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12 hours ago, Zilzalian said:

chichen itza and aude for the fc me thinks


12 hours ago, Zilzalian said:

Fancy a few at Jebel Ali tomozza, bank balance needs toppin up after todays crap and tomozzas racing here is as much use as a tit to a nun... Jesus racing in this country is in deep doodoo. Too many courses, fixtures and races for too few horses.



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20 hours ago, BBBC said:

1515 Ayr Road Warrior

1550 Ayr Big Bressil

1930 Wolves Coast

2030 Lexington Knight

so long as I’m not quoting the Boomtown Rats this time tomorrow

Disappointing one that Coast.

My 10p ew lucky 15 paid 11.50 with the extra places on sky at SP. Defo not my worst set of picks.

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22 minutes ago, MCLARKE said:

What do we think is the best, BET365 with BOG or SKY who offer extra places but not BOG ?

For ew I don't have the option anymore so its sky for me. When I did it really depends on the make up of the races - sometimes (like today 3:15 with 3 non runners) they are offering 4 places on an 8 runner race which in my opinion is to good to resist. Unless I really think the price will go I will leave at Sp on my lucky 15s which are always to small stakes.

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1 hour ago, MCLARKE said:

What do we think is the best, BET365 with BOG or SKY who offer extra places but not BOG ?

The bog is the most important element in my opinion no use having the extra place if the price collapses but i suppose where people put their bets will always be personal to them. bet365 all the way for me. For those that like the extra place/s 365 offer ew extra not something i use but it is an option. maybe for this experiments accounting we stick to win (unless the odds are very big) say until the end of march and then reassess. its simple whereas the ew and extras complicates things somewhat i feel. But like i said we all have the personal choice of how we use the selections. I do think this way of one person picks per day is better than the previous 1 gg per person daily, the idea is to get a return someone may well get lucky 1 day and it gives more freedom to choose a variety of odds as long as we steer clear of odds on shots, no use getting 4 even money shots up (81/1) whereas, lets just say 2/1 3/1 7/1 14/1 = 2,880/1 as an example.

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I definitely agree @Zilzalian it’s a cleaner slicker process with one picking the whole bet.

And I kinda look forward to when others do it as then I’m doing something a bit different from my norm. Like when @LEE-GRAYS takes us over to France - I wouldn’t normally touch it with his baguette outside of the G1’s. But it’s his choice and it’s a different angle.

For the staking and bookie choice maybe we just leave that up to the poster.

Stake 1pt ew or 2pts win (whatever a point equates to)

Bet settled to the selected bookies settlement terms - so places or bog included.

The poster provides the settlement.

Just a suggestion though I’m happy to bow to the consensus.

There will definitely be times when we don’t have a viable account with the bookmaker chosen anyway and will make use of what we can. And regardless we all have the freedom to place our bets where and with whom we want. At least this side of the Gambling Review anyway.

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