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FINAL LEAGUE TABLES (2021/22 Season 3 Week 8)

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The results are in!  A final week of ups and downs and changes at the top of many of the Divisions and also at the top of the overall. :drums

We had 22 winners this week which is pretty good for a final week when many will go for long price glory.   Also 6 of our 8 Divisions made a profit this week with the other 2 only making a small loss.  Over the whole 8 weeks Divisions 2, 5 and 6 have an overall profit total :clap

Bet of the week goes to the phenominal half bank 13/1 treble of @Soi Bongkot producing a 4-figure P/L result meaning his finishing total is over 15 times the start bank. :clap :notworthy  Certainly the biggest total of the last 2 years that I have been admin.  Runner up bet goes to @Xcout with a more modest half bank total but excellent 10/1 treble return. :clap

So top of the overall league is @Soi Bongkot, which is the second time in the 2021/22 year that he has finished at the very top. :clap  4 of last week's top 5 hold on to podium places with @Power900 in 2nd spot after keeping a clean sheet of 5 winning weeks and no losses (3 no show weeks). :clap

Many thanks to all who have played over the last 8 weeks.  We've had a dozen drop outs creating some space for new players to join in next season, which will start this coming weekend and run for another 8 weeks.  Everyone who completed will be allocated a new Division based on your overall finishing position. :ok   New players will be split between Divs 7 and 8.

Winners, I'll tag you later on with how to claim your prizes. :cheers



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Prize winners, please can you Message me on here with your PayPal email address and I will collate and pass on to the admin team who will arrange the payments.  Also top 5 please send me your address so we can post out the PL merchandise (mug and pens) if you'd like it.  To Message, either hover over my name and click the Message envelope which comes up bottom left, or click the envelope at the top of the forum page.  If you're a previous winner feel free to tag it onto our last messages and just confirm if details are still the same.  If I don't hear from you in a couple of days I'll message you in case you're struggling with the technology! :ok

Well done everyone :clap  Please allow a couple of weeks for payments as I'll wait a few days to hopefully send the whole list off together.  Merchandise is shipped from our suppliers so may take longer.   If you aren't in the UK we'll do our best to get them to you, but there are shipping restrictions from our supplier and unfortunately in some cases it might not be possible.

Thank you and well done! :cheers


DIV 1  @Gazza's United £75.  @Craggwood £45.  @Wivz_03 £25.

DIV 2  @Alley Cat Glover £60.  @Cauncie £40.  @andellio £20.

DIV 3  @daisychain £50.  @akarsioti £30.  @Redno2009 £20.

DIV 4  @cookro £40.  @NickJones1 £25.  @vangovin £15.

DIV 5  @Soi Bongkot £30.  @Power900 £20.  @Balearic_Beats £10.

DIV 6  @Trotter £25.  @Rainbow £15.  @Skittle £10.

DIV 7  @Larkin22 £20.  @Boulder5111 £10.

DIV 8  @dj.orange £20.  @Sugardaddyken £10.

Top 5 Overall  @Soi Bongkot  @Power900  @Gazza's United  @Trotter  @Rainbow  PL Mug & Pens.

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Hi all, I've just sent the winners list off for the Paypals to be arranged so you should see payments soon hopefully.  I'll let you know when I get notification that they have been done, it's a new person dealing with them this time so I'll keep a look out. 

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