** Nap's Competition Result : 1st Barnsley Chop, 2nd Daisychain, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, 4th Marmalade, KO Cup Tipsterix, Most Winners Calva Decoy**
**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**

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  1. Hull v Millwall (2) @ 2.37 Villarreal v Real Sociedad (1) @ 2.3 Swansea v Leeds (1) @ 4.4 10pt win treble please.
  2. Derby v Nottingham Forest (1) @ 2.4 Luton v Reading (1) @ 2.6 Stoke v Barnsley (2) @ 3.7 10pts win treble please
  3. I would agree, broke from the stalls better and looked like jockey/horse was eager to get to the rail which might have been done a bit quick and then didn’t settle. Did look as though 7f would be his limit and 6f might be his distance in the future, might get dropped a bit with the distances which will help. Be interesting what is next. Trainer will be learning about him too. Should be about right next time I would have thought.
  4. Charlton v QPR (1) @ 3.4 Leeds v Fulham (2) @ 5.0 Birmingham v Hull (1) @ 1.78 10pts win treble please
  5. Firstly thank you to Billyhills for all the hard work running the competition. You are to blame for me even bothering to enter this competition. I was a bit of a gambler before joining this site. I like to think I have learnt from reading a lot of the various posts. I don’t do methods or ratings, I would not have the time or patience. There are so many really good people on here, read and analyse and anything is possible. I have really enjoyed this week before today! 1st winner was down to Cable Guy ( Owners Group horse I have a hair on - Billy your fault again) just joined Charlie Fellows this week, dropping in trip, had to have him. Now how did I pick a 150-1 winner! I just watched his first race back last night and thought he was a bit unlucky, got knocked about a bit by other horses, got tired possibly and given a good ride by the jockey, who was back on today. He was not meant to be 150-1, I think he was about 50-1 last night. Apologies Rupert, I enjoy reading your posts and I have pinched a couple of winners off you this week along side those selected by Richard-Westwood who never fails to find value. I suppose I will have to get ready for Goodwood now! I might even have to post myself now but be warned I’m no expert. Once more thanks to everyone who took part and who contributes to this site.
  6. Hull v Charlton (2) @ 3.2 West Ham v Wolves (2) @ 2.2 Luton v Preston (1) @ 3.1 10pts win treble please
  7. 1240 A: Chiefofchiefs Res Burmese Waltz 115 A: Sparkling Perry Res Mamba Wamba 150 A: Nando Parrado. Res Lauded 225 A: So Wonderful. Res Sharing 300 A: Palace Pier. Res Threat 335 A; Shine so Bright. Res Sceptical 410 A: Lethal Lunch. Res Highland Dress 440 A: Adrratos. Res The Grand Visir Thanks
  8. 115 As: City Walk res : Mighty Spirit 150 As: Dandalla res : Golden Melody 225 As: Nelson Gay res : Imperial Force 300 As: Alounak res : Hamish 335 As: Southern Hills res : Royal Crusade 410 As: Nobel Prize res : Santiago 440 As: Protected Guest res : Le Don de Vie Thanks
  9. Please replace non runner at 4.10 with: 4.10 As: Great Ambassador
  10. 115 As: Cepheus 150 As: Aloe Vera 225 As: Mister Snowdon 300 As: Golden Flame 335 As: Moonlight Spirit 410 As: Grove Ferry 440 As: Waliyak Thanks
  11. 115 As: Salayel 150 As: Berlin Tango 225 As: Hukum 300 As: Addeybb 335 As: Kynren 410 As: Steadman 440 As: Selino
  12. 115 As: Greenside 150 As: Mohaather 225 As: Ennistymon 300 As: Mohican Heights 335 As: Kurious 410 As: Waysma 440 As: Blue Laureate