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  1. Agree with you mare, 3/1 looks decent to me. They will want to bounce back after last weeks CL defeat. Chelsea blow hot and cold this season.
  2. Division 4 - Week 8 Selections

    Ipswich V Stoke (1)@ 4.0 Brighton V Derby U2.5@ 1.8 Doncaster V Crystal Palace (1)@ 5.25 £5 treble please
  3. I've been feeling a bit like that myself lately
  4. Division 4 - Week 7 Selections

    LUTON V Wycombe 1@ 1.57 Oxford V Sunderland 2@ 2.62 Crystal Palace V West Ham BTTS@ 1.72 £5 treble please
  5. Division 4 - Week 6 Selections

    Chelsea V Huddersfield 1@ 1.16 Crystal Palace V Fulham BTTS@ 1.8 Tottenham V Newcastle BTTS@ 2.0 £10 treble please
  6. Non-League Ante-Post 2018/19

    Jumping on my "Torquay to win the league" bandwagon are you now!
  7. I just really don't believe that happened! I won't be betting on ANY cup completion again, unless it for the underdogs
  8. Division 4 - Week 5 Selections

    AFC Wimbledon V West Ham (2)@ 1.45 Chelsea V Sheff Weds (1)@ 1.2 Bristol City V Bolton (1)@ 1.5 £30 double please
  9. Division 4 - Week 5 Selections

    AFC Wimbledon V West Ham (2)@ 1.45 Chelsea V Sheff Weds (1)@ 1.2 £30 double please
  10. Football Bet

    My mate always says that when a bet is on, it stays on. I'm mindful that if there is profit on the table, then you take the profit! Good luck
  11. Emiliano Sala Missing Plane

    Yes it's a real shocker. Not just terribly sad for the 2 gents presumed dead, but also for Cardiff & Nantex. Sympathies to everyone @StevieDay1983
  12. Brighton V WBA I think that even with changes, Brighton will be too strong at home for this team concentrating on promotion BRIGHTON TO WIN
  13. I went to the AFC Wimbledon V Fleetwood match last night. It's probably the worst game I have ever seen, and AFC were simply awful. No ideas, no pace, nervy at the back. The first pass was backwards, there was nothing going forward. Fleetwood weren't much better but did have a bit more about them. I think they got their footballing style from Centre Court down the road. You felt like you were watching tennis not football. It's amazing how poor the standard is, and it makes you realise how technically bad we are at this level. On the plus side, the fans were nice to chat to, and the liver, bacon & mash at the Fay Boy's cafe was worth making the trip for. On rhis showing, I think Wet Spam could put the tea ladies out on Saturday and still run out comfortable winners. I'll be backing WHU HT/FT & O2.5 goals
  14. Division 4 - Week 4 Selections

    MKD V Crewe 1@ 1.7 Blackburn V Ipswich BTS@ 1.9 Stoke V Leeds 2@ 2 3 £10 treble please
  15. Division 4 - Week 3 Selections

    BRENTFORD V Stoke 2@ 3.0 West Ham V Arsenal BTTS Y @1.5 £10 Double please