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  1. Foreign owners are ruining our clubs. The football league are spineless, as are the FA. The PL are only interested in money. FFP is a complete joke, how can Wolves get away with overspending last season? I enjoy reading your thoughts, so keep the posts coming pal, and keep us updated with goings on up there
  2. Apologies @waynecoyne, I was getting mixed up! Sheff Weds, now there is another team that beat Albion not long ago in the play offs too! Ill wish you good luck for the season too, but only with sorting the owner out. I am in favour of the German club ownership model, where fans own 50% of the club. It should be mandatory for all clubs now over here to stop them becoming toys for the rich.
  3. As much as I like FL, and want him to do well, I do think he is out of his depth at Derby. Harry Redknapp was on Talk Sport yesterday , saying how he phoned Mel Morris and persuaded him Frank was the right man for the job, even though MM wanted someone experienced. He then went on to say, how Derby need someone experienced on board to help with the transfers. Seemed to me like he was trying to talk himself into a job there. The Championship is a tough division of football, and I just don't think Frank has the experience to cope with it. He reminds me of when Gus was managing Brighton in that division, trying to play out from the back, play posession based football and getting bullied by stronger more experienced teams. You won't get promoted playing that way. Gone before Christmas is what I reckon,. As a fan, what do you think? I have to say, that I came up to Pride Park when Brighton played the 2nd leg of the play off semi final. We were well and truly thrashed by the best display of football I had seen all season. Derby had a great crowd, brilliant fans, and played some amazing football that day. I thought you'd walk the final & deserved to go up. I can't believe that Brighton have made it since, and you haven't! Best of luck this season, I'll be keeping an interested eye on you
  4. I agree. I was at the 2 BRI V MAN U games at the Amex. He'll be gone by Xmas
  5. Well, if I had seen this when you first posted it @StevieDay1983, I would have said to leave it alone. (after our display against Watford last week) However, @newjack, well done on spotting a good opportunity. i was out all day yesterday, and didn't look on on PL till about 11.30 last night, I went to the game, and was behind the goal where Brighton got their 3 first half goals. Looking back, we have carried on this season where we left off.- Dismal away, good at home. I don't know why we can't play the same away from home, it's a mystery to everyone. The Amex is becoming a fortress though, and I'd guess that's where the majority of our points will come from this season. Carry on backing Brighton at home is the way to go this season. Man U looked poor. I am not convinced that JM s the "Special One". I never rated his style of play at Chelsea, and he let so many really good players slip through the net back then. I can see him being removed by Christmas, as the other teams in the top 6 (with the exception of Arsenal) have improved or play better football.
  6. Division 4 - Week 2 Selections

    EVERTON V Southampton 1@ 1.95 Leicester V Wolves BTTS@ 1.8 Leeds V Rotherham 1@ 1.4 £10 treble please
  7. My thoughts on the Albion after deadline day are that they made some decent signings. It's nice to be able to beat Leicester to the signature of a World Cup player, and not worry about Norwich hijacking potential signings anymore. i am still concerned that we will be relying on Glen Murray too much again this season. As good as he is, he isn't getting any younger. We haven't signed any big names, or have any superstars in our team. Instead we just have a solid team, and have now added more depth. I think that all the new players look decent, though may take some time to bed in to the team, and get used to the speed of the Prem. Everyone that I have spoken to was particularly pleased that we managed to get most of our transfer business done early. You can see that the Chairman is now investing back in the squad after staying up last season (with virtually the same team that came up). The club have also appointed David Weir as their Pathway Development Manager and are now busy signing loads of youngsters and loaning them out to EU clubs. It's the same model that Chelsea run so successfully @Mindfulness summed it up pretty well in his synopsis, and I'd agree with him that we should finish 13th-15th. Have to improve our away form though!
  8. Ok cheers pal, thanks for the info. Catch up tmrw
  9. Well yeah, obviously! (Does it make any difference?) Nice tip on Perternead. I stuck them a double with the "ever reliable" Celtic. FFS...
  10. @allyhibs why are your boys such a big price today? Is there any value there?
  11. @Mindfulness Decent write up, Ill take the seaweed finishing 13th. I think I agree with @StevieDay1983 about CP. it will depend on Zaha playing all season for you. But if he does, then I can see you finishing 9/10th. interesting too to get your additional thoughts on your bet last season. I thought you were crazy at the time, but you weren't too far off even with that dreadful start.
  12. Haha, of course it is! off to read it now for what it's worth..........