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  1. Had they not been given a soft penalty it would have ended in a right comfortable walk in the park for England. A 2nd goal in the opening spell and they'd have been on the end of a Saudi Arabiaesque hammering. Tunisia had the goal scoring threat of Scotland playing 4-6-0 under Craig Levein.
  2. I'll take England to win to nil @ 2.00 Also CS 2-0 England @ 6.00 Don't think it'll be an easy game but England should win with a bit to spare. Assuming Southgate goes with the two holding mids they should be able to tighten up and close a game out comfortably against crap like Tunisia.
  3. Knew the Swiss would be tough. Really solid side.
  4. Really fancy Cavani to get 2+ goals against the Saudis. I don't think I've ever seen a less dominant Cb pairing at the tournament. They quite literally lost every 50/50 in the air v the Russians. Will look into the odds on him scoring with his head too.
  5. I had a tasty little draw double on both Morocco/Iran and Spain/Portugal. Iranians:(
  6. England to win to nil looks huge?
  7. Agree with Pep. Really fancy Croatia here especially given the Argies result. Wouldn't surprise me if they win the group. I just don't see it with Nigeria. Nothing to suggest they will get more than a draw here if lucky. Croatia can take control of the group with a win and fancy them to. Took Croatia with a boost of WilliamHill @1.75.
  8. If the Swiss can stay injury and suspension free I think they are in for a good tourney. Fancy them to take 2nd and give the Brazilians a tough game.
  9. Wow. That Saudi defense is absolutely pathetic. Can't wait for Uruguay to get tore into them.
  10. First bet of the tourney. Saudis +2 @ 1.60 Russia are weak, and the Saudis are going to keep it tight as fcuk at the back. If Russia go 1 goal up they will close up and sit tight defensively so just cannot see them chasing goals here. Any win will do for Russia and in any of the 3 games. Performances mean bugger all. If the Saudi's score Russia probably wont have an answ er so fancy this bet to come in.
  11. 2018 World Cup Ante-Post Chat

    WilliamHill on outright winner and top goalscorer gives you a 5quid free bet each time yer team win or your player scores (if that's ye meant).
  12. Agree that Russia should score a tight win here but don't see any worth in them outright nor do I trust this Russian team. Under 2.5 goals looks a decent shot.
  13. For the first time ever I agree with you
  14. The thing is, Uruguay are not free scorers and these group games can be really tight even against poor teams. To win 3 group games at a World Cup takes real ruthlessness and im not sure I see it in them. They'll top the group but probably not on 9 points. It wouldn't shock me at all to see them draw v Russia or Egypt. Also there's a chance the 3rd game is a dead rubber that they don't have to win.
  15. 2018 World Cup Ante-Post Chat

    I've backed Spain at 7.5 Only them or France really interested me in terms of value. Germany and Brazil around 5.00 is terrible. It will take a huge tournament for a few of the younger Spanish guys but with Ramos/Pique/De Gea there at the back, that's as good as any to take to a World Cup. I think the top 4/5 teams are probably more evenly matched than the bookies are suggesting.
  16. Golden Boot Odds

    Ended up going for a long shot. Lukaku at 21/1. Belgium have a relatively easy group and even finishing 2nd should still give them a winnable tie in the next round. Belgium has so much creative talent that if they go far (Quarters or Semis) then Lukaku is likely to have bagged a few on the back of this.
  17. Liking the unders on this one. Bruce has been and done this before. He knows how to manage this game and the situation and I'd be shocked if he wasn't looking to keep it tight. The playoff final and pressure often makes for a bit of a dull nervy affair. Cue a 4-4 thriller now haha
  18. Champions League Predictions > May 26th

    Just cant see Liverpool having enough in the centre of the park to win this one. Madrid are better marginally in defense and twice as strong in midfield. Liverpool's attack will cause Madrid problems but they have to score 1st. Klopps comments coming into the match sounds defeatist as hell, talking down their chances at every turn. Will take Madrid to win in 90mins at 2.30 and a small stake on the game to be decided in ET at 6.00.
  19. Europa League Predictions > Sep 14th

    I'll stick my neck on the line and say Everton WON'T win at Atalanta.
  20. Ligue 1 & 2 Predictions > Sep 8th - 11th

    True Pep. They are rather average themselves and Boudabouz was their main creator. Still think they can sneak a 1 goal win.
  21. Can't see anything of value at all. Maybe Benfica at (h). At a push.
  22. Ligue 1 & 2 Predictions > Sep 8th - 11th

    Montpellier to win at (h) v Nantes is one I'll look at closer when the odds come out. Not seeing anything positive in Nantes at the moment.
  23. 2017 Summer Transfer Window Chat

    @Pep004 Celtic have apparently bid for Jean Duverne, CB at Lens. Know much about him/his strengths?
  24. UK Week > May 19th - 23rd

    Wow, even for SPL standards, Hearts tactics were absolutely pathetic. There was a number of times in the 2nd half where they were a goal down and still had 10 players in their own box with no intention whatsoever or having a go. Had a lump on -2 sadly