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  1. Also worth remembering you get a full refund of stake on any 0-0 with 365. How does that affect your returns?
  2. Really enjoying this thread as I do correct score bets myself. The exchange offers better prices than the bookies, sometimes quite considerable. For mine I simply check the league tables and form tables and apply a bit of gut feeling so it'll be interesting to see how mine compare to yours.
  3. I love a correct score prediction. I'll follow this with interest! Good luck
  4. Gutting! Hopefully the next one is just around the corner.
  5. Hope you did the forecast Richard! Well done. I've been keeping an eye on your tips recently. Doing well mate.
  6. I might be biased but I genuinely believe he's the real deal. I honestly think he'd do a great job with any team he manages including premiership level. What he has done with us has been nothing short of incredible and vastly underrated by the mainstream. I wouldn't be shocked if he got stoke into the playoffs.
  7. If it had of happened a few weeks ago you could have got Michael O'Neill!
  8. I do moggis but I'm stuck on the continuos bit! I've done a pre season acca of 7 and 6 teams which has 5 doing really well or decent and 2 doing poorly. So should I be re-betting with the teams doing well included or a completely seperate bet with totally different teams?
  9. Cheers for putting your thoughts up. Let's hope for another winner today! 6's available with William hill paying 4 places.
  10. Chisora has come in heavy again too. This fight isn't going the distance! Really hope Price does it.