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  1. I'll be there in January, can't come quick enough mate.
  2. Jeez that was cold!!!!! Happy with the point in the end (and winning bet) but we were poor for the first 70 minutes. You can't just sit back and defend against Celtic, they'll score eventually. Thought we'd won it at the very end with the clearance off the line. I'm away for a steaming hot shower, can't feel my feet.
  3. It shouldn't make a difference to the game but it is absolutely Baltic here, got my thermals on. Good luck
  4. I agree with BTTS, looks nailed on but odds of 1.70 are a bit skinny. In the first half of the game at Parkhead, I think it was Forrest, should've been sent off for diving, ref bottled it. Celtic fans complaining about not getting penalties. LOL.
  5. We were unlucky no to win at Celtic Park earlier in the season and I have a feeling we'll make up for that today, I certainly don't think we'll lose. Midfield is key and if our 3 of Bartley, McGinn and Mcgeouch are on song then we can take the game to Celtic. The story of the season so far for us is we're not scoring enough goals for the amount of chances we create, we'll create chances today, just need to take them . Celtic haven't been at there best recently so hope that continues today. The odds for the Hibs win have been sitting around 7.00 all week which is a very nice price, it's fallen to 5.50 now so someone's backing it, it's still good value and worth a dabble. I got on Hibs +1 at 2.50.
  6. Premier League Predictions > Dec 9th & 10th

    The odds for Arsenal have sneaked up a little bit over the last couple of days. Arsenal at 2.05 has a touch of value.
  7. Division 1 - Week 8 Selections

    Arsenal (2) 1.91 Aston Villa (1) 1.80 Preston (2) 2.05 37.86 pts Treble
  8. Eat, Sleep, Bet against Hearts, Repeat....... Eat, Sleep, Bet against Hearts, Repeat....... Eat, Sleep, Bet against Hearts, Repeat....... Hearts won't beat Motherwell
  9. Premier League Predictions > Dec 2nd & 3rd

    Probably the only 6fold accumulator in history that's been bust by a header from the goalie in the 94th minute. Tough luck man.
  10. Premier League Predictions > Dec 2nd & 3rd

    Have to agree with @Mindfulness and @neilovan Burnley are being underestimated by the bookies today. Burnley at 4.50 and Burnley +1 at 1.83 can't be missed. I've also doubled up these with Hamilton Burnley, Hamilton double at 22.50. Burnley +1, Hamilton +1 double at 4.03.
  11. For the 3rd week in a row the bookies are overestimating a very limited Hearts side ( i'm repeating myself every week but they are a very poor side ). To have them odds on favourites against anyone in this league is just wrong. Hamilton have shown a few times this season they can get results away from home and at these odds it's well worth backing an away win. Hamilton at 5.00 is worth a couple of quid. Odds against for them not losing is just madness. Hamilton +1 at 2.20 is an early Christmas present.
  12. Division 1 - Week 7 Selections

    Cardiff (1) 1.91 Wolves (2) 1.80 Hibernian (2) 1.75 19.59 pts treble
  13. As usual the bookies massively overestimate Rangers, even at Ibrox I would actually have Aberdeen as favourites. Aberdeen at 3.80 can't be missed. Aberdeen +1 at 1.75 is a gift. Thank you bookies.