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  1. UK Weekend > Mar 25th & 26th

    Think I am staying away from the EFL this week. I am preferring instead the consistency of the International calendar, where I have landed two double so far. JAPAN & IRAN 4.0 (just over) ITALY DC & BTS NO + ICELAND  1.8
  2. 2018 World Cup Qualification Asian Section

    Yes it did thanks! Also had a double in the European section yesterday Italy to win & BTTS NO Iceland to win 1.8 with Betfair That went well too....
  3. 2018 World Cup Qualification Asian Section

    Had a double today, Japan & Iran at over 4/1
  4. Weekend > Apr 1st & 2nd

    @StevieDay1983 @Tiffy, try not to flirt with rashers this time and get your bet down!  Jealousy gets you nowhere!........  
  5. UK Midweek > Mar 21st

    I think I will take the mighty Hatters & Port Vale to both win here. I am from Luton, and they really are my team, and they need a win to get back into the promotion mix. My nan was a Port Vale supporter, and they are playing a Coventry side who need to lose to stay in the relegation mix up. Sounds ggod enough reason for me
  6. Weekend > Mar 18th & 19th

    Look @rashers, no body likes a bloody show off ok, especially on here! I mean, you swan in here, with your first post and put 3 winners on the table, it's just not how it works on here, right everyone? I mean we could all post winning tips on here ALL the time, especially me, but we have to put a few duffers in here occasionally (apart from @allyhibs, he does it more than most). I pick winning tips all the time, just choose not to put them on, OK rashers, got it now?  Not that I am jealous or anything Well done by the way
  7. UK Weekend > Mar 17th - 19th

    Corner King!!!!!! Think I'll be walking in a straight line after this weekend, haha, certainly won't be going round any bloody corners!
  8. UK Weekend > Mar 17th - 19th

    Yeah, I could see it coming a mile off. At least I managed to get one thing right this weekend! The team have gone to Valencia during the international break, so hopefully it will do them good. I am sure you dislike Monk from his time at Swansea, but it's the Leeds fans that  I always find a bunch of pricks. (Apologies if there are any decent ones on here) I have to walk behind the away end at the Amex after each game, and it is never a pleasant experience when they visit. None of the top 3 scored this weekend did they!
  9. UK Weekend > Mar 17th - 19th

    Yes, very uncharacteristic of you last night. I'll read a match report over the weekend. Watch Brighton throw any advantage away today though, it's been that sort of season. At least we can expect a response from your boys in the next game.
  10. UK Weekend > Mar 17th - 19th

    QPR V ROTHERHAM I know that you can have all the stats in the world, and obviously history doesn't always repeat itself (otherwise we would all be rich, right?) But when looking at games, and in particular a bet, I always try and make a case using stats as to whether I should/shouldn't take the bet. Then I add into the mix what 1or both teams are playing for and then decide. After last nights disappointing result in the BRC V HUD match, I am focusing on the game above today. QPR have won half of their home matches on the corner count. Their home games feature an average of 12.26 corners, and they win on average by +1. They are at home, and Holloway will have them attacking. Rotherham have only won 4 away matches on the corner count. They are losing 85-123 in total and are averaging a -2 loss per game. Their away matches average 10.95 corners this season. They are fighting relegation, and will be set up defensively to preserve themselves., but will have to push forward if they go behind. selction QPR V ROTH O10 corners 1.72 QPR -1 AH 1.4   Probably double up the handicap bet with something else
  11. UK Weekend > Mar 17th - 19th

    Jesus, what happened to your team last night @Kenton Schweppes? Hopefully now your good run will be over and will afford Brighton some breathing space! This of course means that Brighton will now lose to Leeds today, as whenever they have a chance to pull away, they never do. So the corner count finished 1-1!!!! 1 fckn 1, #€$¥&£Y Hell, what was that all about. Huddersfield were 3-0 down before they got one, it's unbelievable really! @allyhibs looks like I have paid you back for a Hibs bet I took off you a few weeks ago! (Lost at 1.5 I think) @Icongene busted your unders too didn't it! Oh well, we live to fight another day
  12. UK Weekend > Mar 17th - 19th

    One Friday game catching my eye is Bristol City V Huddersfield Since Feb, All of Huddersfields away games have featured over 10 corners. All of City's last 4 home matches have featured 9 or more. City aren't great on corners themselves, the season average at home is 8.2 compared to Huddersfields away average of 10.6 Huddersfields last 3 away games have featured 45 corners! I would fancy Huddersfield to attack tonight, and they should win. City need to get themselves out of trouble too, so they will want to push forward, especially being at home. Selections Huddesfield -1 AH corners 2.8 O9 corners 1.72  
  13. Europa League > Mar 16th

    Took O9.5 corners at 2.05 on the Ajax v Copenhagen match. The match was nicely poised at 2-1 to the Danes. Thought that Ajax would need to come out and attack as they were 1 down but had the crucial away goal. Copenhagen would need to attack too, as an away goal for them would have made them more comfortable.  Being at home was a deciding factor for Ajax who won the count 11-4, covering their -3 handicap set by the bookies & the over 9.5 corners
  14. UK Weekend > Mar 17th - 19th

    Ok,fair comment, thanks for those wise words. I'll avoid this one. Derby were utter 5hite on Friday, but derby games add mare pressure into the mix cheers
  15. UK Weekend > Mar 17th - 19th

    @StevieDay1983 Yep, just came short in midweek. Tough game for us on Saturday against Leeds, but we normally come away with something from there. I am not brave enough to call anything at the moment, as far as the Seagulls are concerned! Matches catching my eye so far Blacburn V Preston - I never thought that TM would do as well as he has at Blackburn, but he seems to be a good fit. I may rake a look at an overs/most home CORNERS here Norwich V Barnsley Norwich's new manager should get a response from them, if not in goals then in effort at least.Could be another Overs/home corners match Forest V Derby Again, Rowett could have an immediate impact, kicking a few Rams players up the arse this week. A match worth a look at, what do you think @CloughandTaylor? QPR V Rotherham QPR landed on the handicap for us the last time they played at home. I can see another one sided affair here, so perhaps the same again @Icongene ? Will do some research when I get a spare 10 minutes & post my thoughts up Your thoughts welcome in the meantime.....