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  1. Many thanks. You were spot on about Ralph Beckett, he even beat me with his other runner If Not Now. As you pointed out it looked as if RR was the main selection. However, it goes to show what great form he was in today at Salisbury. Well done for pointing this out.
  2. (A) 1.25 Sal Tony Montana 3/1 @The Brigadiernap (B) 1.36 War Dollar Bae 5/2 (C) 1.59 Sal Rebel Red 2/1 (D) 3.21 War Getalead 11/10 (E) 3.56 War Dindin 11/4 AB, BC, CD, DE = 4 x 1.50 win doubles = 6 pts poss ret 60.25 pts 1.25 Sal Falcon Nine 0.60 win at 6/1 1.36 War Spitfire Girl 0.60 win at 11/2 1.59 Sal Spider Murphy 1 pt win at 6.8 3.21 War Cold Stream 1 pt win at 6.2 3.56 War Somekindastar 1 pt win at 4.16 Total stakes 10.20 for early races; back later ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Not doing too well 3.44 Sal Wallop 5/2 @The Brigadier 5.30 Sal La Pulga 7/2 @The Brigadier 1 x 3 pt win double = poss return of 47.25 Single 1 pt win cover bet on Flag Flying in the 3.44 at 10/3 Total stakes now 14.20 4.19 Sal going with the high draw runners Beyond Equal 0.5 ew at 17/2 @The Brigadierand Sky Blue Pink 0.5 ew at 14/1 @TVYand @Gary66 5.30 Sal La Pulga 1.50 win at 5.0 @The Brigadier 6.00 Chelm Fully Wet 5 pts win at 15/8 @The Brigadier and Miss Cynthia 0.30 ew at 100/1 @PercyP 8.30 Chelm Lilia Girl 1 pt ew at 6/1 @Wanderlustand Ostillio 0.30 ew at 50/1 @Donnyflyerand @Craggwood 24.90 total stakes
  3. What do you think of Rebel Red in the 1.59 Sal?
  4. Glad I gave Nottingham a swerve 5.16 Bang Mark The Man 1 pt win at 9.4 and Rhodia 0.60 ew at 16/1 @justanotherpunter 6.00 Km Boldemero 1 pt ew at 7.8 @The Brigadier 6.30 Km Almhuit 2 pt win at 11/4 @The Brigadier and Hasty Sailor 1 pt win at 10.5 Boldemero and Almhuit = 2 pt win double. Poss return 52.50 Total stakes = 7.20 RESULTS UPDATE Just 1 placed winner today which returned 2.52 points. Many thanks to @justanotherpunter for that. This meant a loss of 4.68 pts. My MTD is +120.31 and YTD -176.26 Shocking results at Nottingham; a real bookies benefit Mainly class 4 racing at Salisbury and Warwick tomorrow so these should keep me amused.
  5. What a bummer, when you back Tom Marquand he finishes last and when you don't back him he finishes first.
  6. RESULTS UPDATE It was tough for my fancied selections that I chained together in doubles. Typical the last one won so I missed out on a double. I didn't think it worthwhile to chance a singles bet on the last race as I was already in profit. Maple Jack winning almost got me to break even but it was @Zilzalian's brilliant 28/1 selection Kajaki that turned my day into a profitable one. I sincerely hope that some other members spotted his post and were on as well. My profit today was 10.32 points. This makes my MTD +124.99 and YTD - 171.58 Lots of class 2 races tomorrow at Nottingham (Grassroute Final Series). Looks to be quite a lot of runners in them though. Nothing much elsewhere.
  7. Had Shaladar earlier but didn't put it up which is next to useless. Not much time today so relying quite heavily on members' selections Horses for multiples are (A) 2.26 Sou Judge Earle 7/2 @The Brigadier (B) 3.20 Sed Master Malarchi 10/11 @The Brigadier@Ferki (C) 3.36 Sou Translink 7/2 @Johnrobertson (D) 3.55 Sed Idilico 10/3 (E) 4.39 Ayr First Impression 11/4 @The Brigadier Four 1.50 win doubles AB, BC, CD, DE = poss returns of 12.58, 12.88, 29.25 and 24.37 Total = 6 points staked I will come back later to see if I need to try and rescue any stakes with single(s) bets Singles and savers 2.19 Ayr Maple Jack 1 pt win at 9.2 and Summer Sands 0.30 ew at 10/1 @Peter York 2.54 Ayr The Organiser 0.60 ew at 14/1 @The Brigadier 3.55 Sed Kajaki 0.30 ew at 28/1 @Zilzalian Total stakes = 9.40 today Good luck all, some of these races look mighty competitive
  8. Focussed on just a few races today Strongest looking selections: 2.48 Ham Beautiful Secret 7/2 @The Brigadier 3.23 Ham Stunning Beauty 9/2 @The Brigadierew selection at 11/2 1 x 3 pt win double = poss return of 74.25 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Singles and savers 2.48 Ham Spanish 4.02 at 2.78 = 11.03 ret, +Beautiful secret 1.50 win at 4/1 3.23 Ham Imdemnify 2 pts win at 3.85, Stunning Beauty 1.2 win at 5.7 and Crownthorpe 0.60 ew at 12/1 @black rabbit 4.03 N Abb The Height Of Fame 2 pts win at 4.6 @The Brigadierand 1 pt win on Maroochi at 3.70 saver (backed off the boards but looks to have a good chance even so) Total stakes 15.92 -------------------------------------------------- Got a "yard" gamble tip on my phone from someone I don't know. This was for Shahnaz at 9/4 in the 4.33 Hamilton This is a now 5/2 favourite in an 11 runner class 5 event. I won't be backing it but if it is in anyone's tracker they may want to take a look ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESULTS UPDATE My double failed but my cover bets meant that I made a small profit of 1.63 (A dead heat in the 4.03 at Newton Abbot. My MTD is +114.67 and YTD -181.90 There are a few open class 4 and upwards races tomorrow so I hope that I have some better opportunities than I did today
  9. 2.48 Ham Beautiful Secret 1 pt win at 4/1 with Bet365
  10. RESULTS UPDATE My double comes in courtesy of @richard-westwood's top rated selection Marlay Park. Many thanks to him and good compensation for him regarding the Irish Cesarewitch. The other most striking winner was @The Brigadier's Nap Flower Of thunder in the 4.09 at Yarmouth. It drifted from the Brigadiers price of 9/4 to 10/1 and beat the hot pot favourite Mustazeed by 3/4 length. My MTD is now +113.06 and YTD -183.51. A very pleasing day when I spend a lot of time sifting through the races and have a good win. Not much in the way of class racing tomorrow so winner finding may prove to be difficult
  11. 5.05 Eps Marlay Park 1 pt win at 7/2 with Bet365
  12. 3.25 Eps Saratoga Gold 2/1 5.05 Eps Morlay Park 7/2 @richard-westwood My PL Nap today) 1 x 3 pt win double = poss return of 40.50 (couldn't find a third for a Trixie today+ ------------------------------------------------------------------ Singles and cover bets 1.40 Eps Majestic Newlaw 0.6 win at 8/1 (Tricky race) 2.50 Eps In My Crown 1 pt win at 6.2; Restorer 1 pt win at 7.8 @The Brigadier 3.25 Eps Tartan chief 1.50 win at 3.3; Eloso 0.6 win at 8/1 @The Brigadier 4.30 Eps New Pursuit 1 pt win at 5/2, Tribal Wisdom 1 pt win at 8.2 @The Brigadier and Wodeton 1 pt win at 7.0 5.05 Eps Hodler 1 pt win at 4.3 @richard-westwood, Rich Waters 0.60 win at 13/2, Ortago 0.30 win at 10/1 @Peter Yorkand Gosney Gold 0.15 ew at 28/1 4.09 Yarm Flower Of Thunder 0.60 win at 9/1 @The Brigadier's Nap but a big drifter and Thefastnthecurious 0.60 win at 7/1 (Tom Marquand rides for Richard Spencer. Tons of money for Mustazeed but I'll let it win at a short price 4.15 Curragh Loads of good pointers from PL members today but I'll just go 0.30 ew on Maze Runner for 7 places at 16/1. Looks a value bet to me Total stakes = 15.10 Good luck to all, especially in the Irish Cesarewitch Had a few winners so far. I have had another point win on Hodler in the 5.05 at Epsom = 2 pts now at 4.25. This is a saver bet on @richard-westwood's second top rated just in case my double gets scuppered on his top rated selection Morlay Park 16.10 stakes today
  13. You are so brave taking on the O'Brien's horses and the Willie Mullins horse ridden by Rachael Blackmore. I wish you the best of luck in running with your selections 🤞
  14. Probably spent too much but here goes: 3.30 M/R De Barley Basket 2/1 (up 9lbs?) 3.48 Rip Justanotherbottle 11/4 (my nap; hoping this will beat Marks Choice the other course specialist) 4.05 M/R Kihavah 6/1 0.5 win Trixie = 2.00 poss return 68.61 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.05 Hd Akhu Najla 7/2 @Alastair 3.00 Nm Blackbeard 7/2 @richard-westwood 4.15 Nm Mubhijah 5/2 0.5 win Trixie = 2.00 poss return of 61.29 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Singles: 3.00 Nm Persian Force 1 pt win at 7.4 @richard-westwood2nd rated 3.40 Nm 6 bets 0.25 ew apart from Savvy = 0.35 ew. Savvy 13/2, Bell Rock 14/1, Arqoob 18/1, Injazzati 14/1, Ouzo 28/1 and Lucander 22/1 = 3.20 pts for fun 2.05 Hd Montassib 1 pt win at 6.0 2.40 Hd Count D'orsay 1 pt win at 5.6 @The Brigadier 3.15 Hd Baba Reza 0.33 ew at 17/2, Gisburn 0.34 ew at 9/1 both @richard-westwoodand Cold stare 0.33 ew at 14/1 @black rabbitagain for fun = 2 pts 2.50 Ches Coco Jack 1 pt win at 9.72 3.25 Call My Bluff 1 pt win at 808 (Big 3 tips this so will probably fail miserably) 14.20 Total stakes so far Be Lucky ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very frustrating day with 3 seconds. I will have 2 pts to win on Kihava in the 4.05 at Mkt Ras at 6.2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well I should have guessed that Kihavah would also finish second. Including my multiples I had 6 seconds and was done for a double with Mubhija getting beat a neck. A very frustrating day. At least I got my money back on the big race with a return of 3.41 pts, Ouzo 7th paying 1.65 for 7th place at 28/1. The loss today was 11.83 pts which makes my MTD +72.64 and YTD -223.93 One class 2 race at Ffos Las tomorrow and mainly class 4 racing at Epsom and just one class 4 race at Yarmouth so not an abundance of opportunities. I hope that some members made a profit today
  15. 3.48 Rip Justanotherbottle 1 pt win at 11/4 with Bet365
  16. 1.50 Nm Zanbaq 1 pt win at 5.5 (trying to discern between the bullsh*t around Crystal Caprice and Whitebeam; fascinating stuff) Whitebeam got closer than I thought it would. In a way I have to thank @Trotterbecause I chose the trainer with the highest RTF figure among the three principal contenders which was Roger Varian. It won't always work but luckily it did so in this instance RESULTS UPDATE Just 1 bet and a winner. +4.59 pts profit. MTD = +84.47 and YTD -212.10 Loads of class racing tomorrow, too much really. I will exclude class 4 races and focus on class 3 and upwards
  17. Two Trixies and some cover singles so far today. Have some later races to look at too 2.25 Nm Tarhib 3/1 (my PL Nap today) 3.00 Nm Victory Dance 5/4 @The BrigadierNap 15/8 4.10 Nm Open champion 2/1 1 0.5 win Trixie = 2 pts poss return of 27.37 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.35 Nm Thunderous 10/11 @The Brigadier@MCLARKE 3.55 Perth Jackhammer 5/1 5.20 Nm Postwick 2/1 1 x 0.5 win = 2 pts Trixie poss return 34.76 ----------------------------------------------------------- Singles cover bets 2.25 Nm Farhh To shy 0.30 win at 8/1 @The Brigadier Crazy Luck 0.30 win at 10/1 @maxironchin 3.00 Nm Nostrum 1 pt win at 3.05 @Quartu SE and @Trotter 4.10 Nm Dhahabi 0.60 win at 4/1 and Amtiyaz 0.4 win at 6/1 5.20 Nm Captain Kane 1 pt win at 4.10 (um) and Super Chief 1 pt win at 4.6 3.55 Perth Long stay 1 pt win at 4.3 @kensland Total stakes so far = 9.60 points -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Trixie blown out 4.10 Nm Open Champion 1 pt win at 3.10 to hopefully pick up the pieces 10.60 stakes so far but Nostrum has won so not too bad so far -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second Trixie blown out. 5.20 Nm Post Wick 2 pt win at 3.9 to cover 12.6 Total stakes now ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shouldn't have bothered with the last saver bet, it actually caused a loss of 2 points overall. I had 3 single wins on the cover bets which returned 10.60 points. My MTD is now +79.88 points and YTD - 216.69. I quite enjoyed this afternoon's racing even though my Trixies failed miserably. I'm looking forward to doing this in the future. Loads more class racing again tomorrow at Newmarket with lots of more short priced favourites. Let's hope that these beasts fare better than the crappy runs we got out out of today's so-called hot pot runners.
  18. Many thanks and pleased to hear from you. I agree, I should only have one selection in each race for a Trixie. I used to do an insurance bet for a "danger" horse. Maybe I will revert back to that for a singles cover bet. I do hope that you are keeping well and many thanks for your thoughts
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