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  1. Bet365 - Daily Betting limits

    365 wont let me get more than £ 3 on the dogs ( as i rinsed em for about 8k in a 6 month period )but will let me punt as much as i like on footy , rugby , cricket and tennis but i no longer get BOG and any other offers just get on with it mate , and if they do pull you its cos you are doing summat right ...good luck
  2. Kevin Pullein Saturday Picks 2018/19

    how did this go @harry_rag
  3. Kevin Pullein Saturday Picks 2018/19

    3 yellows in the last 3 mins
  4. Natural strategy

    Cheers H
  5. Natural strategy

    whats the current PnL ?
  6. Kevin Pullein Saturday Picks 2017/18

    cheers Harry , does Kev cover the World Cup ?
  7. Kevin Pullein Saturday Picks 2017/18

    Still smashing it up. Booshh
  8. Sam has made predictions for tonight
  9. Kevin Pullein Saturday Picks 2017/18

    hes now picking Up , Harry
  10. Win to Nil / An Underrated Market

    What would your PnL be if you just backed the win ?
  11. Scalpy by Psychoff

    hows this doing now ?
  12. Scalpy by Psychoff

    Hi mate , dont take this the wrong way , whats the point of the thread , are you giving away the software ? as far as i can see its just a copy of your betting log PS results look promising BTW
  13. Champions League Home Dogs

    looking at this backing the AH looks the answer Woz
  14. are you carrying on with this Grex ?
  15. Euro 2016 - Underdog

    have you considered backing the dog in the Asian lines ?