't think that ever helped a team hit top six.
  7. Is that not the most competitive and unpredictable set of fixtures you could get?
  8. Lol so I added the right pic and now I cant delete the photo of my busted macbook wtf?
  9. Can't wait already missing my footie.
  10. Yank football...I'm still burning Bob Bradley effigies in the back garden...
  11. Thanks @davebadger great article.
  12. Bony on his way back to Swansea maybe...
  13. Going travelling Tiffy? lol
  14. It's fucking unlikely though lol
  15. FT 2.2 -10 UNITS BR: 0 UNITS