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Just over £50 profit yesterday with one match still to run. Galovic almost made it a better day, he was 3.9 and had 0-40 on his opponents serve but couldn't take any of the match points and then lost the tie break. Margins. 

 A few that didn't get matched either but the ones that were a good 20-30 ticks higher waiting to be matched, I didn't think were value at SP.



PROFIT: £1545

ROI: 7.2%


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Right, I did reply early this morning and wrote a longer post but it either didn't post or I didn't press submit reply like a fool.

Basically after analysis of hundreds of bets I will be trying to change a few things so won't be sharing for a few days. Oh yeah, loss of £260 ish I think yesterday. 

looking at data, faves have ROI of almost 4% and profit of about £600. Bets between 2.00 and 3.00 have -16% with a loss of almost £1000, then over 3.00 has profit of about £1500 and ROI of 48%. 

Strange how the under dogs that should supposedly have a better chance end up losing far more often. 

I am going to try a few things, maybe look at more data and swap some criteria when making the picks and then start posting again, hopefully with more profit. 


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19 minutes ago, OddsPredictor said:

Be careful you do not throw out the good with the bad as I would be happy with your overall returns.

I won't,it's just a few tweaks to try and establish patterns with the odds and avoid some that seem to continually lose. Currently +£300 today, another winner over odds of 3.00. They continue to do well.

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On 7/10/2019 at 5:29 AM, Tennis Picks said:

No, my real bets are being made at the price in the spreadsheet. Sometimes 2-3 ticks higher if there's a space but on the first day of restarting this I missed a winner by trying to get 15 ticks higher so cancelled that tactic. Maybe with underdogs I go a bit higher but the spreadsheet shows the price I bet at as this is my personal record of how it's going.

Don't let one missed dictate the whole thing. U we're doing well on the last thread with inplay odds they made it more profitable

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7 hours ago, anaconda69 said:

Please can you still put picks up since they have won today as u say. We can follow what we wish?


Also roi needs to be at least 7% to make small profit because of commission at 2% minimum.

Yeah I can continue to post them I suppose. 

This ROI is net of commision, all my spreadsheet results that I share are directly copied from Betfair so commision already taken into account. 

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