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  1. Thanks, gone for that, seems like a fair shout. See Newport are over 12/5 to beat them next week as early prices are up. Looks like they have invested in strikers that can score at that level, but young keeper and inexperienced defenders, midfield where is the lad they signed from Plymouth Sarcevic, captain, I believe, played against Forest Green, not in the squad yesterday? Be interesting to see which way it goes this year. Not sure if there may be several clubs that may struggle to stay afloat this season though, be interesting if there is any money coming from the promised land of the Premiership to help.
  2. That would be until they beat Marseille 2 - 0 on Thursday night of course!
  3. Been some strange results in this league so no real confidence in the following. Nice v Paris Well what can you say Paris not right from the start with Covid cases, the Marseille game and injuries and suspensions, No Neymar or Bernat for sure, could Mbappe be back, not sure, 3 further suspensions I think with young and inexperience full backs either side, 8/1 for a Nice home win seems big to me, handicap might be way to go +1. 1pt +1 handicap 0.5pt Straight Nice win Montpelier v Angers Monpellier 2 good results, evens on another home win over an Angers team who don’t score many seems just about the right side of value. 2pts home win Nantes v St Etteinne Remember Claude Puel, well he is back in France with St E. seems to have rebuilt the team from last year rather well, three wins and not surprising for Puel’s team no goals conceded. Seems a good team spirit after their win over Marseille. 600 top flight games as manager in France that’s some achievement well 9/4 on away win seems worth a try, probably under 2.5 goals as well. 1pt under 2.5 goals 1pt away win
  4. Nantes v St Etienne (2) @ 3.25 Forest Green v Bradford (1) @ 2.3 Colchester v Bolton (1) @ 2.6 10pts win treble please
  5. Crystal Palace v Southampton (2) @ 2.4 Montpellier v Nice (2) @ 3.4 St Etienne v Strasbourg (1) @ 2.15 10pts win treble please.
  6. Has dropped 10lbs in the weights and is now I think running over the trip he seems to need, decent E/W chance, has run ok at Catterick before, not sure what the weather or ground might throw up tomorrow. Also entered at Goodwood later in the week in an apprentice race over 6f.
  7. 1.50- Beringer 2.25- Arthurian Fable 3.00- Queen Jo Jo 3.40- Glencadam Glory 4.10- Blackberry 4.40- Lucander 5.10- Live in the Moment Thanks
  8. 1.45 YK: On to Victory. Res Dark Jedi 2.15 YK: Dashing Willoughby. Res Withhold 2.45 YK: Devilwala. Res Mystery Smiles 3.15 YK: A’ali. Res Moss Gill 3.45 YK: Fast Medicene. Res Broomy Law 4.15 YK: Virgin Snow. Res Angel Power 4.50 YK: Brunch Res Mon Choix
  9. 1.45 YK: Noorban. Res Umm Kulthum 2.15 YK: Billian. Res. Vedute 2.45 YK: Walhaan. Res. Ouzo 3.15 YK: Alpinista. Res Love 3.45 YK: Bharani Star. Res. Albaflora 4.20 YK: Mark Of The Man. Res Bonnyrigg 4.50 YK: Anna Nerium. Res. Amber Storm
  10. 1.45 YK: Mubaalegh 2.15 YK: Spycatcher 2.45 YK: Darwin 3.15 YK: Lord North 3.45 YK: Indianapolis 4.20 YK: Glamorous Anna 4.50 YK: Soldier Lions
  11. Christ that’s some achievement. So do you mean any input ratings from the results have nothing to do with how The actual race was run or panned out. I don’t watch much live races but I do like to see how they have run before. Been learning and improving but a way to go yet. I assume you were already heavily into maths and statistics before this series of projects or was it all self taught. Thanks for your reply again, going to have to read it several times to get the most out of it. But it’s way above my capability. Certainly now.
  12. Is this a database that you have personally built up over numbers of years for you to do all your research with. Do you do your own inputs or download race results, or do you still Watch the races and give your own ratings. Only asking please go gentle with me. No way do I do that much work, I personally try to watch previous races and try to find an angle which I like, just trying to improve. Some races are a lot easier than others. Seems covering your options by backing 2 or even 3 selections in a race can still be profitable which seems counter intuitive, judging by some very reliable contributors on here.
  13. Ah have the advantage there as live in Somerset, so not far from Nicholls, not been to a stable visit yet only had shares since Xmas and then everything changed. Like Prescott as a trainer always used to follow him when he combined with George Duffield had some good winners with that pair. Charlie seems to produce some good winners so here’s hoping.