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  1. I received a lot of criticism, obviously, and some referred to the fact that the complexity of the program is overwhelming for those who have just discovered football statistics (and not only). That-s why I created a Light version of the software for beginners or for those that just want basic football statistics. It works like "the mother software" with regular updates...etc but has only the main sections and inside sections, the main features.
  2. I think it is a very important topic. Until one of the experienced guys will help us with the answer I will say my opinion. I think that one of the mistake the player does is to increase the stake too early. We have to understand that betting is a game of probabilities and the probability to lose all bets for the rest of our life is not 0. It is extremely small but is not 0. Of course this is an extreme example.. The most logical answer is to increase to 2 units when your bank is 200, in order to keep 1% from bank. Probably this would say most of the players. The second logical answer would be to never increase the stake, and to save every 100 you get. Probably this would say just a few. I prefer a combination: I would keep the stake 1 until I have 300, then save 100 and increase the stake to 2. Now I have 200 and stake 2, still 1% but have 100 saved (my real pofit). A few comments here: Another mistake can be done is to think that the balance you see on your bookie, under your account are yours. No, the money are yours only when save them to your bank account. Will keep it until I have 400, then save 100 and increase to 3... And so on As I said, this is what I think in this Monday early morning, the worst hours for my brain in the entire week
  3. One of the friends of my project asked for a tool to see what happened on set rounds or against similar teams with current opp Now you can find it in H2H section Chelsea was one of the most profitable teams in the first 3 rounds. Man.Utd games were losers no matter what market
  4. Added new features and improvements lately The most important are: New odds engine that allows you to select where come the odds from (from a list of 3 main bookies for now) Will explain this a little bit later here I added in UPCOMING section a few new buttons to allow you to select the bookie you want to be shown in the system. For now, there are 3 main bookies but the list will continue. It is possible now to see the first odds collected ot the last odds collected (please note: first odds collected not the opening odds - but will be the same in many cases) If you want to see odds movement you will see an improved odds movement screen 2. A few new improvements in CGMBet Live Stats The most important thing so far is that I improved a lot the section where can see the games for future and past days. I added the odds stored for those games so it will be possible now to check the games a few days before and to be ready for action. For example you can see tomorrow games and can see what will be the probabilities for 0 minute but also for 25 minute at 0-1 score. The same thing for past games where you cam set the minute and will see the score at that minute and probabilities. That way you can compare with what really happened and to learn where are the best results.
  5. Should be OK now with the "upsets" section. I managed last week to check the Brasilian Serie A, last 6 seasons data, and I think it is good enough now to be added to the Live Stats software (96.45% goals minutes data accuracy - will be futher improved). More features will be added soon to Live Stats as I decided to focus on this for the next months, to be more helpful in preparing the next days. Of course the 50% discount coupon CGMPL1901 for PL registered members is still in place for the entire next season
  6. I am still working to set up the program for the next season. Will be good to go in a few days, including "upsets'
  7. I have never denied the fact that my database can be used even better then I use in my software so you always had the possibility to export More than that, from now on, in my members area, as VIP user, you can download in EXCEL format any league. The files contain the main data for the current season, including goals time and will be updated every morning. Past seasons data are comming also!
  8. Just a few minor but useful new features 1 Sound alert when a job is done in the main sections and when is value or a goal is scored in LiveStats 2 Mini help buttons placed where users had most questions 3 Open for other suggestions!
  9. Following the users request, the Statistics section is faster now with a completely new engine that will allow you to check very complex stats at league or team level. I had no idea that Lazio did not concede goals in the first half in the last 14 games!
  10. Good feedback for the LiveStats, especially used with "Form corection" option. Let-s see, for the top 5 leagues, how many correct scores will be among the three most probable, according to the program. Of course will depend on odds and the sample is extremely low also but...just let-s check, for today.
  11. Hi It is strange because I see the odds for Premier and First Division for the games you mentioned. Probably an update problem? Please close the software, start and update again. At this moment the odds are an average value from a few main bookies. Very soon will add the option to select what bookie you want (from around 10 bookies list) Thank you for reporting the problem, I will check anyway
  12. Starting now, 3 days free access on the house to try the entire power of the CGM software, including the brand new Live Stats! Install and ask for a license code! If you have VIP access already, just update. We know it’s April 1st but this is not an April fools day prank :))
  13. As you already know, in the Live Stats screen is possible to adjust the team's form. For example if you know a team that has a special motivation, missing key player...etc you can adjust the form by selecting the button next to the team. Now, I created the possibility to set some general conditions, for example: 1. If home team won at least 3 games in a row at home - will add +10% to their form. or 2. If away team did not score away at least 3 games in a row, its form will be affected by -20% are allowed to set no more than 3 conditions for home teams and 3 for away teams. More than that, You can set so the form will be affected automatically with -10% for each red card.
  14. Summer leagues are ready to start, next week-end. Brazil, Norway 1,2, Sweeden 1,2, Finland and Ireland have been added to Goals Stats and Live Stats with goals minutes for at least 5 seasons back.
  15. Just checked and the code "CGMPL1901" is active and assure 50% off. I do not exclude a temporary problem. Please check again