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  1. My picks for today.... All prices Bet365 1.50 Goodwood - Johnny Drama - 10/1 EW 3.00 Goodwood - Creative Force - 3/1 Win 2.40 Bev - Dick Datchery - 5/1 Win 3.50 Bev - Harvest Day - 7/1 EW 1.10 Yarmouth - Hi Ho Silver - 15/2 EW Good luck all.
  2. Thank you, best of luck to yourself. 👍
  3. All bets win only unless stated otherwise. Lingfield 3.00 Regal Rhapsody 5/1 2nd 3.30 Makashi 2/1 4th 3.30 Roman Power 20/1 EW 9th 4.05 Ghazaaly 20/1 EW 6th Ayr 2.50 Fandabidozi 9/2 2nd 3.20 Royal Advice 11/1 EW 6th. 4.30 Clay Regazzoni 8/1 6th 4.30 Sorbonne 10/1 EW 8th
  4. Thanks @Zilzalian! I guess my habit of EW betting is from when I first started betting, about 20 years ago. I was in my early 20s and a friend of mine, who I would go to the local Sean Graham bookies at lunch with, said something along the lines of "you should always bet each way, as that way you always get something back." I suppose that this way of thinking is indeed ingrained! Tomorrow, I will make all my best win bets! Thanks again everyone for your thoughts and advice.
  5. Thanks for expanding on this. Plenty for me to think about here, especially your last sentence. Good luck with your bets.
  6. Could you please elaborate on this a little? I would like to hear your thoughts. I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm here to learn from you, and others, who are more experienced. Best wishes.
  7. Good points. Just thinking about this a little more - I should stop putting EW in my selections as it may reflect a lack of confidence in my selections, and put others off.
  8. do you mean that you would back a horse to win and also place a separate bet for it to win? I've always done EW bets, not sure why. 😂 Cheers!
  9. Here are my selections for this rather quiet day of racing. Pontefract 1.55 Vieux Carre 4/1 2nd 2.30 Outback Boy 3/1 3rd 3.35 Regal Mirage 11/2 1st 🏆 4.40 Alpha Cru 3/1 1st 🏆 5.10 Van Gerwen 16/1 1st 🏆 Muselburgh 3.55 Edward Cornelius 15/2 1st 🏆 6.40 Let Me Be 6/1 Unplaced. All prices as per Bet365. All bets are EW.
  10. All bets are with bet365 and are EW. Newcastle 2.10 Stone Axe 10/1 10th 2.10 Tricky Business 10/3 1st 🏆 2.45 Soapys Sister 4/1 5th 2.45 Miss Nay Never 4/1 1st 🏆 3.55 Misscarlett 11/1 2nd 4.30 Hasty Sailor 7/2 1st 🏆 Newmarket 3.05 Modern Games 4/1 1st 🏆 3.05 Desert Angel 11/2 3rd 4.50 Fools Rush In 4/1 6th It has been a good day overall, hopefully some of you made a profit from my selections.
  11. @Zilzalian how do you compile your own speed figures? Are you rewatching old races or something like this?
  12. Thank you for your reply @Zilzalian. You certainly make some excellent points. Speed isn't something that I really considered in the past, but I will look at it more over my next few bets this weekend. I always started off looking at trainer and jockey, and then considered recent form, draw, what other horses are in the race etc. I will follow some of your bets over the weekend 👍
  13. @Zilzalian are there any races in which speed is the most important factor? I mean a race in which speed would be more important than jockey skill, or a top trainer?
  14. Well done mate, you seem to pretty much always pick the winners, no idea how you do it!
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