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  1. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    Only one bet for me this weekend Stevie, i'm still travelling round SE Asia so internet is really patchy/non existant in places. I've got a large stake on Hibs at 1/2, Raith are sh#t, we'll win easy. 
  2. Midweek > Feb 14th & 15th

    It's a Brighton, Plymouth, Mansfield treble at a bit over 4/1.  No real need for any reasoning is there , looks pretty obvious to me.
  3. Weekend > Feb 10th - 12th

    @Icongene Anyone who touches the Edinburgh Derby this weekend is either an idiot or a hibs/hearts supporter. I think it's obvious i'm a hibs supporter. Why would betting on a football match make someone an idiot? On what planet would Hibs be top 5 in the SPL? The bottom half of the Premiership and the top half of the Championship are of a very similar standard, teams would open up against us more in the Premiership, that suits us, we've proved that against every Premiership side we've played in the last 2 years. I guess we'll find out next season. It was only about a month ago half your support was fed up with Lennon's 'boring' football. Really!! Did you ask every Hibs fan? You get the usual moaners who moan about everything after a couple of bad results, every support has them. The vast majority are supporting Lennon. His job is to win the league, he's getting the job done. Hearts have brought in a couple of players, of which Hibs could only dream of getting a chance to sign. Two Greek internationals and not your usual over the hill types. Goncalves who has also just joined has shed a bunch of weight since his St Mirren days and already bagged a brace v Motherwell. He was ace in the league a few years ago when here on loan but too unfit. Yes they've brought in a couple of decent looking players, we have some decent players of our own who know how to win the Edinburgh derby, unbeaten in 6 remember. Do these Greek guys? I'm hoping not. The Hibs defence is also, a big pile of steaming shite and Hearts have just battered Rangers and Motherwell so confidence is high. We've conceded 12 goals in 23 games, if you'd checked the stats before spouting nonsense, you'll actually see we have one of the tightest defences in Europe. Granted Hearts played well against The Rangers but the defending at times was comical, gifted them 3 goals, most teams would have beaten them that night. They were poor against Motherwell until the sending off. 'No way we'll lose the cup to this lot' I don't think we will. You've not been a fan very long have you? Aye ok pal, now you're just being a dick. It'd be the most predictable 'Hibs' result imaginable. Win it one year, knocked out by he rivals the next. Maybe, i guess we'll find out tomorrow. You've got a chance as the Hearts defence can be got at but imo Hibs will be delighted with a draw and then take them at Easter Road-as happened in the same competition last year. Away win is not a good tip. Just my cents. I don't think we'll lose, derbies are unpredictable, we have a chance of winning. 12/5 for Hibs is value. What part of that don't you understand?
  4. Weekend > Feb 10th - 12th

    We are a premiership team playing in the Championship, we would be easily top 5, probably higher if we were in the top league. We are at full strength, our midfield is the second best in the country after Celtic. Our style of play is perfectly suited to beat their high pressing game. Our players know what it takes to win the derbies, we haven't lost to them for a i think 6 games. Our manager knows how to win the big games. Their fans are over confident that they are going to give us a doing, it usually doesn't work like that in derbies (Hearts fans are the most deluded fannies in world football). Jason Cummings is playing, he hates them, he always scores against them. We are the cup holders, WE WON'T LOSE THE TROPHY TO THIS LOT. 12/5 is very good value.      
  5. Weekend > Feb 10th - 12th

    @andrewcalo Hibs and Cummings are 2 separate bets
  6. Weekend > Feb 10th - 12th

    I'll keep this short and to the point; Hibs won't lose on Sunday, all the value is on us. Hibs win 12/5. Jason Cummings anytime scorer 6/4. Newcastle look back to form after a wee wobble and look a good bet to beat Wolves who were beaten by Burton last time out. There's no real value in the odds but a win's a win, right? Newcastle win 6/5. Derby, Scunthorpe, Mansfield treble 4/1, looks good to me.  
  7. Weekend > Feb 11th - 13th

    It has to be Stoke this week in the Premiership. They're no world beaters but it's a difficult place to go even for the better teams, Palace are definitely not one of the better teams. As has been said above, they look worse under Allardyce (good, he's a tosser) and after last weeks thrashing from Sunderland, confidence must be low. Odds against looks a tiny bit of value to me. Stoke win @ 11/10.
  8. Midweek > Feb 7th & 8th

    Hope you backed Morton. I decided to back them with decent stakes, got back most of what i lost at the weekend, then put it all on Juventus -1 last night. I'm a happy punter again 
  9. Midweek > Feb 7th & 8th

    I'll be swerving the midweek games I think, if I was forced to bet on anything it would be Morton to beat Raith. Morton had a poor result at the weekend but QOS isn't an easy place to go, the playing surface is terrible, a real leveller. They like to get the ball down and play football and are, imo, the second best team in the league. Raith are shockingly bad and I think the 6/4 for Morton has a touch of value. However, after the weekend I've just had, I wouldn't listen to me if I was you
  10. Weekend > Feb 3rd - 5th

    It's been a f#####g painful week!!!!
  11. Weekend > Feb 3rd - 5th

    I like the look of Reading to win at Ipswich. Reading look bang in form against an Ipswich side who were thumped 3-0 at home last time out. Reading @ 6/4. Exeter are on fire at the moment, scoring for fun and conceding very few, Crewe look the opposite. The odds possibly look a wee bit on the skinny side so i'll double it with Doncaster, another of the countries form teams. Exeter and Doncaster double @ 7/5. I know, i know, Hibs again . We are due to give someone a proper doing and this looks to me like the time. Full squad to choose from, on form, at home, we have a huge cup game next week against Hearts where all the players will be busting a gut to play, Ayr are sh##e. It all adds up to an easy win for the Cabbage. Hibs minus 2 @ 9/5.    
  12. Weekend > Feb 3rd - 5th

    I don't usually bet on this league Stevie, too unpredictable with most teams of a similar standard. If i had to bet on someone this weekend though it would be Dumbarton @ 8/5. It's a difficult place to go, they recently beat Dundee Utd there and Hibs only won 1-0 a couple of weeks ago. St Mirren are quite simply the worst team in the league by far. The odds look decent to me.
  13. Weekend > Feb 4th & 5th

    Everton look like the best bet in this round in the Premiership. They're in good form at the moment, are very solid at home and if they come close to reaching the level of performance in their last 2 home games, they should take care of a struggling Bournemouth comfortably. Everton win @ 8/11 looks good to me.
  14. Midweek > Jan 31st - Feb 2nd

    F##k s##t c'##t w##k b#####d
  15. Midweek > Jan 31st - Feb 2nd

    My bet this midweek has to be Rangers to beat Hearts. The new Hearts manager is looking increasingly clueless, he came in when they were sitting second in the table and completely changed their style of play. He then publicly stated that the players weren't good enough to play that style and has completely dismantled the team in the last week or so, selling 5 and signing 9 new players in the last week or 2. It all looks looks like desperate panic buying to me (i'm loving it ). There's no way they can put out a settled side tonight. I've stated before that I think this Rangers side are overrated but they are easily good enough to beat this shambles of a Hearts team. Rangers win @ 6/4 .