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  1. Plymouth V Mansfield 1@ 1.95 Southampton V Wolves BTTS@ 1.75 Norwich V Bournemouth btts@ 1.66 £10 treble please
  2. Leicester V Southampton BTS @1.75 Wolves V Newcastle BTS @2.1 Everton V Brighton U2.5@ 1.9 £10 treble please
  3. Fulham V Villa 1@ 2 2 Brighton V Sheff Weds 1@ 1.75 Arsenal V Leeds 1@ 1.6 10£ treble please
  4. Southampton V Palace 1@ 2.0 Brighton V Bournemouth BTS@ 1.80 £10 double please
  5. I can't believe that Leicester didn't have a penalty, ffs!!
  6. Selling the time of first corners today. leicester sell@ 30 - Leicester have proved profitable for me in the corner market, and there is nothing to suggest that they won't have a corner in the first half hour. I can see them going at City on the counter attack from the start. Norwich sell@ 19 - At home & In the relegation zone and are going to have to come out and get the crowd going early doors. Everton Sell@ 17 - Market settled at 3 whilst I have been writing this. But another team who were at home looking to impress the new boss. Burnley sell@ 24 - Away at Bournemouth, I'd be surprised if Burnley waited till the 24th minute for a corner given the way they play, against Bournemouth's depleted squad. Aston Villa, Corner supremacy V Southampton - Sell@ 1.5 - The ratings above indicate that Saints are playing attacking football, and Villa may be feeling a bit under par after their cup game midweek. I can see Saints having more CORNERS than Villa in this game.
  7. EVERTON V Arsenal BTS@ 1.5 Brighton V Sheff U BTS@ 1.9 Tottenham V Chelsea 1@ 2.37 £25 treble please And it's a Bah Humbug from me....
  8. Can anyone explain why Leicester are 7/1? They are 2nd in the League, in great form, and even the index ratings above have them higher than City. surely they are worth a few sheckles?
  9. Good points @StevieDay1983 and @Mindfulness Didnt realise CH went for the Cardiff job. Personally I think he he is Championship level. Charlton fans tried to attack Eddie? What a bunch of idiots.
  10. That could pay off as Colchester will be pumped up at the start. Liverpool were unlucky last night not to get on the score sheet early doors. I'm going for a sell of first corners with Colchester and Oxford.. I would have filled my boots last night, had I of stuck with my gut feeling on Liverpool.
  11. A good write up @StevieDay1983 and a winning double for you there. Although I think your trousers will need a wash after being stained in creosote, from sitting on the fence 😀 @Mindfulness You seriously make me laugh with all this stuff you dream up of. I wish I was in Havana, but it's more likely to be Brixham these days. A fair result in the end, thought either team could have won it. And I do love to watch the Homesdale End in full flow, hats off to them for a great atmosphere. All of my selections came in. I am having better luck with spread betting as it makes me analyse the game in a different way. I have meant to post some stuff recently, but work is getting in the bloody way! A couple of things tho Zaha,-- will he go in Jan, and if so can Palace survive without him Potterball,-- interesting to see the change of style. Reminded me of when Gus came to the club and wanted to play that way, but didn't have the quality of player. Chris Hughton -- Everyone was surprised to see him go, but he hasn't got another job yet. Is his style too negative these days? Anyways, I have a trawler full of rotting pilchards, so I'll bring it to Croydon to feed that oversized sparrow that flies around Smellhurst before every match 😀