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  1. Please send the email again but I would recommend using the support system
  2. There are not live stats. It is just a module where can find in play "value" and a lot of filters...etc You don-t have shots/corners...etc
  3. How to find the most underrated teams of the moment using CGMBet. Here are my criteria, but you can play with the parameters.
  4. Hi My last message here was almost 1 year ago. I am fine, thank you If you followed me over the years probably you know that every few weeks there is a major new feature. Now, you can imagine what happened during one year. Of course, it-s too much to write here all but I ca tell that has been big improvements in almost all sections. What I like the most are the improvements in the Advanced Goals Statistics. Can set a lot of filters, minute, goals, even to pick a live game with the score, minute, teams ELO then see what happend in the past ..with percent, odds ...et
  5. Most of us can't see all the matches played until a certain moment and make decisions for the next match based strictly on the past results and not on what really happened on the field. It is impossible to fix it but we can try something. Example:.... Round 17: C. Palace - Brighton 1-1 Shots on target: 4-10 Ball possession: 34-66 Don-t you think that C. Palace - Brighton 1-3 would have been a better result to be considered for the next decisions?
  6. Following a few suggestions, I made a zoom to 2016 season and added Leicester. Extremely interesting. All big 5 dropped below 2000 ELO points at the same time (probability < 0.5 %), exactly when Leicester went to it's maximum ever, a little bit over big 5 average.
  7. Another interesting picture: I generated the ELO graph for top 5 teams in Premier, starting with 2005 season, almost 600 games. 1. There is a general downward trend, obviously. 2. Without underestimating the merits of Leicester, something happened to top5 in the 2016 season.
  8. Probably most of us are wondering if the (successful) strategies available before the lockdown will work after the season is resumed First of all, my opinion is that during the lockdown was a bad idea to bet unless you have info about the teams involved in Belarusian second league. On other words, it would have been a kind of lotto for me but for a guy that lives in Belarus would have been a gold mine. As he knows the teams and the players will find easier the value especially because there will be a lot of guys like me that don-t even can read correctly the teams name.
  9. Hi I am 100% sure you will find the answer to your questions as here are many very experienced guys around. Until one of them answers you, please allow me to share my conclusions after, a few years ago, I asked myself a similar question. Of course, as I said, this is just an opinion I developed based on my research. Here is just a very short summary. I will not give names or examples. Assuming that you are an honest player, and don-t try to take any undeserved advantage and you are not addicted and with problems related to gambling I found out that bookies can
  10. I would say, based on my own experience that is extremely complicated to calculate statistically how will be affected a team if one/two players are missing What I tried a few years ago it was to record all minutes played by each player, the results...etc. Then to compare what happened when the player was on the field with the games they were not. Soon, I realised this is not enough anyway. I find out that if a player is missing, there is extremely important (again) to see combinations of players. I found out that some players play much better and the team had better results if other
  11. Thank you Froment for your intervention. You are right, my software is just a tool not a prediction software. It is just a paint brush. Not even an excellent quality paint brush can quarantee that if you will be the next Van Gogh but for sure will help those that have talent and work hard to sell more paintings than those that paint with low quality colored pencils. :)) Hi Zabadac, interesting comments. You contradict yourself a little bit when said "to beat the bookies". After that, you are right in my opinion, we need to be more informed, equiped ...etc than the other players not
  12. It-s extremely hard without results, numbers, tables, statistics. So, just to see some random results and standings I created a kind of game. It is about a virtual league. You can create a 20 teams league then play the season round by round or even minute by minute. The goals are scored based on what happened in similar played real games. In the SETTINGS menu you can choose 20 teams then a virtual season is generated when you save the teams. Finally, select the Virtual League like any other league and play it round by round. It-s possible to choose a team to follow (highli
  13. A tutorial to introduce the new Early Alert software Will learn to set up an alert and to backtest it. Many advanced users consider the backtesting module as one of the most powerful modules I have created so far. (and more features are coming).
  14. Last weekend, a colour blind user told me that couldn't distinguish between wins and draws and asked me if it is a chance to do something about. I did not feel very comfortable because I should think about this limitation earlier so I created a new tool that allows him, and everyone else, to change the colours across the software. It is very easy now to set the colours you want. Here is just a random example.
  15. The new Early Alert testing page gives ideas to advanced users If I can set a past period why do not see what would have been the yield for various markets if all the conditions are true? (operational soon)
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