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  1. RESULTS UPDATE The Big 3 got 4 winners though one ended up 1/40 Fav, however Resourceful Man put them into a small cumulative profit at 5/1 Price this a m. = +2.28 less 1.88 = +0.40 points C/Fwd One winner for me at 2.75 out of 3 selections, therefore a small loss of 0.25. However Loss yesterday = -4.23 so C/Fwd is now -4.48 points c/fwd 51 races tomorrow to look at. I am having real problems with the Timeform plugin atm. I seem to be able to see the ratings initially and then they don't work. Obviously, until I can get this sorted I won't be able to quote DTR's
  2. BEST OF THE BEST (Belated selections) 1.30 Sal Outbreak D 1/1 DTR 3.05 Sal Improvised 9/5 3.35 Sal Neenes Choice 6/5 DTR 1.15 Sed All Clenched Up 4/6 DTR 5.00 Dun Resouceful Man 5/1 DTR 7.15 Clon Macine Learner 11/4 Alt (1) 9/2 & (8) 6/1 6.55 Chelm Thefastnfurious 15/8 Alt (3) 7/2 (4) 7/2 7.25 Chelm Valiant Prince 1/12 No Alt bet 6.35 Nc Ace Rothstein 7/2 Alt (7) 15/2 & (4) 9/1 It's almost as if the world ends when you lose your internet connection. Makes me realise how vulnerable we all are
  3. My PC has been off line since 10 am this morning. I have to go back out now so I will post up the Best of The Best selections in about 3 hours time. These were available from 9 pm last night and cover 9 selections. I won't post up my alternatives which I had worked out apart from the 6.35 Nc as it would seem to be inappropriate to post up these as the races would have already been run Sorry for any inconvenience caused
  4. RESULTS UPDATE The Big 3 got 5 winners and 10 losers = -1.88 C/Fwd Equaliser got 5 winners and 10 losers = -4.23 C/Fwd The Big 3 were very very lucky in the 5.00 at Worcester. My horse Shoal Bay was 5 lengths in front 110 yards out and was full of running when the jockey's saddle slipped and unseated Brenden Powell. I should have finished ahead of the Big 3. But, hey that's racing I hope that there are not as many qualifiers tomorrow
  5. BEST OF THE BEST I didn't do this for all of August but for the period I did do it for these made a loss. I will now put these up throughout September at one point per selections, time willing, and record a cumulative total throughout. I will settle the bets at the prices quoted prices since favourites can be really shortened up at SP. I am putting half a point on other selections at prices I could have got on either Bet365 or Betfair which I have accounts for. I will just quote the saddle cloth number to save typing. I have purposely spent less than 5 minutes on choosing these selections as I it has been said that our poor experts are under a time limit pressure to choose their selections and as such give out rubbish information. I am doing this so as to even up the time taken to make selections. This being so I will not be placing money on these selections but will use them to see if at the end of the month if I do better or worse than our illustrious tipsters. With the Big 3, you can either back them, back against them or for the "bleeding obvious" of what is to be expected as quoted by @Valiant Thor why not "Lay" them. 4.45 Bath Vive La Danse 15/8 Alt (1) 11/4 & (3) 7/1 1/2 pt win on each = the same for all the following alternatives 1.30 Lin Beholding 4/7 DTR Alt (2) 9/4 & (3) 7/1 2.30 Lin Kimngrace 13/8 DTR Alt (9) 10/3 & (5) 4/1 3.30 Lin Clegane 7/2 Alt (1) 3/1 & (4) 5/1 2.20 Uttx Du De Bourban 10/11 DTR Alt (3) 13/2 & (6) 15/2 3.50 Uttx Richie Valentine 7/2 DTR Alt (2) 4/1 & (1) 8/1 2.05 Gow Mother Country 10/3 Alt (1) 7/2 & (7) 11/2 2.35 Gow Fly Girl 5/4 DTR Alt (4) 9/2 & (3) 6/1 4.05 Gow Rekero 3/1 DTR Alt (9) 9/4 & (3) 9/1 4.30 Worc Mix Of Clover 15/8 Alt (5) 9/4 & (4) 6/1 5.00 Worc Quyartz Du Rhea 6/4 DTR Alt (1) 7/2 & (5) 4/1 7.05 Worc Galata Bridge 6/5 Alt (3) 6/1 & (2) 13/2 4.50 Ham Edward Cornelius 5/4 DTR Alt (2) 4/1 & (3) 6/1 6.50 Ham Forza Orta 8/11 Alt (4) 10/3 & (2) 8/1 7.50 Ham Temper Trap 2/1 DTR Alt (2) 15/2 & (6) 8/1
  6. RESULTS UPDATE The big 3 had 2 winners and 3 losers today making about half a point profit
  7. Many thanks for your assistance in trying to make me profitable. All the above is not free because you have to subscribe or buy the Racing Post to get the information unless you are hanging around a news stand to get it. My point is that the three main on line sporting tipsters, RP Spotlight, ATR /Oddschecker (= same selections) and the Timeform selections as published on the ATR web site when combined together should do better than they have been doing. It is no excuse imo to say that the writers are under pressure to meet deadlines and so have to make a hurried choice or stick a pin in the race card and print what comes out. These people charge the betting public money for giving out information that should help them find winners. It is just not good enough I know that I could look at Naps, I subscribe to Napchecker and have access to all the Naps that are available when I want them. My exercise has only run for the last part of August. It must be worthwhile to continue it, even if it gives guys like you an edge in concluding that the selections will lose and therefore you can comfortably eliminate the runner and focus on other horses in the race. As I have said I will continue this for September but will be opposing the selections where they are short priced favourites. I will place 1/2 a point on each selection and see how they stack against the big 3's selections on a points basis. I will also continue with my multiple bets whether it be a Trixie or Yankee, I would never do a lucky 15. Good luck with your MLM selection process I hope that it starts working again for you soon
  8. I can't do that because my reasons for choosing the two opponents will vary. Sure, I could do it if I was to say only choose the second and 3rd favourites but I don't want to be tied to that. Beside, I never paper trade; it is too boring. I'd rather risk small sums of cash and see how it goes.
  9. I just find it all fascinating that combining the three main sporting press tipsters still manages to lose money. And don't forget, I also added in both top rated (DTR) selections too. To be fair to them I will continue to report during September but will only back their selections when they are at decent prices, which isn't very often. I will try half a point win on two other runners when the prices of their clear favourites are between 1/2 & 2/1. No bet if they are not favourite though. Let's see if that makes a profit. There is always an angle on anything and I hope to find it 🙂
  10. Which web site is this please? Sorry just realised its flatstats
  11. 4.35 Eps Pentimento one point win at 7/1 with Bet365
  12. I am really glad that you got this winner. I am still kicking myself that I missed a 6/1 Will Buick runner. Not sure how you found it. Did you use a first time blinkers stat? The RP slagged it off whilst the Timeform seemed positive. Six UK tipsters recommended it. The price of sleeping in Grrrrrrrrrrr.
  13. Many thanks. As I said above I will be looking elsewhere to find my multiple selections. I wonder why you say I am spending my time to find the obvious? Is it obvious then that staff paid to find winners by the the premium publications in the UK hire idiots to put up selections for punters to follow? This doesn't seem to make sense to me. If they don't give out enough winners then they lose credibility. I did and do not expect the big 3 selections to be profitable but imo it is worthwhile to list them out so as to find other angles on the selections as mentioned in my post. Would you "lay" all their selections? That's another possible profitable angle.
  14. BEST OF THE BEST It was quite shocking yesterday to find that 13 out of 15 of these lost. I know I get feelings of the sporting media press supporting the bookmaking industry with their selections but perhaps it is just the nature of horse racing. In any event it would seem that even combined experts cannot find selections to make their punters some money. I am now thinking of an angle on this of finding two challengers to the clear short priced favourite qualifiers , anything from 1/2 to 2/1 against and having half a point win on each. If the qualifier is not favourite then no bet. I will see how that goes. My experiment of backing the big 3 selections in a multiple ends earlier than scheduled since the small choice of available selections at available prices with reservations about most of them does not seem worthwhile. My choice for multiples will now revolve around a wider range of tipster selections including PL members recommendations. 1.00 Selb's Pride Evens (was 8/11 last night) DTR 4.15 Rip Near Kettering 9/2, 11/2 (was on offer at 9/4, 11/4 last night) Had £2 to win at 8.6 = £14.90 p if it wins. Sure the market says the wheels have dropped off it but hopefully it is the same horse turning up. My battle with trying to understand markets seems to be ever confusing. The bookies always shorten up prices when they suspect that they could be exposed to a winner. However, I am in the "drifters" or "higher price" camp in an effort to try and gain some sort of edge. For those who are persuaded that the market knows best I suggest that they follow what @MCLARKE once wrote, I believe, and this is to WAIT until a few minutes just before a race is set to go off and then strike your bet on the market mover. In the hours running up to the start of a race there are too many price movements that may dupe one into thinking that a specific horse is the main market mover only to find that come the time of the race another beast has taken it place. 4.25 N Abb Beholden 2/7 steady DTR 5.15 Hex Captain Cobajay 2/1 (13/8 last night) 6.45 Hex Sea Prince 5/4 steady DTR Got up late today so late in looking up Hot Trainers runners today
  15. RESULTS UPDATE Only one winner in my multiples so nothing returned = -£12.00 No winners with my hot trainers tips so £7.00 lost Total loss = £19.00. this brings my new balance to £704.99 (Bank £1056.22) Two flat and two jumps meetings tomorrow = 28 races so at least I cannot do worse tomorrow
  16. Absolute shocker for the big 3 today. Only two winners and one being 1/4. Therefore 13 losers & two winners = return 4.50 = - 8.50 points on the day Bookies benefit day today from the big 3
  17. 6.45 Ros Wajaaha one point win at 100/30 with Bet365
  18. HOT TRAINERS Absolutely fascinating to look at Mark Johnston has 8 runners today. Can't back 'em all and focussing on bigger priced runners 2.30 Rip Dream With Me £1 win at 15/2 2.40 Wolv Julie Johnston £1 win at 7/1 3.40 Rip Maries Diamond £1 win at 13/2 Richard Hannon 3.10 Eps Lexington Dash £1 win at 7/1 Mrs J Harrington 6.45 Ros Theory Of Music £1 win at 18/1 7.45 Ros See The Love £1 win at 7/1 Clive Cox 3.50 Wolves Wowzers £1 win at 12/1 )looks like the hooves have dropped off this one; was 11/2 at one point £7.00 spent Total spend £19.00 Will be interesting to see how these runners compare with our illustrious tipsters Good luck to all this cloudy bank holiday Monday
  19. There are so many qualifiers with odds above even money in my list of the big 3 today that I have decided to go for three Trixies at £1 each = £4.00 bets. One thing that is noticeable is that most prices have shortened over night so I should have placed the bets last night. Also, I had to choose Bet365 as Betfair Sportsbook is being extra mean in cutting prices today 5.10 Ros Chavajod 7/2 5.55 Cart Keeper Chris 5/1 6.45 Ros Wajaaha 7/2 £1 win Trixie = poss return of £195.75 2.30 Rip Myristica 2/1 3.40 Rip Kettle Hill 13/8 3.30 Cart Hatcher 15/8 £1 win Trixie = poss return of £46.67 2.00 Eps Enkindle 7/4 3.10 Eps Titan Rock 7/4 4.40 Ros Punakha 15/8 £1 win Trixie = Poss return of £45.10 £12.00 Total outlay so far I may come back for a third leg recovery bet if any of the first two legs fail in the above multiples I'm off to look at the hot trainers and jockey rides now. very exciting
  20. I think most regulars know which tipsters I mean with the following selections but just to be a bit more discreet from now on I am going to call them Best Of The Best. Anyone can PM me for full details if they wish to to do so. The big 3 lost 3.70 points yesterday so let's hope they do better today. Posting up early as I know people will be busy over the Bank Holiday BEST OF THE BEST 2.30 Rip Myristica (SDS) 7/4 3.40 Rip Kettle Hill 9/4 (in form trainer & Jockey) DTR = Double Top Rated too 4.15 Rip Mango Boy 6/4 DTR 2.00 Eps Enkindle u/raced 2yo 7/4, 15/8 (in form trainer/Jockey) 3.10 Eps Titan Rock 5/2 DTR 3.45 Eps Cemhaan 6/4 DTR 4.00 Chep Foxy Femme 11/8 DTR 4.35 Chep Pavlodar 10/11 DTR 4.40 Ros Punakha 7/4 5.10 Ros Chavajod 5/2, 7/2 5.45 Ros Jazz Dreamers 15/8 DTR 6.45 Ros Wajaaha 7/2, 9/2DTR (had a £3 win bet at 9/2 with Bet365) 1.10 DownP Hurricane Georgie 8/11 DTR 3.30 Cart Hatcher 7/4 5.20 Cart Sacre Pierre 4/7 DTR 5.55 Cart Keeper Chris 11/4, 3/1 DTR Some of these may provide me with fodder for some multiples later Good luck to all
  21. RESULTS UPDATE Well no winners today bur very interesting for me. The big 3 lost 3.70 points so I'm glad I didn't follow them. The hot trainer bets did not win either but this is something that I like as it fits in with my top jockeys and apprentices. There were a few instances where these runners did better than the favourites so this gives me hope. I lost £9.00 today and my new balance is £723.99 (Bank £1056.22) 49 races tomorrow in the UK and Ireland so I best do a bit of work now
  22. 4.15 Bev Violette Szabo one point win at 10/1 with Bet365
  23. Been looking at "hot" trainers associated with jockey bookings on a dull Sunday 4.15 Bev Jupiter Road £1 win at 12/1 (NTinkler) + Violete Szabo (FM3) £1 win at 12/1 (NT again) 2.15 Gd Rayong (SDS) £1 win at 12/1 K Burke) Mark Johnston has Mr Excellency in the 4.35 Gd with Will Buick aboard at around 7/2. This disappointed last time and no one recommends it so I won't play G Boughey has Uncs in the 3.15 at Yar 6/4 a bit too short for me The Hagass seems to have best chances in Deauville today 2.50 Light Refrain 13/2 and perhaps even better Johan in the 3.25 at around 4/1. Not played this either I am looking for a link to match up my favourite jockeys/apprentices but with so many qualifiers on any one racing day this has proved difficult. Perhaps this is it? 🙂 I also earlier backed Catch Cunningham in the 2.30 at Bev £3.00 at 5.08 = £11.98 if it wins. Interesting to see that Karl Burke has the favourite Come Quick at 5/2 and Nigel Tinkler has Golden Duke with FM3 aboard. Very keen to see if the hot trainer's horse(s) outrun the top 3 tipster selection No Yankee today £6.00 staked so far 5.00 Yar Elakazaam £1 win at 10/1 (K Burke). Won't mind if Molly Shaw beats mine; @MCLARKEdeserves a bit of luck 4.35 Gd Mr Excellency (WB) £2 win at 7.8 = £13.33 p if it wins. Couldn't resist backing the high plains drifter £9.00 now staked in total
  24. THE SAME SELECTIONS OF THREE WELL KNOWN TIPSTERS The big three made about half a point profit yesterday. I did get myself out of a hole after having a number of other silly £2 bets when I was bored, by backing Alquamar yesterday which just about won for me. 2.40 Yar Find 4/11 (DTR) 2.50 Gd Firth Of Clyde 4/5 (was 10/11 last night) (DTR) 1.55 Bev Beltane 13/8 (was 11/8 last night)(DTR) 2.50 Bev Catch Cunningham 4/1 (was 9/2 last night) (have had £3.00 win at 5.08 = £11.98 p if it wins) 3.05 Bev Arctic Emperor 13/8 (was 2/1 last night) Since I don't back odds on there is no scope for a Yankee on the above selections today. I could do a Trixie but somehow don't think it is worth it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Only one winner at 30/100. Hence -3.70 points lost today. Very poor showing Not sure I will have time to do this but I like the idea of highlighting the best in form trainer and or Jockey runner alongside these selections and see which ones perform better.
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