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** February Poker League Result : 1st juanmoment, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd the_dak **
** Last Man Standing Results - drew005 wins £250 / Wishy wins £50 **
** January Naps Competition Result: 1st SILVER FOX, 2nd LIKE A ROUGHIE, 3rd DAISYCHAIN, 4th MRJOL. KO Cup Winner GLAVINTOBY, Most Winners: ALASTAIR **


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  1. Enjoy reading your punts waggy. I think people need to recognise the difference between someone; promoting a system that they think will create a good ROI and someone who wants to have fun on a hobby within their means and might get lucky It's nice to check in on someone to make sure they are in control, but it should come from a place of care and not bitterness. You ever think of drip removing profits when you are on a good run waggy?
  2. Everton - 1.91 Norwich - 1.95 Barcelona - 1.44 £10 treble please.
  3. Leicester 1.53 Brentford 1.61 Bournemouth 1.95 £10 treble please at 4.8
  4. 🙈 completely forgot. Good luck everyone else (but not that much). Will set a reminder for next week.
  5. Leeds win 2.4 Wolves win 3.3 Reading win 2.9 £20 treble @ 22.97
  6. Spurs 1.61 Bournemouth 1.65 P'Boro 1.65 £20 treble @ 4.38 please
  7. Wolves 1.75 Spurs 1.61 Everton 2.4 £10 treble at 6.762 please
  8. Oooh, does this mean I don't have to pick until one of them picks a loser or do I keep picking? As you might be able to tell I'm not accustomed to getting this far in these competitions 😁
  9. Thank you avon for continuing this, the work you(and all the mods) put into this forum is fantastic. Bournemouth 1.75 Peterborough 2 £19.50 Double @ 3.5
  10. Thoughts are with his family, was always a very friendly and will be hugely missed. Very sad news, 😞
  11. I think he's asking why there are no tips here (https://www.punterslounge.com/tips/free-horse-racing-tips) today, no idea why he quoted you. With BillyHills having not logged in since yesterday I imagine its something to do with this. I'd also add that these free tips along with the great regular posters in this thread are fantastic, thank you to everyone involved.
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