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  1. 2.50 Cart Deestar 5/2 3.15 Win True Courage 5/1 3.35 Uttx Bathiva 5/2 5.00 Cart Catchmeifyoucan 9/2 6 x 0.2 win doubles = 4 x 0.2 win trebles + 1 x 0.2 fourfold = Dbls 25.15, Trble 74.37 & 4 fold 80.85 = 2.20 staked Singles: 2.00 Uttx Miss Wachit 1 pt win at 9/1 (PL Nap but I am doing badly with these this month) 3.00 Uttx Kildisart 1 pt win at 9.8 = 4.2 staked so far. Had a few bob on @richard-westwood's race (4 pts) and trying to get 1 pt matched for 4 places on Blairmayne at 5.2 (may not happen as it's on 4.4 but who knows) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not doing well. A couple of seconds but not backed each way 5.00 Cart Catchmeifyoucan 2 pts win at 5.4 for 8.62 profit. The horse disappointed last time out. I always forgive one bad run. It likes the course so looks worth giving it a try
  2. 2.00 Uttx Miss Wachit 1 pt win at 9/1 with Bet365
  3. 1.55 Ches Silencer 0.5 ew at 8/11 with Betvictor 2.48 Win Miami Girl 1 pt win at 1/2 with Betvictor 4.38 Nc Boosala 0.5 ew at 7/4 with BetVictor Res 1 3.45 Curr Tuesday 0.5 ew at 15/8 with Betfair Res 2 5.20 Ches Baileys Derbyday 0.5 ew at 9/4 with Betvictor Res 3 5.05 Win Whats In The Bag 0.5 ew at 5/6 with Bet 365 Very best wishes to @In Play Race ReaderI hope that he is a braver man than me and scoops a winner at good odds
  4. Very many thanks for your explanation. Always ready to help in explaining things for me and hopefully others too
  5. Just a little confused over your earlier remarks about most races having bunched up ratings in relation to this race. It seems to me that you would quite usually write something like the top two are well clear of the rest so I'll have x points etc on the selections. What I am trying to say is that it looks from my point of view that the top two in this race are well clear of the rest so I don't understand why you were hesitant in putting them up earlier?
  6. Zip very interesting with the famous Harry Davies aboard still claiming 5 lbs for Richard Fahey
  7. RESULTS UPDATE No disaster as a couple of winners almost paid for the losers. It was very disappointing that the horses at the front end of the market let me down. Just Hiss was Timeform top-rated though 3rd top-rated by RPR. A small loss of 0.85 pts = MTD -68.87 & YTD of -226.442 Let's hope I don't cock up the KO cup final tomorrow 🙂
  8. 4.47 Cart Golden Town 4/1 4.55 Nc Rocket Dancer 5/1 5.30 Nc Dual Identity 3/1 6.00 Nc Buniann 11/2 0.2 win dbles = 34.30 & Tebles = 120.2 = 2pts staked Singles bets 4.47 Cart A mere Bagatelle 0.5 ew 11/2 & Oakmount 0.5 ew at 17/2, 1 pt win on Golden Town at 6.0 4.55 Nc Just His 0.5 ew at 10/1 5.30 Nc Chief's will 0.5 ew at 9/1 and Fiorina 0.5 ew at 15/2 6.00 Nc Tanasoq 0.5 ew at 15/2 6.35 Nc Stone Of Destiny 7/1, Digital 11/1 and Count D'Orsay 10/1: all 0.5 ew. Total stakes = 12 points Good luck to all on a very busy competitive day
  9. Is it just me or is everyone's browser keep crashing? I primarily use Fire Fox but Chrome keeps crashing too. All very annoying when one has a number of tabs open at the same time
  10. 4.47 Cart Golden Town 1 pt win at 4/1 with Betfair
  11. 4.30 Nc Cloch Nua £10 ew at 16/1 with Bet365. Haha couldn't resist it. Eye Up Its the Boss on a 4 timer but 6lbs penalty and up in grade
  12. I had difficulty finding the venue let alone the horse. Is this place in France? Good luck with your selection I hope it is allowed to wear Wellie boots on the heavy going
  13. 6.30 Bath Seneca Chief 1 pt win at 4/1 with WilliamHill
  14. Time restricted again today and will be having some sherry later and cooking fillet steak for my wife. It is our 41st Wedding Anniversary 1.35 Worc Pencreek 1 pt win at 5/1 and 0.5 saver bet on Texard at 3/1 Back later, hopefully
  15. Many thanks for taking a peak. Well done to @LEE-GRAYSand @richard-westwoodfor providing PL members with winners today
  16. Many thanks, but here's the quandary for me. There is a 2.30 race at Brighton coming up. As far as I can see Batchelor Boy should beat Verreaux Eagle by about 2 lengths based on their previous running at the same venue in April. Verreaux Eagle is 4/1 favourite and you can get 9/1 in places for Batchelor Boy. This horse is also the second choice in the Timeform verdict today. I could have got 12.0 on the Betting Exchange but the market is suggesting that the horse will run like a donkey. Somehow I couldn't bring myself to place the bet. Hence, am I missing something here?
  17. I was gobsmacked yesterday when I saw that A Sure Welcome won the 6.05 at Windsor at 9/1. It was clear top RPR rated and had a good record at the track over the distance, Its recent form, however, had not been good. Despite the horse's previous past excellent performance at the track, the media press convinced me that Hello Me was a better bet (finished last). The way my day went I didn't back anything yesterday, however, this has got me thinking that I have to find the correct balance between assuming that those horses at the front end of the market in a race will run better than those at the other end of the market, whilst, logically dismissing outsiders who do not appear to have a realistic chance of success. Whilst it would be foolish to ignore favourites and those at the front end of the market in handicaps, in future, I will actively look for clues as to whether the longer-priced runners do indeed have just as much a live chance of winning the race as the main market leaders. Not had much time once again to look at the races so far today. I have placed a 1 point win on Boom The Groom in the 1.30 at Brighton at 4.6 Hopefully, I will find some time to look at other races later Good luck to all punting today
  18. Had 1 pt win on each and 1 pt win on Athmad at 9.2. Would clear 6 pts if the outsiders won and B/E if the jolly old favourite obliges. Let's hope that the cheekpieces and Paul Hanagan work the oracle on Qaasid 🙂
  19. 8.10 Win Meganseighteen 1 pt win at 15/2 with WilliamHill
  20. Many thanks as always. I think that each way doubles may prove to be better value than the bookies manipulated returns on forecasts. I have to say though that if I saw you rate up four races I would prefer to go for the each-way doubles and trebles in those races. However, I will of course continue to support your selections when you only mark up one or two races. You are doing a great job for us all 🙂
  21. RESULTS UPDATE An interesting day for me. Major Snugfit won so saved my bacon. Putting all the headgear on Stumps Or Slips came to nothing and McPherson finished lame. Of the PL tips Kaizer fought hard to win its race; 14/1 was not available to me, I got 7/1 and the horse was backed into 9/2. It won by a neck. I should have either napped this horse or Major Snugfit but did neither so I live and learn. No big prices put up by PL for tomorrow I see. Overall I made a small profit of 1.65 points which I'm Ok with. I do like scanning through a lot of races in an effort to find some winners. There are so many horses that let you down by a bad performance I think it must be the right way to go to have a number of them to bet on in the hope that a few will turn up ready to try and win a race. Even when @richard-westwoodputs up two races he is often backing up to 8 selections. His are mutually exclusive which means that only two can win, though of course others may place. I am backing my selections in different races in the hope that a few will click together and produce a winning multiple bet. I don't have the confidence to lump on them in singles yet. The prices of Richard's selections are usually much higher than mine so that is where he may well continue to do better. All fun for me to chip away at. Hopefully, I will improve on my selection process by spotting the false favourites in the future.
  22. 5.07 Worc Mcpherson 1 pt win at 5/1 with Bet365
  23. Taken the PL lounge tips for some fun bets this am 2.45 Hex Melburnian 11/4 5.45 Pont Fishable 7/2 6.15 Pont Exminster 10/3 1 x 0.5 win Trixie = poss return 62.86 5.15 Pont Kaizer 7/1 and 6.45 Pont Corinthia Knight 4/1 = 2 x 0.5 win bets and a 0.5 EW double with poss return 22.86 4 points staked Poss back later with some of my own selections --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.00 Worc Ashoka 4/1 (1 pt win at 5.4) 2.15 Hex Major Snugfit 5/2 (2 pt win at 3.8) 4.35 Worc Stumps Or Slips 7/1 (1 pt win at 7/1) 5.07 Worc Mcphersopn 11/2 (1 pt win at 11/2 6 x .20 dbles & 4 x 0.2 trebles 2.0 stakes poss 38.55 doubles & 139.15 Trebles Total stakes now 11 pts 1 pt win on Exminster at 10.0 (big drifter) 6.15 Ponte
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