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  1. Result Bet 1) Won Returned £69, £9.50 taken New balance £59.50, Taken Balance £9.50 Bet 2) Womens Football - Olympics £59.59 USA Women Double Chance Win/Draw 1.05
  2. Attempt 2 Bet 1) In-play Cricket £50 England to bt Pakistan 1.38
  3. Well as to be expected, falls at the first hurdle. 3 more goes before the end of the month to get something rolling.
  4. Scrapping that, Polansky did win but I didn't get matched at 1.15, got 1.06. Feeling it might be hard to get the bet matched and post it on here before the odds have dramatically changed 😕 how do in play posters handle that? Bet 1) Tennis - Sasnovich to win 2-0. Odds 1.15. £50.
  5. Bet 1) In Play - Tennis Peter Polansky to win odds 1.15 Score 1 set up, 2nd set tiebreak
  6. I've been wanting to start this up for a while, I like to have a bit of side action while watching sport and I watch a lot of different sport. Starting Bank will be £50, i'll mostly be looking at odds from 1.03 - 1.1 and they will be on events I'm watching. And I'll be removing 50% of the profit from each winning bet, after 20 or so bets I should have withdrawn the initial £50. Want to see how many winners I can get in a row, i'll restart when I lose but will limit myself to just 4 attempts per month. Limited reasoning if any will be given, especially as some of these might
  7. Agree on WardProwse, how we were considering taking so many rightbacks but no place for the best deadball specialist in England is beyond me. His delivery is elite
  8. Apparently they were offered to move it to midday the following day or finish it that night. They chose that night because they just wanted it done instead of travelling back to camp, trying to sleep and then travelling again. There must've been other alternatives. I'm worried by England already, I can't name the team or formation we are going to play. I fear we will be way too cautious and play 2 holding midfielders. I feel this is a tournament that we can dominant the ball, with the likes of Grealish/Foden... but Gareth doesn't seem to like Grealish
  9. Great news that he's currently stable, was looking very bad. Surprised they didn't postpone the game for a day at least.
  10. Not looking good @four-leaf hope you managed to cover some liability. Unless both Nadal and Djoko get severely injured or exhausted and still win I can't see these two troubling them in the final. Too inconsistant.
  11. 1 Friday June 11th 8pm Turkey Vs Italy (A) (0-2) 2 Saturday June 12th 2pm Wales Vs Switzerland (A) (1-0) 3 Saturday June 12th 5pm Denmark Vs Finland (B) (3-0) 4 Saturday June 12th 8pm Belgium Vs Russia (B) (2-0) 5 Sunday June 13th 2pm England Vs Croatia (D) (1-1) 6 Sunday June 13th 5pm Austria Vs North Macedonia (C) (4-0) 7 Sunday June 13th 8pm Netherlands Vs Ukraine (C) (2-1) 8 Monday June 14th 2pm Scotland Vs Czech Republic (D) (0-2) 9 Monday June 14th 5pm Poland Vs Slovakia (E) (2-1) 10 Monday June 14th 8pm Spain Vs Sweden (E) (3-1) 11 Tuesday June 15th 5pm Hungary Vs Portugal (F
  12. Agreed. Federer has looked really good, but there were definitely moments he lost control of the match against Cilic and the big players would have punished him further. He won't be able to dominate rallies soon. Personally I think he beats Koepfer though and then loses to Berrettini. I think Koepfer is not a step up from Cilic so unless Federers fitness hasn't recovered he will take this is in 3/4 sets. Based off the previous rounds and the interview Micha did on his german compatriot I don't think he has the weapons to really hurt Federer. On the side I'm just happy to see
  13. Jung has looked very impressive in his last two games there, seems to be back full of confidence
  14. Hard to say because Roger looked very comfortable, more so than say Nadal did who really had to work to win points. But thats down to the opponent. I just don't think Cilic really can hurt Federer in a rally, so he'll need to hit quick winners, if Cilic serves really good I think he can take a set and push Federer but I wouldn't taking him to win. I think it will be great match to see where Federer is, only Djoko and Tsit have really impressed me so far in terms of outright potential. Nadal looked a little vulnerable.
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