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  1. > Napoli - Nice: BTTS @1.8 Nice will be able to score, Pléa is playing, the team lost last game in Ligue 1 but it was an accident. I believe Napoli will be a bit fragile as they haven't done any official confrontation yet. And don't forget Nice did kick out Ajax the previous round... Pretty impressive... I would even consider a draw as likely, but we never know in this stadium... So BTTS sounds good to me.. > Hapoel Beer Sheva - Maribor: BTTS @2.05 Not a strong defense for Hapoel Sheva, they're conceding goals lately, and yet, they’ve won all five of their historic Champions League home games. They are likely to win with difficulties, I'm pretty sure Maribor can rise up from the poor level they had on the previous round against weaker teams. They didn't perform very well yet, seems a bit under, and Hapoel Beer Sheeva is a stronger opposition for Maribor than previously... The BTTS seems dangerous, but i'll take the risk. > Istanbul - Sevilla: BTTS@1.62 (+ Celtic win @1.4 in a double) Sevilla is above, but away games in european cups are difficult for them, and Istanbul is perfectly able to perform very well.. They've learn from their previous mistakes in european cups, and now they're decided to reach the group phase more than ever for their first time... difficult to choose, Istanbul use to score a lot and concede also a few goals, and Sevilla, away, is likely to concede at least a goal... BTTS is my pick...
  2. And where are our Nantes fan? It would be nice to have their feedback on Ranieri and their team... Seems to be that they're a bit short to compete for a place in the top 6 of the french league... Didn't saw any recruits or so... IMO, no the best plan to put all your money on the coach... St Etienne is also a big question mark... new coach, a spanish one, apparently talented and who want to implement a "Barca style identity"... Not the first one, and without some key players, it will be tough... But Hamouma and Beric might shine more this year...! In the end, i think the best surprise will come from Lille, not a good news for Monaco, Lyon and Marseille aiming the top 5. Finally, Bordeaux, for me the most disappointing french team.. Huge and beautiful city, superb stadium, good fan base, but no ambition at all... A bit sad... Anyway, i think beside PSG, it's very open this year, and we'll have a great season, now that most of the stadium are now renovated and modern, and that there is now much more money in the french league, and as always, many many talented young players... This league has improved so much these past years, with all these new investors, new foreign coachs... For me the most interesting league to follow after the BPL... But still.. It will be tough to catch the italian league at the UEFA ranking... it will take time, and the new version of the UEFA champions league is coming next year.. and with a Juventus that strong, and Nice probably out soon (they play Napoli in 5 days) it might not be easy for the french league to win a rank among the 5 top european leagues... Bad timing to get the 4th seat for the UCL. Now if Monaco and PSG can perform well in UCL, who knows! I see both reaching quarter at least, and semi for PSG, Let's hope...!
  3. The week end is coming, let see what's going on: Lyon win @2.00 tonight. Rennes can cause trouble, but IMO, they'll need a few games to improve... I see Lyon above anyway, a DNB might be safer but i'll go with the win, it's the start of the season, time to take a few risks! Also tonight, i'll avoid Nice on this one only, even if it's against Troyes. They'll play without Balotelli, and with an important match against Napoli coming this week, seems to me they might be preoccupied by the champions league game. I've no idea if they'll throw it away or not, considering that if they loose, they'll be in europa league anyway, and it will be easier to deal with than the champions league... They can perfectly choose to invest only on the french league, in order to aim a decent ranking at the end of the season... Playing the CL might cost them too much, as they don't have the team to play both at a decent level... They need to beat Napoli if they want to have a chance, and IMO it's not going to happen, even if Napoli doesn't impress me a lot... Saturday's games: Too difficult to predict, no idea here, no clue, no team is tempting, no game seem interesting here, i've no feeling whatsoever... For sunday, i'll back PSG, Monaco and Lille without a doubt... (Maybe Lille in a DNB, but i might consider an acca here)... Good luck guys!
  4. Napoli - Nice : BTTS @1.8 sounds good to me too... Nice is solid, performed very well last year, they still have most of their team, Balotelli, Dante, Koziello, and co... And they've just add St Maximin from Monaco, who's is a very talented player, and of course, Sneijder, who i hope will perform well in Ligue 1, even if he's coming from 4 years in the Turkish League... I loved this player so much in the old days.. He's 33, so he surely will be a good addition to the team... The only thing, is they'll have to play without Balotelli, and maybe Pléa... but i'm confident they'll be able to score... but they have also a french league game tonight, so we'll have to wait to give a definitive prediction.. Agreed on Hoffenheim (above)! Celtic is tempting, and a draw no bet for Sevilla in Istanbul sounds good to me, maybe all of that in a acca?... not sure yet...
  5. Hey! New season for accas!!! Do we start a new thread or do we stick to this one? So first acca of the season, went for the MLB, french league, UEFA supercup, and BPL... My weak spot may be City at Brighton.. not sure of that, but for the french teams, i'm pretty confident, Lille cannot loose (so DNB), they play very well with Bielsa, for Lyon it's the same i'm confident this is a sure win (so at least DNB), and for monaco and PSG, they will score and win, for me no doubt here, but it's the start of the season, anything can happen, and it's hard to already stick to a team or to trends... I went low stake, for total odds: 16.50 EDIT: LOST Surreal game between Strasbourg and Lille, with no GK during a while, pretty rare scenario... Couldn't have predict it!
  6. Hey Guys! Glad to be back for the new season... And I hope to keep up with my good results on the top 5 leagues last year! And i hope to see some of you guys on the Acca thread, we had some fun last year (Notorious are you in the neighborhood?). So to recap this first week end of Ligue 1, a lot has been going on lately... Bielsa at Lille, who spent a decent amount of money during the mercato, lot of young talented players, and obvisouly, Lille is gonna perform very well under Bielsa. I've seen them played in pre-season and the first match against Nantes, they're impressive, you can clearly see the "Bielsa style". Marseille improved a bit, I hope they'll make a good start, they'll be definitely more competitive than the previous season. And Lyon also (even if they've lost Lacazette and Tolisso to Arsenal and Bayern, i still think they're stronger this year), Lyon is regular, always performing, i'm just not a big fan of their coach. But this team is gonna be hard to play against, in Ligue 1 and Europa League... I really think these two clubs can perform well in the europa league, Lyon did reach semis last year, quarter two years ago, losing poorly against a weak Ajax and missing a nice finale against United... Hope they'll do better this year... Of course Monaco, even without Bakayoko, Silva and Mendy and maybe MBappé will still be a serious team to consider, and i really think they'll finish the league in the 2nd place behind PSG... Falcao is still here, Tielmans showed great potential, their defense and midfield is still very strong... I really hope they'll keep Mbappé this year... Lille, Marseille or Lyon for the 3rd place, and of course, Nice, Nantes and St Etienne could also do something... And finally, my favorite to win the league and also the champions league, PSG (ya I know, no objectivity whatsoever). With Neymar, and a very strong team, Pastore and Verratti finally out of injuries for good i hope, Draxler at the top, Daniel Alves the best right back in the world by far, and a new Di Maria, i see them winning Ligue 1, and at least reach the semis in the champions league... Last year 6-1 was a huge accident, something out of time and space, all of that while being much better than Barca... It won't happen again... In the contrary, this horrible memory will be useful, and i think they'll be unbeatable this year..! We'll have to wait a bit to see the trends for this league... But it's so nice to start a new season, finally! ps: there is a second parisian club in ligue 2 now, kinda nice, hope they'll reach Ligue 1 pretty soon, would be nice to have 2 clubs in Paris...! Good luck guys! Nice to be back!
  7. Ok, fair enough, come on for the trash talk... I'm disgusted... I don't know what to say... I even cannot talk about "what if".. cavani and di maria's chances, suspect penalties (meunier's though is a penalty)... And the forgotten red card for Piqué, the constant diving of braca's players... And what about those ugly goals... bad referee ultimately... But overall... PSG lost much more than a game... it's an humiliation... i'feel raped guys... I have ni idea what in the world could console me... i'll never get over it.. I don't understand why we played in defense, why we abandoned our pressing... if only cavani had score his 1vs1... Sorry if some of you followed me on my blind bets, at least BTTS was ok, mea culpa...But, this match is out of this world... At 3-1, 15 min left, and then 2 penalties... insane...
  8. Ahahah Bob Bradley, the first american coach in France... Lol.. A bit surprising to see him go to Swansea... went well obviously As for the first statement, difficult to say... I'd like to tell you yes, but there is 2 major arguments that bother me when you ask PL fans about past/bad performances of their clubs in european cups: 1) Too much energy required to dispute the PL, nothing left for european cups... 2) Winning PL is too prestigious, nobody cares about champions league, because CL is easier to win... I just don't find these arguments very honest, and though, I really hope we'll see good performance from PL teams in CL in the future, to support your claim...!
  9. Nop... searching, digging... hasn't found it yet... I could follow Emery, Verratti and Draxler to war!
  10. Spanish newspapers tend to forget that these days... in the liga thread we love to bet on Celta lately, good team, but cmon!! All these liga team are far away from PSG's level... PSG would also crush Celta 5-0.. no doubt... How could they put PSG so low, these guys are stupid narcissistic catalan fanboys! And these spanish seems to think that if they can score 6 goals to Sporting Gijon, so they can do it to PSG.. what a joke, what an insult and a huge lack of respect for the opponent.. 6 goals to PSG? Really... Probably the best defense in Europe with Bayern's and Juventus's... Lmao.. Some have even said that they could do the "remontada" in just one half... Sick... mark my words, PSG is going to punish all of these spanish-barca chokers!
  11. Can't wait to be tonight... Here i put my accas i'v placed: > 1st one - total odds: @9.4 > 2nd one - total odds: @8.49
  12. I've been trying to know that... best guess: redneck country.. A Trump fan? here?
  13. Agreed on Benfica guys, tricky game.. they know how to fight... and Dortmund without Reus, not that obvious.. As i've said, to back an under 3.5 is not that bad here... Three bets tonight for me (beside some accas pending): > PSG to win and over 2.5 @6.00 (small-medium stake) > PSG goals: Over 1.5 @2.6 (large stake) > A double: Dortmund-Benfica Over2.5 @1.4 + PSG-Barca Draw & over 2.5 @6.5 = total odds @9.00 (small stake) good luck guys!
  14. I didn't took frosinone in a Dnb.. so close, the rest is fine.. but the thing with draw no bet is if everybody draws, what a poor value at the end... i'm pointing the obvious, but this acca reminded me that!
  15. Agreed @Pep004 ... I also rate Emery's PSG highly.. Since he came... Waou... It took time, but at the end, no more light pressing, verticality, aggressively, team spirit, and every players have said they now understand Emery's philosophy... 3 Europa league in a row without the best team, far from that actually... stunning, imagine with a good team in CL... i'm sure he's a wizard, a bit like Bielsa... funny, I saw that Blanc had a 5% score in a pole in spanish newspapers on who would be the best candidate for Barca... I know Blanc is a little short on resume, but his record in champions league are really good.. Almost never lost a game in years besides Barca, and he beat them, and beat also Mourinho twice... Not bad.. Actually i know there is some stats somewhere showing that he was one the best coach in "win ratio" in CL (Bordeaux + PSG)... I know i'll be called stupid, but I really think he wouldn't be a bad coach for Barca.. Of course he won't be chosen, but bear in mind that he is one of the few coachs in the world to really have mastered this "possession style-Barca like", like Wenger had years ago... It's not that much of a bad idea for Barca... At least he'll do well with the club philosophy... Of course Barca need someone more "prestigious".. but in case they're short in ideas... just a thought... Good luck tonight for your bets guys!
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