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  1. Cheers for the article thecurlyone1. I had a bit of success on win btts accas last season. I might cover correct score combos this season!
  2. By the sea mate, i'm very jealous! I've never been to Bangor for the races. Hope it's one of your top tracks!
  3. Good luck billy. I visited his yard about 5 years ago. It's a nice set up though I think he's lost a few horses since then. I'm not to far from his place either in Cheshire. We could be neighbours haha. I'll be following this thread with interest and hope it all goes well.
  4. @moggis I agree with your thoughts on value. In fact if you look at some of my previous posts I find it's better not to over think things. I actually also think people have a gambling style so to speak. Some people are very mathematical in their approach whilst others are a bit more intuitive for want of a better description. It's interesting that your long term bets are at lower odds and such large accumulators. So I'm assuming you do bets involving things like barca/real, bayern/dortmund, celtic etc to win leagues? My long term bet at the start of the season was multiples of 2 teams across 4 leagues e/w. At the mo 3 have a decent shout at winning their leagues but 1 is 9 points off first. The teams are all decent odds from 7/1 to 20/1. Again i'm assuming these are higher prices than you would do?
  5. @moggis Actually not sure I can pm you on here! Shame as I've wanted to pick your brain for ages ( well about 2 years! )when I first read your arguments for long term betting. I've never quite understood the stick you got and other punters resistance to it.
  6. @moggis thanks for the reply. I'll definitely pm you. My long term bet is a multiple. I'm guessing it's not how you do it but when I work out how to pm you on here I'll show you it.
  7. Also I imagine most people see the longer term markets as no different to the more instant markets in terms of chances of winning.
  8. It's a mentality thing I think. The essence of betting for many people is quick returns. You want that 'hit' of a winning bet and you want it instantly. Even more so now that we live in a social media/instagram world in which people love posting up their winning slips!
  9. moggis I've read your posts on this site and I'm sure on others too and it's inspired me to try the longer term season bets. I've still not worked out how you do it so well! My bet this season is looking ok so far but I can't say I'm totally confident it will come in. Anyway keep up the impressive work, i'm sure there's more than just me who have started looking at this market because of your faith in it ( and your returns!!! ).
  10. His name gets mentioned but the only job which seemed to get past more than that was the Scotland job and thankfully he turned that down. Your right that he isn't a glamour name and I also agree he'd be great at somewhere like Cardiff. If I ever win the euromilliins and buy a lower league team he'd be top of my list haha. Hopefully he see us through the euros again and then he'll get the club job he deserves.
  11. Hi @StevieDay1983. I thought that was the worst game we'd played in the nations league but we still should have came away with at least a draw. They finished both their goals well mind. Good to see McAuley back even if he is about 40! I actually think arnautovic is a good player but he definitely has an attitude! As for us we're definitely a team in transition. I really rate O'Neill as a manager and can't understand why a championship or even lower premier league team hasn't chased him. If it's because of what happened with lawrie sanchez at Fulham then they're making a big mistake but i'm glad they are! Another thing I don't understand is how the hell stevie davis isn't getting a game at Southampton. Says everything about mark hughes as a manager to me. Oh and keep up the good work. I really appreciate what you, darran and allyhibs all add to the football forum.
  12. Northern ireland fan here and can't agree with your analysis of us. We've played pretty well all campaign and have been a goalscorer away from winning all our group games. The change with O'Neill is simply that he's trying to get us playing better football and we undoubtedly are. Before he set us up to be very hard to beat and nick something from really well worked set pieces. Now we knock the ball about well and create chances in open play. We just lack a David Healy. I actually think Will Grigg will provide a bit of that when he's back fit and gets a run of game for us.
  13. Thanks. I assumed that would be the case but it's interesting seeing the figures.
  14. I was wondering if there's any correlation between the likelihood of a favourite or odds on horse winning? So does an evs favourite win more often in say a 5 horse race as opposed to an evs favourite win a 7 or 8 horse race?
  15. Portsmouth 1.75 Solihull moors 2.3 Ayr utd 1.66 10 pt treble please