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** November Poker League Result : 1st ian309, 2nd juanmoment, 3rd McG **
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** October Naps Competition Result: 1st sirspread, 2nd kenisbusy, 3rd Artie77, 4th Mick33. KO Cup Winner: The Equaliser, Most Winners: CS333 **


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  1. There is already 60% off. The discount can not be applied again. ( 50% off from 60%? off)
  2. Check the strength of past opponents. It is easy to have a good record against weaker teams. Dortmund - over 3.00 to win today? Leipzig won 14 out of their 15 points against bottom teams. Please check all available info and make your own decision!
  3. I have a long list of questions from new users like "Is it possible to do/see/check/..."? Is it possible to see in what leagues the big favourites won more games after conceding the first goal and are behind at HT (any score)?
  4. Good morning! Here are 5 games and an accumulator (5.99) generated by the "Suggestions" module this morning. They are games generated based only on stats and need further assessment to be good to play. "Believe nothing you hear and only one half that you see." Edgar Allan Poe
  5. It-s time to focus on the Live module so I added a few improvements, including 50% more speed and update every 1-6 seconds It offers a lot of filters to focus only on your type of games, to see min by min what happened in another day's games...etc Improved filters for live games, including the "between minutes" filter, that were requested by the users.
  6. The CGMBET's Early Alert System allows you to see very fast only the games you are interested in. e.g.: next 3 days' games where both H&A teams, in the last 5: - no games ended 0-0 - at least 3 games BTTS Here is a video that shows how to do that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2R41Qo3dEIY
  7. Very interesting question from a new user. It seems to me like a risky LTD strategy In a balanced game, what is the % of games where the team that scored the first goal scored at least one more goal, without conceding until FT? Solution: AGM, for the top 5 leagues as an example
  8. For advanced users! I am pleased to introduce one of the biggest addition of this year to the AGM. e.g. As I heard, one of the worst scenarios in LTD is when the underdog scores first. Now, you can clearly see which league/team to avoid However, you should do your own analysis. As a bonus, I added a tab, "Settings", where you can set the favourite's odds.
  9. A video about how to use the AGM to find an answer to a not very simple problem If we have 2 goals scored until the 80th, the per cent of O2.5 goals at the FT depends on what was expected, before the game, for O2.5? If you like it, will be more, soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IECwqoa7eI
  10. For this weekend let-s say we want to analyse only games where both teams scored&conceded the last 3 games, home&away AND the current O25 odds are > 2.75 I found 5 games out of almost 500 in less than 30 secs. It-s just an example of using the tool. Please do a full analysis
  11. A slightly more complicated problem sent by a user. Top 5 leagues, it is 0-0 in the 60min then, until the 70min, EXACTLY one goal is scored. Being in 70th min, it would be OK to take 1.15 for U2.5 at FT? Based on the last 16 seasons, the answer is negative.
  12. I will continue to show you how to approach different situations. A user asked: How to see how many games home teams, not big favourites, won after 0-0 at HT if they played the entire 2nd half without a player? Answer: 1 out of 15 (I didn't expect so few)
  13. So, based on the belief that there might be many upsets in the first rounds, I found 4 games last week. In 3 of them, the big favourite did not win. I am thinking to do the same thing today, so I searched the games played next 3 days, in the first 3 rounds, where 1. Away team has the odds > 4.00 2. Home team did not win > 50% games last season 3. Away team did not lose > 50% games last season I found the following games (see the picture below) that meet all the conditions. Please be aware that statistics will never be enough for making the best decision. It's just the beginning of hard work that puts you above those who bet only based on feeling and luck.
  14. Many users asked for a different approach when using the Advanced Goals Module. I did not change the first tab of the AGS - you can use it as before by clicking the TAB 1 - on the top of the form If you select tab no.2 you can find a different filter, highlighted on the picture below. You can set 3 moments in the game then to see the results at 90 minutes. For example, here I set the following condition to see how many games ended "draw" at 90 min 1. Home team leads with 1-0 in 10 min 2. Home team lead in the 60 min - no matter the score 3. In the 80 min we have a draw I applied the filters for all seasons for Premier league, all games. The result is 39 games and the answer to my question is 64.10% of the games ended a draw. That means that in the rest of 35.90% one team scored in the last 10 minutes. Of course. the sample is not big enough but it is just an example of how to use the new feature (Please note that PL registered users have 50% off for the software's lifetime access.. just contact me)
  15. Please send the email again but I would recommend using the support system
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