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  1. 2.20 Stra Masterdream one point win at 11/4 with Bet365
  2. Not much time today and couldn't look at 5 year trainer records at each course, so gone with Big 3 selections and taken account of market movers in the win Trixie 2.45 M/R Beyond The Clouds 11/8 5.40 Ffos Kayf Toai 11/8 7.00 Wolv Hasty Sailor 15/8 One £1 win Trixie = £4 = poss return of £36.79 1.30 Leop Clemmie C 9/2 2.20 Str Masterdream 11/4 3.45 Leop Leo De Fury 11/2 One 50p ew Trixie = £4 = poss return of £116.11 Total stakes £8.00
  3. 2.20 Str Masterdream one point win 11/4 with Bet365 5.40 Ffos Kayf Taoi 1/2 point ew 11/8 with Bet365 7.00 Wolv Hasty Sailor one point win at 15/8 with Bet 365 Res 1. 2.45 Beyond The Clouds one point win at 11/8 Bet365 Res 2. 1.20 Catt Bint Elmalek 1/2 point ew at 11/8 Bet 365 The each way strategy applied by many in this comp throws me a bit, but when in Rome (or more like Tivoli from my perspective) Very best of luck to @Joalesand indeed all contestants today
  4. RESULTS UPDATE My first selections was beaten a nose but that's as close I came to getting a winner. I missed the Tom Dascombe and Oisin Murphy winner too. A loss of £4 means my new balance is £726.15 (Bank £1056.22) 51 races tomorrow and it looks like Oisin Murphy will win the flat jockeys title again. I will have little time in the morning to sort out selections as I have my son home for the weekend. Also, have to sort out some horses for the Sir Puntalot semi final Best do a bit of work now
  5. 4.40 Hd Superior Force one point win at 8/1with Bet365
  6. Wasted a lot of time with pc problems today. And can't find much today to have a bet on. I will most likely be posting up longer priced horses in the future as I am now focussing more on trainers 5 year records. 1.15 Hd He's a Gentleman (RK) £1 win at 17/2. Has been slow away on most occasions but looks capable 4.40 Hd Superior Force (OM) £2 win at 10.5 = £18.62 profit if it wins. Has to improve but the champ is aboard which is a good omen 5.10 Hd Wynford (KS) £1 win at 5/1. Has 4lbs extra but is proven at the distance and is in great from No Trixie with the above £4.00 total stakes
  7. Welcome to Punters Lounge' I hope you stay with us for a long time and will be successful
  8. Many thanks Alex, I rebooted my PC and all seems to be fine now. Microsoft seem to carry out updates whenever they feel like it and it often screws up my internet browser(s)
  9. Anyone having problems getting into At The Races today. I am getting "access forbidden" in 3 browsers so far
  10. RESULTS UPDATE All my bets lost so - £4 on the day. My new balance is £730.18 (Bank £1056.22) Will be looking to find less competitive races in the future
  11. Well, Ok but for a minute there I thought that you were suggesting that if a price on a horse shortens then it was a value bet and now isn't but if it lengthens then it is not worth backing
  12. In the 1.55 at Carlisle the final price of Arvico Bleu was 25/1 (forecast at 20/1 in the RP). Looked what happened to that. It won by four lengths. You can't have it both ways Michael; you either have faith that a better price enhances your value bet or you decide that the selection is no longer value and try to negate the loss by getting out at break even in-running. I prefer to hold on to the faith that the wheels haven't come the horse and that it is still the same horse and should run its race. Market moves are not always the right ones
  13. 8.00 Chelm Montather one point win at 3/1 with Bet365
  14. Well, I realise that Young Fitzy was returned at 4.70 BSP, but She Is A Contender was returned at 10.2 BSP much better than 15/2 And just to demonstrate a point I have had £2 to win on Call Him Leader at 3.65 = £5.19 profit if it wins thus better than 5/2 even allowing for commission. I have also requested £2 win at 4.4 & £2 win at 5.50. On reflection asking for 5% increments is more likely to get matched than 10 - 15% as I suggested earlier. Let's see what happens. I think that people should have a bit more faith that prices will move during the day to what they want. It just needs patience.
  15. No Trixie today as longer priced selections in competitive races 1.23 Carl Iolani £1 win at 13/2 (Bavingting Bob is a Big 3 selection so has to be respected) 1.55 Carl Slanelough £1 win at 4/1 2.55 Win Flying Verse £1 win at 6/1 3.30 win Harbour Force £1 win at 10/1 Total stakes = £4 Just a note on the 8.00 Chelms. Montather is a Big 3 selection and looks to have a good chance, however, this looks to be a very competitive race and I don't think that anyone should go overboard on it. I see that the racing press seems to indicate that Piece Of History could run very well. I think that it would be most strange if Oisin Murphy picked the wrong stable horse to ride.
  16. Not so sure that anybody can find lots of winners even if selecting odds on favourites. We are talking about a specific punter here trying to help other members find winners. It is only right that he posts up his selections in accordance with his personal circumstance. He has done a great job in helping other members finding winners since he has been on here. Sure, the selections today shortened up, so what. A day is a long time in racing. Those odds can very easily change during the course of the day. This means that his followers have an opportunity to wait and put in a bet at the price he puts up. Despite all this how many times have you seen a good horse drift in the betting and still go on to win. I have seen it many times. Not so sure you should knock the betting exchanges either. I think that you and many members could indeed profit by putting 1/3 of their usual stake on their selection(s) and then putting in a request for one further bet at odds of say 10 - 15% longer on the second bet and do the same again of an increased 10 - 15% on the third bet. You cant do this with a bookmaker. Sure, they may not always get matched and maybe the selection will win at the shortest odds and of course it may lose and you save 2/3rds of your usual stake. At least one is playing the percentages and has a better chance of making profits in the long run
  17. People on this forum seem to get very touchy about prices obtained about selections. I would suggest that you carry on as you are used to doing as it fits in with your family and work. Tough luck if PL members can't get the price you have obtained. At least they will realise that the value may have gone in the selected runner. Besides, anyone can put in a bet on the betting exchanges requesting odds just above the odds that you obtained (to allow for commission). It may get matched or it may not. No big deal if it doesn't, one just concludes that this was not a value bet at shorter odds even if it wins. I really can't see what all the fuss is about
  18. RESULTS UPDATE As usual the shortest price runner let me down for a full Trixie. However, the double returned £17.88. I also managed 3 other singles win bets. The total return was £36.88, thus a profit of £30.88. Can't help wondering if @MCLARKEcould be remotely impressed with this, haha. My new balance is now £734.18 (Bank £1056.22) There are 45 races tomorrow but they look like a load of rubbish. I can only find 3 class 3 races where the favourites are odds against. I will start there and possibly look at some class 4's if I make time to do so
  19. A small Trixie today as changing my routine: 3.23 Weth Yccs Portocervo 11/4 5.05 Weth Take It Easy 9/2 6.00 Km Run To Freedom 11/2 One 50p win Trixie = £2 poss return £107.39 Singles: 4.33 Weth Return Ticket £1 win at 6/1 5.05 Weth Take It Easy £1 win at 9/2 6.00 Km Toumouh £1 win at 9/1 & Run To Freedom £1 win 11/2 Total stakes £6.00
  20. 3.23 Weth Yccs Portocervo one point win at 11/4 with Bet365
  21. Well done but I don't understand +29.1 pts. I realise that Pocket The profit won but must have missed something else
  22. RESULTS UPDATE Only two winners today but at least I got good prices and therefore made a profit of £3.50. My new balance is £703.30 (Bank £1056.22) 38 races tomorrow. There are 9 races which are class 3 or above. I'm not sure how to judge quality racing in Ireland as they don't seem to have the class system that we use. Anyway I chose two grade 3 races to look at. There is a class 1 race in the 4.15 at Bath. 14 runners with supposed question marks over the first two in the betting.
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