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  1. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

  2. How you all did this week

    Thailand it is then. Ten grand will set you up with your own brothel for a month lol
  3. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    Burnley, Man City, Millwall, Chelsea, Spurs, Man U, 6x at 17 to 1 - you're welcome.
  4. How you all did this week

    I thought you said you only had 10 grand?
  5. How you all did this week

    @vasilli07 100% @andrewcalo 32% @DrBetter 100% @KikoCy 45% @Pep004 1,000,000% @Icongene 32% @sajtion 55% @Mindfulness 0% @allyhibs 40% @neilovan 40% @StevieDay1983 100% @Bronxie 25% @willie82 100% @skyblues88 60% @MuineBheag 50% @Tanktop 50% @Kenton Schweppes 43% @DW_United 0% @doggingmeister 0% @chris666 100% @gogetta 66% @DanV89 100% @allthethings 0% @Masih 11.33% @Bett 0% @betcatalog 0% @Feduloff 0% @WinningAdvice 0%   NOTABLE MENTIONS FOR EUROPEAN BETTING THIS WEEK -   @vasilli07 100% @sajtion 100% off a five fold @DrBetter 88% - 8 out of 9 right   No time for the smaller UKKK leagues sorry gents. As hard as it it to believe some of us are actually getting worse?!? for example, I am getting back onto the bank this week about remortgaging lol. In any case, get your suggestions in before the weekend. Only fifteen weeks left before we announce the winner of the all-inclusive week long getaway to Las Vegas paid for by @Sir Puntalot Sorted.  
  6. Thank you punterslounge

    @StevieDay1983 gonna have a wank are you? Dirty bastard!
  7. Football Acca

    I heard there is an old man at the top of a mountain in Tibet who has a proven system. His name's John, if that helps.
  8. Weekend > Feb 25th - 27th

    @StevieDay1983 From this weeks Guardian online: "3) Chelsea can take a leaf from F1’s professor They used to call Alain Prost “The Professor”, particularly when set against his more flamboyant and risk-taking rival Ayrton Senna. Whereas Senna would try to win every race, Prost just did what was necessary: if he required five points from a race, then he’d get himself in the position for those five points and defend them like a town trying to repel a siege. Chelsea can be similar for the rest of the season, having now established a 10-point lead at the top of the Premier League, with a set of nominal challengers that are far too inconsistent to catch them. Therefore, Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Burnley represents an excellent result, rather than the “disappointment” Conte was almost obliged to declare it afterwards. Not just because Burnley have the fourth-best home record in the league, but because of the fearful barrage Chelsea took at Turf Moor, from both the elements and various flailing Claret limbs: that they withstood it only underlines their status as the best team in the league. Nick Miller"   You look at Chelsea's last few games, Man City and Man U are losable, Everton, Stoke and and West Brom potential banana skins.  So is Conte gonna be minded to be wary of Swansea? Lest he lose three points? hmmh...nope. He wants the win there and at home he'll tell his team to keep going and make sure they win.   We'll take a leaf out of Burnley's book, but really, Leicester's finishing was poor on Saturday and there are still holes in our Defence. We are a long way from safe yet. A tight game and probably 1-0 or 2-1 Chelsea.  Outside chance of a 0-0 or 1-0 us.
  9. Football Acca

    Yeah always look at the odds and question them. It took me ages to figure that one out. I personally find that ELO ratings fluctuate a lot from the end result, though as a guide they are great for confirming a suspicion. For example, lots of people were for West Ham last week home to West Brom. I thought a draw much more likely. The ELO ratings helped me decide on that.
  10. Midweek > Feb 14th & 15th

    Shit bets sometimes turn out to be sure things lol cross your fingers for a bent ref!
  11. Midweek > Feb 14th & 15th

    @sajtion I had this exact problem - looking at the end result and sticking the tenner on. Don't get me wrong, it can happen, but rarely - I think it's more than lumping on the sure things - you need to be able to read when the lines are wrong and bet accordingly. Sometimes that means you'll only have a treble or a double.  That's okay though - stake higher.  One day you'll have a bunch of games and you'll know the eight fold that is reasonably certain to come in and then you go for it.
  12. Weekend > Feb 11th - 13th

    I'm expecting Man City to dip in form at some point soon too. As a matter of fact, I think Man City have had problems with the aggressive teams - I'm gonna lump on the Bournemouth double chance.
  13. Football Acca

    More than one team is best. I tried to get an accumulator once with one team in it only and after two hours and five phone calls Paddy Power ended up banning me. There are many ways to pick your teams but the best in my experience is to blindfold a pet, say a dog or a budgie, and then leave your phone or laptop in their kennel/cage a few days and hey presto! You've just placed a five fold bet for a stake of seventeen grand. Sorted.  
  14. Weekend > Feb 11th - 13th

    Got to be Chelsea and Swansea today. Can't see Burnley being able to magic up a result. I think there's value in Chelsea -1 too. Im combining with a bunch of Italian sure shots, including juventus -1 and AC Milan -1. maybe also Hibs +1.
  15. Thank you punterslounge

    Post your bets cunt lol