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  1. Shame that dood. I was following as I thought it was a good idea that you had. Please carry on posting the pick. I’d be interested to see how it pans out.
  2. Cheers for these Harry. I’ve made a few bob along the year due to these posting can’t fault you fella. Much appreciated
  3. I’m on em. I reckon 90 percent of the time the odds are available. And my stake ain’t too shabby either.
  4. Another winner @harry_rag kev is in fine form again
  5. im looking at wales 1/3 pt on the following -2 @ 1.91 -4 @ 2.25 -12 @ 4.0 These were placed last week and odd now gone also im on Ireland 1-12 @ 3.0 1 PT and France HT/ Ireland FT @ 5.75 1/2 Pt
  6. i was 1/2 a point up on saturdays game so i went in again on england 1/3 pt each on -15 , -18 & -20 worked out alright
  7. I’m wales -18 ireland 1-12 winning margin England - 12
  8. 365 wont let me get more than £ 3 on the dogs ( as i rinsed em for about 8k in a 6 month period )but will let me punt as much as i like on footy , rugby , cricket and tennis but i no longer get BOG and any other offers just get on with it mate , and if they do pull you its cos you are doing summat right ...good luck