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Tennis 2.0

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Almost ready to join in the discussion.

Only doing the womens' tournaments and that's too much really - don't know how you manage - maybe you are not from the post the other day.

Fed in all the results for this season into my predictor - copy and pasted nearly 3000 matches and 700 active players.

That was the easy part as all the games were in order - just had to differentiate between a few players with similar names and a bit of data checking and all was fine.

Now I am live and up to date the problems have started. Different time zones means results arrive all the time and after each round new fixtures are published - other than sorting out manually and posting manually I am struggling to find another way. Also tournaments are over lapping and for some of the challenger events such as Karlsruhe the uk bookmakers can be a bit tardy publishing their odds. All in all it is a massive mess and I am supposed to be on holiday playing chess in Torquay.

I must be mad but will try to publish some selections soon.

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Good effort @OddsPredictor, I have my methods and it was a little bit tight for time on occasions, but it's mainly looking at the results that I wanted to focus on just the higher odds as they have such a good ROI, three from three today at odds 3.25, 2.78 and 3.54. More days like this would be nice, less work and more profit. :D

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Gojowczyk won last night but for some reason Betfair have voided my bet. I was fully matched before the start and the match was completed as normal looking by the result, he won in three sets. 

I rang them but the woman had no info so said it's been sent to the trade team and they will email me and update. Did anyone else have a bet? Did you get paid out?

I will leave that result to update on the spreadsheet. It'll be annoying if it remains voided though, it was a nice priced win. 


Two for today so far. I am now checking the matches in order of total amount matched, therefore some matches might be quick to start. I am finding that even with small stakes, to get matched fully before the start I would need to take a price sometimes 50 ticks lower which takes away the value. By checking matches as they have a larger amount matched, usually around £1000 instead of £200 like sometimes, hopefully I can get fully matched at a nice price. 

Failing that, I might have to leave some to match in play but there were a few around 2.7 or 2.9 that only matched about £20 then shortened and didn't go back out so I missed out. 



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