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  1. Brighton (1) @ 2.45 £10 single please Thanks!
  2. Bournemouth (1) @ 1.95 £10 single please Thanks
  3. Okay told! Thanks anyway, I'm gunning for you this season now 😁
  4. @BillyHills I'm taking a look over last season's results because I'm bored in work and just realized that there's an error here, I should have been on £132.40 after my previous bet (not £113.85). It's obviously irrelevant now, and I'm not complaining at all, I think you do a cracking job. But it would have been enough for me to finish in 2nd and move you into 3rd 😆. My fault should have checked! Hope you're well anyway
  5. Thanks for all your hard work this season, it has been very enjoyable! Looking forward to next season! Mark
  6. LEI @ 3.2 £6 single please Thank you! It's been very enjoyable to play this season.
  7. West Ham @ 2.3 £20 single please Thanks and good luck!
  8. Bournemouth @ 1.6 £10 single please Thanks and good luck!
  9. I was pissed when I picked that, it was a silly bet really
  10. United@1.4 £50 single please, Thank you and good luck!
  11. Bournemouth @ 2.10 £13.85 single please. Thanks and good luck!