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  1. Natural strategy

    For today I found 10. Stoke - Swansea 2 @ 4.52 11. WBA - Bristol 2 @ 4.27 12. Dresden - Hamburg 2 @ 2.36 The odds are pretty big but can be played with a small handicap also if you are not comfortable with that. On the other hand don-t be afraid of odds. They are just the other users opinion about the probability to happen the event and their opinion is not necessary the best one, especially when there is a large majority. In betting, one of the best thing can happen is to be "on the other side". I am working to find a similar strategy for Home win and for the next weekend will start, in the same thread, the same strategy but for Home win market. Away win strategy seems decent until now.. but I have to take care because the number of games is very small and the temptations are extremely big ...:)
  2. Natural strategy

    After 7 games I am back where I started but still a small proffit. +6%. Since almost all leagues played just a few games, very hard to find games for my strategy. 8. Ostersund - Malmo 2 @ 2.11 9. Niigata - Zweigen 2 @ 2.72
  3. Natural strategy

    Thank you harry_rag but it was a lost for my strategy Yes, I said that I will play only 1,x,2, (more 2 ) but I would strongly recommend AH. I play this way because my software has not odds for AH and don-t want to get complicated. Probably taking into account the odds and the winning rate of 5 out of 6 for DC probably the proffit would have been a little bit bigger but not with much. You gave me an idea. I will imagine a procedure to compare what you played with what would have been if you played something else (but very close to original play). I am not sure I am very clear. Imagine you can see a graph with your profit after you played 20 games away team win. Then, over it a graph with what would have been if had played x2 and so on... I think would have been very useful... My selection for today is from Superettan 7. Orgryte - Osters 2 @ 3.14
  4. Natural strategy

    Thank you very much for clarifications and sorry for not answering last days but had a kind of flu ... It was the first one in the last 10 years but hit me hard. This is not a medical forum so let-s return to natural strategy. I checked last 2 days games and nothing important happened. Yes, as harry said there was 5 selections and around 49% Roi but this is not so important at this moment. It is more important to check if the bets were OK and I think 4 out of 5 were OK, I mean it was a good idea to back the away teams. Until will have enough data on European leagues I have to check exotic leagues and this is not comfortable because I always hated to play in leagues where I have no idea how to read correctly the teams' name For today I selected from Japan 2 6. Kyoto - Zweigen 2 @ 2.40
  5. Natural strategy

    Nothing to play today. The start was good and don-t want to spoil everything by playing just for the sake of the game. This is a big error I made many times in the past (probably all of us did it). If I have 48% ROI and found nothing good to play, why to play? Yes, in my opinion this is the second big mistake a player can do - to consider that the money you just won are not yours and do not care if they are easy lost... thecurlyone1 .. I never used PnL and to be honest I do not know what is good for. If you will have time please explain it or give me a link to understand what it is about.
  6. Natural strategy

    It was a good selection again. Thank you for your support. For me it is not a surprise. I used this strategy last season between March and the end of the season with more than 20% ROI. I admit that overall, all stratgies I used togeter with my software gave me around -8% ROI over the same period but this one with away selections has been extremely good. Will see next weeks how it works. Of course, at this odds, can be many loses in a row but let-s keep everything to be fun . I always said, just before placing the bet just think for a second how would you feel if lose the money. If you feel bad just consider a lower stake then think again. For today I selected 5. Dover - Ebbsfleet 2 @ 2.49 Yesterday I placed at much more better price but this is the price this morning....I think it is still good to play
  7. Natural strategy

    It was a good selection I think but Legia played 77 minutes in 10 .... For today I selected: 4. Osters IF - Falkenberg 2 @ 2.99
  8. Natural strategy

    I would say that it was a good start For today I suggest to take a look in Poland: 3. Cracovia Krakow - Legia Warszawa 2 @ 2.30 There was a poor start for both of them but Legia is by far the better team and with 5 goals scored last 2 games away (out of 9 total goals) I do not see why to not score totay against a modest team. The only problem I see here is related to their recent elimination against a team from Luxembug. There are some poblems in the team but they are a big club..... and I hope the problem has been overcome.
  9. Please be aware that the form and other few values are calculated only for a few days before. so maybe some games will have values only with 3-4 days before kick-off Regarding kick off hour, may be a mistake but please also check your time zone on SETTINGS On the other hand, due too many updates (new features) if you do not use/update the program for a long time not all updates will be applied correctly on some computers. This happens even on Windows when apply updates over updates over updates on the same sesion. I do not say it is correct or good but all I can do so far. Here is how you can set the time zone:
  10. Natural strategy

    As I promised, I start today my strategy.. All the selections will be based on something similar with what I explained on previous posts, The stake is 1 unit for each game. Will be only 1,x,2, over or under (because I do not have AH odds on my software yet). 1. Osijek - Lok. Zagreb 2 @ 5.30 2. Avai - Figueirense 2 @ 4.45.
  11. Maybe I did not explain myself good enugh. All PL users that will request VIP license will receive it.
  12. No. The license depends on computer so it can not be used on other computers. Ok, I have to admit that would be not correct to release the VIP license after the week-end so if anyone wants to apply for a free VIP license for the entire software life please write here until tomorrow night (if you have not done already) install the software, click the UPDATE button then follow the instructions provided there. Just write your PL username when request the license. I will release VIP license to all of them As I see, here are 4-5 requests already.
  13. If you sent the error report, you will receive an answer to your email address. Anyway, this was a problem between seasons if you do not update for a long time but it is now fixed. I recommend you to install the new season version. Your codes should be the same. Regarding the VIP codes, of course if the number of requests will be much more then 2 I will give 1-2 more licenses for PL members. On the other hand, the free version does not block access to most of the program as you said. Only if you consider less then 10% of the features "most of ". :))
  14. All the licenses for August (5) are taken. Will be 2 more licenses every month. As I said earlier, on 3th of each month will release 2 VIP license. If will have more than 2 requests (we already have 2 so far), will consider the registration date on PL. On the other hand, Nobody requested that but was only my need so, after I created so many features at users requests it is just my turn I am very sure that you will like the new features!! 1. I added the possibility to show UPCOMING table without calculating the teams values. So if you want, the table will be created extemely fast. Also you may need to see only home or only away values..etc. 2. You can create a filter in the past and see what would have been the results on different markets !!! There are 4 filters and all (+ highlight filter on the right side) works togeter. You can filter considering ODDS, Place in the table (Total or home/away), ELO, FORM, 3. More than that, on the bottom side will see now all possible profit for all the games in the table, for 1,x,2,over and under
  15. Natural strategy

    Ok, thank you Just to make a little bit more clear my strategy I will show you something. I know that the interval is too short for relevant results but just wanted to underline the system not the results. Following days will check for much bigger periods. I set the following filter for all the games in the interval 01.08--25.08. later edit: I switched home with away but corrected now 1. Away teams - place 1-5 in their lleague away table 2. Home teams - place on home table bigger than 5 places over away team place. (here I have to check the condition ) 3. Round - at least 10 rounds played 4. Away team odds - bigger than 3.00 The results are in the following picture: 12 games, 5H-2D-5A, 3.74 proffit, +31% Also you can see in the picture 4 next games (the Chile league game has been played - result 1-0) From my strategy point of view is very interesting the Japan league game. As you can see home team has a good position in total table but only 9th on the home table since away team is on 8th position on total table but had very good reults away (3th position). They won 4 out of last 5 games away. Of course there will need more info about last events but at first sight seems very interesting to play something against home team. Maybe a small handicap...etc The odds are excellent in my opinion. Later edit: the odds for the home team are dropping now. Probably a lot of players put money on home team. They did not receive goal on their last 4 games at home but against bottom teams. From my point of view there are more reasons to back away team (with handicap)