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  1. @phaethon is your site still on because i tried it but wasn't getting any result
  2. Hi I have being following your thread and seams to like it, though i have some little questions, what do you mean by MATCHED and how do you come about the amount, is it by the odds given? Sorry for my newbie questions
  3. Hi @giraldi i sent you a mail, pls do you accept bitcoin as a means of payment?
  4. Hi @giraldi I had a great read from the start to see if you made explanation on the suggestions I made and I found that you talk about them, Home and away team won or lost I found how to filter from upcoming match. home and away average team goals can be found in upcoming (selecting goal scored) but by clicking on each team manually and not by HIGHLIGHT except if there is alert for it kindly point it out, can also be found from league table Other questions kindly help, if possible with pictures Regards
  5. I have done some reading from previous post by @giraldi where he explained how to set filter home and away won or lost last 4 or 3 straight games, but other ones i haven't found anything related to it, hoping to hear from the "master" himself. All this idea is from "betdevil(dot)com" want to know if this great software can do all that and more.
  6. Hi @giraldi i have come to the conclusion that your software have virtually "everything" one needs for stats, the only problem is going about finding it. I would like to know how can i set alarm for selecting team with like say home team have ELO difference of +300 or away team have - 300 home and away teams that have goal difference +12 last 6 games home and away teams that have average 2.5 - 3 goals or less in the last 6 games home or away teams that have won 4 or lost 3 games in a row i have other thought that i would like to try out with this GREAT software. Regards
  7. @giraldi i have being working on your system and i found it to be highly invaluable, we the stats freak can't thank you enough for this great software its a must have for anyone that is looking for basically any stats in major and minor leagues I have being looking at working with Asian handicap, but i don't seem to find it in the software, can you please in-cooperate it in your new update if possible. If its there can you kindly point out how to go about it?
  8. Hi i do check but the strategy i hope to use hasn't shown profit at the long run which has really put me off. But will try one or two other strategies later
  9. Lech Tilt -5.6% =1 WON Monaco Tilt +13.3% =12 CANCELLED Tenerife Tilt -2.2 =1 LOST
  10. Sorry all have really being busy of late. Todays game coming late Lech Tilt -5.6% =1 Monaco Tilt +13.3% =12 Tenerife Tilt -2.2 =1
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