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  1. Shit bet of the day

    This weeks shit bet: Crystal Palace to bets Leicester -3 Word on the street is that keeper Schmeichel was involved in a wanking related incident the weekend in a Czech sex club and has completely fucked his right hand. There are people in Leicester who report to the tabloids so everyone is keeping quiet about it and he's forced to play to avoid the shame of it - he couldn't get an injunction as he was shagging the judges missus. He's also done his groin in.   England to beat Lithuania -1. This one is nailed on.   Everton to beat Liverpool. The docs in Great Ormond St have managed to save Coleman's leg and even better have built him back a new one using bionic tech.  Expect many goals care of curling volleys from the halfway line and also I heard he can hypnotise people using new psionic powers that were a side effect of the operation so maybe some unexpected red cards against Liverpool and penalties for Everton. Total odds 23 to 1. Go big but you need to place the bets before last Sunday.
  2. UK Week > Mar 28th - Apr 2nd

    @sajtion going with an acca? Unheard of!
  3. Weekend > Apr 1st & 2nd

    They couldn't pull their own winkies off if you ask me.
  4. Worldwide accas

    I'M DOING IT!!!!!
  5. Weekend > Mar 18th & 19th

    Why's he called rashers? He's a copper! Better move our illegal immigrant trafficking chat to PM's lads.
  6. How you all did this week

    Sorry boys normal service will b resumed after World Cup weekend - been busy wanking a lot so haven't had time to name and shame, Also - keyboard now needsreplacing lol 
  7. Useful Statistics Websites

    For pure results I use Simple layout, top right corner navigates to day before/day after, and you can also change the website address itself to whatever date you want i.e.
  8. UK Midweek > Mar 21st

    Bet against yourself! That's what I do.  I bet what my head says and then I bet the opposite two results. I win every week, yet I'm still down. Strange.
  9. 2018 World Cup Qualification European Section

    I'm going to the game!!! lol @StevieDay1983 where are you when the Welsh proper need you? I fancy wales. I feel like we will win this one.
  10. Worldwide accas

    Idea... There are certain posters every week in each country/league forum who get a nailed on bet. A proper banker. i think we should nominate a poster for each country and, as long as they have enough choice, are confident, and find that one banker - and subject to debate - we make a weekly acca out of their recommendations. One bet per league/country. I like it what about yous?
  11. Weekend > Mar 18th & 19th

    Pps anyone thinking on betting overs in swanseas match - both out first choice full backs are injured - Rangell and Mawson. After our shocking defensive display last week and given Clements is a classically trained defensive manager, overs might not be so safe either.
  12. The Official Accas Thread

  13. Weekend > Mar 18th & 19th

    Ps the tipster I love is the title of the next sports betting otientated James Bond film. The bookies are sponsoring. 00365 lol
  14. Weekend > Mar 18th & 19th

    Cant get rid of the quote lol. wanted to tell you that the tipster I love is backing Stoke  and West Brom in their games and if you look at Arsenal and chelseas odds you'll see the dreaded 1.55/1.65 which the bookies love to lay down to tempt us and at the same time cover their backsides. these games are not safe bets boys stay clear or go for the under dogs.