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  1. The Superleague returns this weekend after the Summer break but the system can find no value in the odds offered on this weekend's matches. Keep your money in your wallet and we will be back next week.
  2. It took me 3 years to achieve some semblance of success on the football leagues - I think it will take much longer before I crack this tennis predicting.
  3. Inspired by Tennis2.0 my TennisPredictor v2.0 spreadsheet is my best try so far. Here are my selections for today from the WTA US Open at Flushing Meadows.I will post tomorrow the results but do expect a car crash as I have not been very succesful so far.
  4. We must all try harder especially us losers - we cannot allow Division 6 to get all the plaudits Arsenal (1) 2.37 £15 Single
  5. Yes I agree - even if a winner the hourly rate is well below minimum wage.
  6. This Saturday sees the first trickle of Selections for the new 2019-20 football season and these only for the English minor leagues of National League North & South. I have set a 10 match moratorium before making selections in the Uk Major Leagues and 7 for the European Leagues so it will be a few weeks yet before selections are made in these leagues. However you can download the spreadsheets and change the variables if you wish. See the totally free web site for details. I have been posting selections for the China Super League and will continue to do so under the appropriate Forum topic but cannot list all the UK and European predictions here as far too numerous. Sorry.
  7. We have a summer and international break now in the China Super League. See you all back again for the final seven rounds on 13th Sep 2019.
  8. Five losses on the trot is a bit concerning so lets hope we have a good midweek with these selections.
  9. I will of course continue but may not publish my tennis predictions here - it took a couple of seasons for me to be happy with my football model.
  10. I am going to stick to my day job - see poor results below.