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  1. 0 out of 8. That'100% that is lol
  2. Possibly worst tip on this forum yet raotflmao Mods can we move this post to Shit Bet of the day? He did better than I ever could have.
  3. So the point of this thread, I suppose... that there are no solid accas in a single league...but across five leagues in five different countries...
  4. Posh kids in trouble lol
  5. hahaha
  6. But @Sir Puntalot we all know you work for Bet 365 how can we trust you?
  7. Bournemouth will beat Sunderland and I think Swansea can beat United EDIT the scum.
  8. Does anyone else fancy Cardiff to get something?
  10. lol
  11. I was looking at this can't believe the odds on Barca to win.
  12. Wolves to win the World Cup This bet is not available as yet it is a bit too early, but mark my words as the day is young, the rule changes have already been set up and as soon as Qatar get their stadiums built Wolverhampton Wanderers are all set to replace the Qatar national team on point. Lovely. If you can get the odds now last time I checked it was a whopping 70 to 1! Gary Lineker hat trick for Wolves in the World Cup in his upderpants. Also great odds on this a massive 110 to 2!
  13. lol Neil mate Chelsea beat Man City Wednesday 5th April - beaten by Palace 4 days before that.
  14. Apologies @sajtion I have obviously made a mistake because it's got you on 100% lol
  15. THS WEEK (to reiterate - not last week, or next week - this week) @sajtion 100% @betcatalog 100% @andrewcalo 75% @Sir Puntalot 66% @StevieDay1983 40% @nordfotboll 100% @sajtion 65% @Tiffy 0% @MysticMoron 100% @rangers234 100% @Kenton Schweppes 66% @allyhibs 50%