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  1. I agree, I too have been denied a winner by his tactics. Who does he think he is Lester Piggott? He is young though and very talented so I will continue to back his rides
  2. 3.20 Hd Alphonse Karr (JD) one point win at 7/1 with Bet365
  3. My trixie today is: 2.10 Hd Tawaareq 11/4 2.30 Perth Presentandcounting (BH) 7/4 (Golden Taipan heavily supported in the market but makes too many mistakes fro my liking) 3.40 Perth As You Like It (JJO'N) Looks to be a perfect selection, haha 5/2 One £1.50 win Trixie = £6 = Poss £103.71 if all three win Class 3/4 singles: 2.10 Hd Side Shot (ins bet) £2 win ta 6.6 = £10.98 if win 3.20 Hd Alphonse Karr (JD) £2 win at 8.2 = £14.11 if it wins 6.38 Eps Muscika £2 win at 6.00 = £9.80 if it wins Total bets so far = £12.00 Not had a chance to look at o
  4. RESULTS UPDATE I thought it was odds on that I would at least get a double or an insurance bet winner after having got the first leg up on my Trixie. Not to be. As @calva decoywrites, it is good to see the back of June I will keep to my regime of betting throughout July and essentially up to the end of the year. However, in order to keep a tighter rein on stakes I will restrict my stakes to 50p win on any of my outsider selections with odds of 21/1 and over. All my other outside bets from the barest minimum of odds of 8/1 to 20/1 will be placed for £1 stakes. The loss toda
  5. Non Runner 6.35 Km Libbretta One point win at 50/1 with Bet365
  6. Looks like I got a winner for the first leg of my Trixie. A few more outsiders for tonight 5.35 Km Eddy May (HD) £1 win at 33/1 6.05 Km Elektronic (JS) £1 win at 12/1 6.35 Km Order Of Succession (HD) £1 win at 12/1 7.05 Km Wait Forever (RK) £1 win at 12/1 6.25 Bath Andronicus Beau (TM) £1 win at 16/1 An extravagant £5 added to my total stakes today. Only time will tell if I should put 50p on selections over 20/1 and £1 on those under 20/1
  7. My Trixie today is: (A) 4.50 Worc Chasamax 6/4 (B) 7.05 Km Rodrigo Dias 6/4 (C) 7.25 Bath Siam Fox 85/40 £1.50 win Trixie = £6.00 = Poss Return £62.11 Singles: Classes 1-4 7.05 Km Taqarear (JC/JG) £2 win at 6.0 7.25 Bath Zoffarelli £3..00 win at 4.1 Insurance bets regarding Trixie Outsiders: all classes 1.00 Thirsk Carbonardo (PH/RF) £1 win at 33/1 2.10 Thirsk Fliss Floss (LM/OP) £1 win at 20/1 2.45 Thirsk Regina George £1 win at 40/1 3.55 Thirsk Thegreatestshowman (SC5/AM) £1 win at 18/1 5.10 Muss Kittys Cove 50p win at 80/
  8. 5.10 Muss Kittys Cove One point win at 80/1 with Betfair
  9. RESULTS UPDATE I sometimes feel sorry for the bookies when I see a lot of favourites go in, however on days like today when my own short priced selections run so poorly my sympathy wanes somewhat. Terrible day for me. It seems ironic that the closest I came to a winner was my 25/1 shot Cover Name that got beaten by just half a length at an SP of 40/1!! Following the abandonment of Hamilton and my adjustment bets my loss on the day was £17.50. My new balance is now £747.75 (Bank £1056.22) Over £300 lost since increasing my betting bank!! 5 UK meetings tomorrow and I can only count
  10. My bets have been decimated by Hamilton being abandoned. Should have guessed that Paul Nicholls would be ready to beat my short priced hot pot in my Trixie. Have had £4.50 on Shortcross Storm at 3.35 for £10.36 if it wins to try and salvage some loss damage
  11. Two Trixies today and some singles: (A) 2.15 Ham Smullen 9/4 (B) 4.20 Ham Annandale 11/8 (from 9/4 last night) (C) 6.30 Stra Drumlee Watar 2/1 One £1 Trixie = £4 = £47.73 if all three win (D) 4.50 Ham Cottam Lane 7/4 (E) 5.30 Str Ballymoy 6/5 (F) 7.00 Str Shortcross Storm 15/8 One £1.50 Trixie = £6.00 = £56.51 if all 3 win Singles: 3.50 Ham Hortzador £2 win at 5.69 (stuffed price bacause of a non- runner) = £9.19 if it wins 1.30 Bri Cover Name (SC5) £1 win at 25/1 (my PL Nap) 6.00 Str El Berracho £2 win at 4/1 7.30 Str San Firmin
  12. 1.30 Bri Cover Name (SC5) one point win at 25/1 with Bet365
  13. So much for picking classier animals. Silver Shade was backed into even money from my 15/8 price; was awkward at the start and pulled up quite quickly after leaving the stalls. No real explanation is given about this and I feel very sorry for all the punters who must have lost a packet on the horse. I think that Aramis Grey may have won had it not got away so slowly. One winner in the Trixie, which I may have backed in a single with the first leg of the Trixie losing; however I was out so I missed it. Anyway a loss of £8.00 on the day so my new balance is £765.25 (Bank £1056.22). No b
  14. 7.30 win Jean Baptiste one point win at 12/1 with Betfair
  15. Back with my Trixie for later 7.00 Win (C2) Zim Baby 7/2 7.30 Win (C3) Patient Dream 9/4 8.15 Muss (C4) Silver shade 15/8 one £1 win Trixie = £4.00 = £78.95 if all three win Single: 7.30 Win Jean Baptiste £1 win at 10/1 Total stakes = £8.00
  16. I have decided to only look at the better quality races from now on as there are too many races to consider. Class 4 and upwards to class one for me from now on. Only looked at Lingfield and Ponte this morning. No races qualify for a Trixie there but have done some singles 3.45 Lin Marks Bear £1 win at 5/1 3.55 Pon Aramis Grey £1 win at 4/1 4.30 Pon Frankello £1 win at 4/1 = Total stakes of £3 There is a class 2 and class 3 race at WIndsor tonight so this may provide fodder for a Trixie later on
  17. RESULTS UPDATE No winners but came close. Quite annoying that Mick's Dream ran badly then Roger Teal's other runner Whenthedealinsdone beats my selection Four Adaay by 3/4 length. Hoho that's racing for you. I must admit that I did another 4 selection and got out for a £2.21 profit subsequently. This of course does not show in my balance as these were not published My new balance is £773.25 (Bank £1022.56)
  18. 3.25 Win Sword Beach (TM) one point win at 12/1 with Bet365
  19. I have blown all my available time looking at Windsor this morning. Checking through all the favourites I cannot see three worthy prospects for a Trixie. Instead I have opted for a few singles bets. 2.20 Mick's Dream £1 win at 4/1 2.50 Four Adaay £1 win at 9/2 3.25 Sword Beach £1 win at 11/1 £3 total stakes so far. May try and look at the jumps later if I get time Good luck to all brave punters today
  20. RESULTS UPDATE The most interesting thing for me about the last bet was that the horse was napped by the RP, tipped by Timeform and recommended by ATR, where did it finish? Yep, you guessed it' stone bonking last at 3/1 favourite. Hence it was not a desperate bet to get out of trouble but a bet based upon sound advice from our esteemed sporting press elite media. Obviously one has to look a quite a bit beyond the glowing reports of our wonderful sports writers in order to find winners. Anyway 6 bets today, I count my Trixie's as being one bet despite there actually being 4 componen
  21. Screwed up by 50p 8.15 Don Going Underground £1 win at 11/4 = £3.75 return if it wins, will get me out of trouble too 🙂. My bank can withstand an overall £2,50 loss on the day 🤣
  22. About 50p down on the day so I have been extravagant and had £1 to win on Casilli in the 7.45 at Donnie to try and recoup my loss
  23. I didn't watch the race but Trueshan though 6th was only beaten under 4 lengths. In fact the first 11 were all within 5 lengths. Tough race
  24. My Trixie today is: 1.55 Win Epic Endeavour 11/4 4.05 Nc Hasty Sailor 15/8 745 Don Casilli 13/8 £1 win Trixie = £4 = £56.46 if all three win Singles 3.45 Curragh Wordsworth £1 win at 12/1 (it is folly not to take an interest in other of AP O'Brien's horses when he has the favourite in the big races) 3.35 Win Century Dream £2 win at 11/4 (didn't quite make it for the Trixie) 3.30 Nc Dubious Affair £1 win at 6/1 Total stakes £8.00 Hell of a lot of races to choose from today
  25. 3.45 Curragh Wordsworth one point win at 12/1 with Bet365
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