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  1. Europa League Predictions > Sep 14th

    I'll stick my neck on the line and say Everton WON'T win at Atalanta.
  2. Ligue 1 & 2 Predictions > Sep 8th - 11th

    True Pep. They are rather average themselves and Boudabouz was their main creator. Still think they can sneak a 1 goal win.
  3. Can't see anything of value at all. Maybe Benfica at (h). At a push.
  4. Ligue 1 & 2 Predictions > Sep 8th - 11th

    Montpellier to win at (h) v Nantes is one I'll look at closer when the odds come out. Not seeing anything positive in Nantes at the moment.
  5. 2017 Summer Transfer Window Chat

    @Pep004 Celtic have apparently bid for Jean Duverne, CB at Lens. Know much about him/his strengths?
  6. UK Week > May 19th - 23rd

    Wow, even for SPL standards, Hearts tactics were absolutely pathetic. There was a number of times in the 2nd half where they were a goal down and still had 10 players in their own box with no intention whatsoever or having a go. Had a lump on -2 sadly
  7. CgmBet System - a powerful statistical tool

    Legend Giraldi! Can't wait to do some summer research
  8. UK Week > May 19th - 23rd

    Fill your boots boys; Celtic are about to unleash a whole world of pain on Hearts today. We are on fire as a club both players and fans. Games a sell-out and there's a 58,000 supporter tifo/display to be unveiled as the teams come out in memory of the Lisbon Lions European Cup win v Inter Milan 50 years ago in 1967. This team has the chance to break EVERY record EVER set by a Celtic side domestically in our 129 year history. Hearts are in disarray, manager has lost the dressing room and they've been in beach mode for weeks. They're about to be skelped/thrashed/molested/destroyed or what have you. Any handicap up to -3 is a certain winner for me. I'll even take Celtic -5 here at 17.00
  9. Champions League > May 9th & 10th

    I fucking hate Madrid.Absolutely despise the bastards. But claiming luck is the driving factor behind baldy cnut chops Zidane, taking his team one match from an unprecedented defence of the Champions League? You'd have to be pretty barking mad or plain stupid not to appreciate the quality of Madrid.
  10. Weekend > 14th May

    I think Dijon are doomed. They just don't seem capable of grinding out results like shit like Bastia and Caan can somehow manage. If Lorient and Dijon go down this year it will be a travesty. Also the banker of the weekend looks like over 2.5 Bordeaux v Marseille.
  11. Champions League > May 9th & 10th

    You need to up your game bro!
  12. £100 to £100,000 Glory Hunt

    Came on to check you hadn't backed Murray
  13. Champions League > May 9th & 10th

    My only bet would be on under 2.5 in the Juve v Monaco match. Yes the (a) side have nothing to lose and will go all out for goals but just one from Juve will kill the tie stone dead and all attacking intent will be zapped from both teams (if Juve have any in the 1st place). The hosts are too strong at home and psychologically they have Monaco in the palm of their hand.
  14. UK Week > May 8th - 14th

    @Tiffy I've been looking at the double myself. Rangers should win as Hearts are woeful but both teams have nothing to play for and this could be a right stinker. I see it roughly 1-68% X- 20% 2-12%