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  1. If you have activated private export 11 (similar odds analyser), you can just right-click on the game, and all data is transferred. In "similar odds analyser", you can play with odds to check the main markets' yields and streaks. Be aware of the "gambling fallacy"!
  2. I don-t think you will find many games where both teams had 2 draws in a row at home (away) In the UPCOMING section search for games, (I set the next 5 days) where both home/away had 2 draws in the last 2 games at home/away. Similar you find games only one of the team (home or away) had 2 draws. I found 3 games, 2 of them in Spain 2 (check the first picture) So, I will check, using the Advanced Goals Statistics what happens after is draw at HT in Spain 2, since 2005 (check the second picture ) The same way, you can play with it. You can set in the AGS module even the teams you want (instead of the entire league) to see what happens. Etc...
  3. Understood now. It-s not possible directly but a workaround. I will post some pictures with explanations later or tomorrow morning
  4. I am not sure I understand. Please send me more details about what you want to see.
  5. Big news in Upcoming: New markets in the backtesting area!!!! (virtual strategy) Between 01.04-30.05, Premier's games where both teams scored in at least 4 out of the last 5 games. I was checking O2.5 (+3.3%) but was surprised to see O3.5 (+23%).
  6. The new season's export feature is ready! If you want to use the database for your own (better) projects, CGMBet is happy to help you! Here is an example of how to do that.
  7. A new very strong feature has been added to the UPCOMING screen. You can define 2 custom columns where to see a formula based on 5 Home + 5 Away columns, ELO, form..etc. You can write any formula you want. The program will check the formula and if it is green is good, red is not good. Please check the picture below.
  8. I will explain now to new users how to set a simple strategy in the Upcoming module. Find next 3 days' games where the away teams have odds>2 but: not lost, scored, had a good yield last 3 games away
  9. I know that the full program version can be overwhelming for those just starting out in software that processes data. So, I created a version called "CGMBet Basic", with the basic tools from Tables, H2H, Upcoming, Statistics. Yet, it-s still more than you will find around.
  10. In the UPCOMING module, I added the possibility to set different parameters for Home/Away teams. If you set the encircled button "H<>A" you will be able to set different parameters for the Away columns. Please note that you can set different parameters for each column also. Anyway, if you don-t need it, just keep the button on the position "H=A" It is a new, very complex feature and bugs are possible. Please report.
  11. Good news! 1. The new columns (calculated values & new O/U markets) can be exported, free, to XLS for other projects! 2. The new users can take advantage of Christmas discounts! 3. I am trying to finish the "Save(Load) configuration" module by Christmas
  12. Using the new features in UPCOMING, step by step: Only games where home&away teams had the last 10 games (H vs A): > 50% O2.5, > 70% games scored > 70% games conceded Finally, only games where O2.5 odds>1.8 Warning: there are no tips or strategies but just an example of using.
  13. There is already 60% off. The discount can not be applied again. ( 50% off from 60%? off)
  14. Check the strength of past opponents. It is easy to have a good record against weaker teams. Dortmund - over 3.00 to win today? Leipzig won 14 out of their 15 points against bottom teams. Please check all available info and make your own decision!
  15. I have a long list of questions from new users like "Is it possible to do/see/check/..."? Is it possible to see in what leagues the big favourites won more games after conceding the first goal and are behind at HT (any score)?
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