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  1. Well you have destroyed the myth that I had built up of you! So, if you are not full time, how do you find time to run this site around work etc
  2. My apologies for little or no input @StevieDay1983 I am working more time than I want to at the moment, so just getting little or no time. ideally I would like to give it up & be a full time punter
  3. Yes, thanks @Mindfulness I am looking forward to seeing what the new season brings. We are all waiting to see what signings will be made over the summer, so I reserve judgment until then. Looks like we are still waiting for your mob to appoint a manager. I heard last week that Stockdale is set to sign for you, which can only come down to money. Brighton will have made him a decent offer, but probably not as high as you would go. I like the look of Bournemouth to get relegated at 7/1 at the moment. I have a feeling they will turn into the new Pompey, with a chairman spending foolishly on players before he invested in the infrastructure. If Howe leaves, then it will all fall apart there. I am convinced he will go to a better club sooner or later. Burnley too, for similar reasons, especially if you appoint Dyche. Dont forget that when Parrish says "Long term" he means 6 months max!
  4. Iran, Japo & South Korea for me
  5. FFS England, why do I bother!
  6. I have just spent my valuable lunch break reading this thread, hoping to get a selection that I liked the look of. Instead, it's descended into a bitch fest! FFS, come on you lot, I haven't got a clue on tonight, and was hoping that you lot, ( who have been fairly reliable all season) would use your superior knowledge to help my threadbare betting bank look a bit healthier. Result seems to hard to predict, what about goals/BTTS. RM Most corners? Stop bitching & start getting back to the serious stuff.
  7. Yep, well done @Kenton Schweppes, strange how a team doesn't score a goal in the 3 matches, but can still go through! Not much different to Albion not scoring from open play in the last 3 games, and losing the title to an 89th minute selection. its a funny old game sometimes Congratulations, you were by far the better team over the season & deserved it more than Reading.
  8. Not had time to look at anything this week :-(
  9. Glad to hear it too well done
  10. Not biased in any way against the poor old Jambos there then!
  11. Thanks @StevieDay1983 @waynecoyne Looks like you both called it right wish I had read your posts first. It did look tight & Wagner did set his team up right. Been a shit season for me!
  12. Me too, I think we are lucky to have him. Not only a good manager, but nice bloke & wins with grace & loses with dignity. I'll reserve judgement until we see what transfer business has been done, but at the moment our squad will struggle. Nudge me when you put the post up.
  13. Bet 1 lands. 16-3 to Fulham on corners. Putting it all on SW to win
  14. Haha, still living off faded glories @Mindfulness Think Brighton may have changed just a touch since those days. There is only one aim for next season. It's not even to stay up, it's to finish above the Nigel's. Bet you've got that as your screen saver! it will be great to have those 2 games back next season though, ads a bit more spice into the mix!
  15. Hey, I am not digging the "Brighton to be relgated" vibe on here!!! Come on, lets be positive.... Try not to be too realistic!!