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** January Poker League Result : 1st McG, 2nd ian309, 3rd muttley **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st cookro, 2nd mickyftm32, 3rd Fire and Ice, 4th AdriaN92, 5th stuboy43 **
** January Naps Competition Result: 1st glavintoby 2nd PercyP, 3rd TVY. KO Cup Winner Alastair. Most Winners Wanderlust **


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  1. Bet 15 is a winner. I'm not going to push my luck any more today. My bank is £19.36, so I've nearly hit my target of £20. 👍
  2. I actually did want to put on another bet in the HK U23 vs Southern District match in Hong Kong, but it didn't get matched. HK23 are one of the worst teams and haven't won a game in months, so I thought it would have landed pretty easily - my bet was for over 1.5 goals. That game is only 7 minutes in and there are 3 goals already 😂 Bet 9 is -
  3. Where do you get the ref stats from Harry?
  4. Bet 6: Not really much else on today that I fancied. I also have a small bet on Real Madrid to win, I think it should be a relatively easy game for them.
  5. How do you choose matches for over 0.5 first half goals? Are you looking for anything specific?
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