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  1. All looks very tricky today apart from Alastair's Nap My Trixie today is: 12.45 Don Skytastic 13/8 (very worrying been off the track 338 days though) 12.55 Hunt Shallow River 5/4 3.50 Lin Enfranchise 6/5 (PL Nap) 1 x 4 pt win Trixie = poss return of 29.61 pts Singles: 12.45 Don Godrevy 2 pts win at 2/1 Total stakes = 6 points
  2. 3.50 Lin Enfrachise 1 pt win at 6/5 with Betvictor
  3. Very many thanks for your well thought out and delivered response. I don't like Paul Mulrennan but have indeed missed a winner or two because of being biased towards him. I know that @MCLARKEhas in the past has mentioned issues with Hollie Doyle and women jockeys in a finish but she seems to be in great form at present. You are right of course, we should all be focused on the horse's ability itself and not be prejudiced about the jockey. Was Jamie Spencer the jockey who always rides his horses from behind no matter what the instructions are? Obviously a jockey has to produce a horse to win a race at the right time. I do wonder when I watch the races how a jockey can judge the right sort of pace to run his horse at over varying distance races when, he is behind a horse that has say gone ten lengths clear of the rest of the field. It would be great to know which jockeys are the best judges of pace and over which distances? I have long wanted to get hold of stats like this. In this day and age when they show a football or tennis match on TV and the presenters can seemingly produce instant figures on how a player is performing right there and then I don't see why someone cannot produce very useful statistics on jockeys and trainers that would help us punters in finding winners
  4. RESULTS UPDATE Only two in on the Trixie and one non runner so a small profit of 0.5 pts today. This is the 4th time this month that I have missed out on the Trixie. My nap won so I can't complain. My MTD/YTD loss is -76.46 There are 4 UK meetings tomorrow and only 4 races of class 3 and higher. Loads of class 4 races, about 11 class 5 races and the rest class 6. Looks like us punters will be up to our necks in muck and bullets if we want to have a bet tomorrow.
  5. Yes, good idea. What about a crap Jockey's list? there are a few that I don't like and I'm sure that PL members will probably have some too. Very interesting that Tell'em Nowt which won at 7/2 was generally available at 9/2 last night but Bet365 had it in at 100/30. Beryl was generally available at 9/4 whilst Bet365 had in at 11/4 which was the price that I took. Obviously Bet365 knew what they were doing.
  6. Probably. It was short of room in running. Unfortunately I didn't have the benefit of checking prices at around 10 am this morning as I was out all day doing a good deed. at least my nap came in. the double paid 5.50 & I had a non- runner so 1 pt returned = 0.5 profit on the day. There's always another day
  7. Haha it was looking good yesterday but the 3rd horse failed to win 🙃
  8. Well, OK. I do care about other people who place bets. The government needs to crack down on restricting unscrupulous betting institutions that encourage problem gamblers to exhaust all the money that they have and more through running up debt. It has and does ruin people's lives. I have known a few of these victims so I welcome some attention being given to problem gamblers. These poor souls cannot help being suckered into bad habits and need help. The government will probably not do anything to help them anyway. I think that children should be taught in school about the realities of gambling and the pitfalls that are all too easy to fall into for vulnerable people who just don't understand what they are getting themselves into.
  9. My Trixie is: 1.10 Weth Graystone 7/4 3.15 Weth Sholojack Evens 6.30 Nc Beryl The Peril 11/4 1 x 4 pt win Trixie = poss return of 43.93 points Singles: 3.15 Weth Rosbeigh Strand 1 pt win at 9/2 6.30 Nc Oriental Lilly 1 pt win at 13/2 Total stakes = 6 points Good luck to all punting tomorrow
  10. 1.10 Weth Graystone 1 pt win at 7/4 with Bet365. Very interesting that the Big 3 go for the Skelton horse whilst 9 experts go for my selection. The front running tactics should suit my selection around Wetherby; let's hope that the horse can cut down on the errors. The Skelton horse has been held up in all its races so I hope it stays stuck at the back 🤞
  11. RESULTS UPDATE Let down by my 3rd selection. It was slow away and although the race was run at a slow pace it pulled hard and wasn't enjoying being in the race at all. I did manage a double and my PL Nap won so I can't complain and it will do no good if I do. A small profit on the day of 1.63 pts which means my MTD/YTD is -76.96 I'm out all day tomorrow again so time is very much limited for me for selections. There is a class 3 at Wetherby with 5 contenders under 9/1 and a Class 2 at Southwell with 4 contenders under 9/1. All the rest is low calibre racing so its dross or no dross I'm afraid
  12. The fun for me is to try and be successful using my own criterion. I would love to emulate your success with my Trixie's. Here's hoping your next selection wins because, then, at least or should I say last, I will have my first Trixie in for the new year
  13. Ah OK, but why did you have a data issue problem a week or so ago?
  14. I don't follow anyone. I am just thinking about others who do 🙂
  15. My Trixie today is: 2.50 Win Dorking Lad 9/4 3.50 Win Aucunrisquw 6/4 5.00 Km Montesecco 11/8 1 x 4 pt win Trixie = poss return of 41.05 pts Singles: 3.50 win Magistrato 1.5 pts win at 7/2 5.00 Km Grey Art 1 pt win at 7/1 Total stakes = 6.50
  16. There is no reason why trying to achieve break even if at least one double comes in on a Trixie. I have done this with over 95% of my Trixies since day one. In fact you can back one odds on at a price e.g 1/2 and as long as the other two are at least 2/1 against you will still break even or get a small profit if two selections win. What concerns me a little bit is that I feel your success over the past few months is very much related to choosing the correct odds on shots that have produced the goods for you. The above selections seem to me to be based upon a different selection criteria you successfully applied yesterday. I do wish you every success with these as I am sure all your followers do, however, I have doubts that if you applied the above evens per selection in the future that you would have the same success that you have achieved in the past. Good luck anyway,
  17. Ok let's see if the @The Brigadiercan give us the comparison Might be interesting to see how the selections would have done as Trixie's bearing in mind that the trebles would only be 25 per cent returns
  18. There is a saying that goes "if it aint broke don't fix it" I remember a week or so ago when you couldn't get data through from your usual supplier and you were putting up selections at greater odds than usual. I don't think you got 3 winners during that period. However, some of your followers were writing in asking whether you had changed your strategy, which suggested to me that they were possibly copying your bets. Hence, it would be a pity if you changed direction now when you are going through a purple patch so to speak. Interestingly the Punter Lounge Accumulator posted up each day quite often has selections with similar odds to those that you post up. This is invariably a £20 Treble. Perhaps @MCLARKEcan provide the results for these over the same period that you have been posting to compare a "treble" against a Trixie bet
  19. 6.00 Sou Edraak 1 pt win at 2/1 with Betfair There are 5 contenders under 9/1 so strictly speaking I should look for a race less competitive. However, if it wins and I don't put it up for this class 2 event I would have kicked myself
  20. RESULTS UPDATE Essencial ran a rubbish race so I couldn't even get a double in on my Trixie. I noticed that the RP stated that the horse was a CD winner which wasn't correct. It won at Lingfield and not Wolves. At least my Nap won at 15/8. I had a couple of small saver bets in so my loss was 6.06 points. This makes my MTD/YTD -78.59 pts I have to go out for most of the day tomorrow which is probably not a bad idea when I look at the racing on offer. There is a class 2 at Southwell that looks interesting but the 2 class 3 races at Leicester have short priced favourites. I will look for a Nap bet this evening but won't post up a Trixie tomorrow. Good luck with the odds on shots for those that love 'em
  21. Haha, you were right. Hope you had a saver on that one I'll leave it until tomorrow now
  22. I think that this is a very tricky race. With the exception of the Holly Doyle horse that has drifted from overnight 4/1 to 9/1 there looks to be 4 live contenders. there has been money for N0. 9 The Provenist but I'm not backing anything in this. Good luck with your selection
  23. The class races look to be too competitive today so I have put my Trixie on the lower class beasts 4.00 Sou Vespasian 11/8 4.20 Km Reset Button 7/5 (my PL Nap with David Probert aboard) 6.00 Wolv Essencial 13/8 (won for me last time) 1 x 4pt win Trixie = poss return of 33.2 pts Singles: A bit of a mish mash and no "get out of jail free" bet today imo 3.45 Kn Recuerdame 1 pt win at 8/1 and 0.5 pts to win on No Diggity at 2/1 ins bet 4.00 Sou Barenecessity 1 pt win at 5/1 & 0.5 pts win on North Lincoln at 15/8 5.30 Wolv Thatsthefinest 1 pt win at 13/2 & 0.5 pts win on Joanies Girl at 7/2 ins bet 6.00 Wolv Poet 0.5 win at 9/1; Kennet 0.5 win at 5/1 & ins bet of 1 pt at 2/1 (drifted to 5/2 with Bet365 as I write) Trying to tread very carefully today = 10.5 points staked today Good luck to all today
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