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  1. RESULTS UPDATE Only one winner today which was an insurance bet. Hopefully I should do better tomorrow 🤞. This has created a net loss on the day of £13.11 so my new balance is £905.86 (Bank £1056.22) Four UK flat meetings tomorrow so lots to sift through and hopefully find a winner or two
  2. Should have had an insurance bet on the favourite with Luke Morris aboard 🙃 5.30 Win Toptime (SO,5) £4.20 win at 6.4 = £20.27 & Ins Bet on Mr Bluebird (TM) £2 win at 5.7 = £5.10 if TM does the job 8.30 Win Jaffathegaffa (RC,5) £4 win at 6.8 = £20.88 if it wins and Ins bet on Devils Club (TM) £2 win at 3.30 = £0.59p should my main selection gets beat. I quite like this idea of the insurance bet either on the favourite or one of my nearest in the market top jockey/apprentices. Let's see how these ones get on. I should have a bot more choice tomorrow as I am very late
  3. That's what value looks like. Wasted £2.50 on Realist but Otyrar came second at 14/1. Anyway didn't win so I move on 4.15 Ling Adaaydreambeliever (GD5 only ride ) £4 win at 6.2 = £20.38 profit if it wins
  4. 2.00 Leic Otyrar one point win at 18/1 with Betvictor
  5. I have to go out soon but looking at Jockey bookings I have chosen the 2.00 at Leicester Realist is Andrea's Atzini's only ride of the day so £2.50 win at 9/1 (Just missed 10/1). Otyrar is Robert Havlin's only ride of the day also. The horse has to bounce back but if any horse can do it it is a Gosden horse. £1 win at 18/1 Back later
  6. RESULTS UPDATE No winners and a non-runner. Longlai was partcularly disappointing. Not too much damage done with a loss of £12.45. My new balance is £918.97 (Bank £1056.22) Four UK flat meetings tomorrow and many of my top jockey/apprentices are competing against each other, whilst I appreciate that it should be the best horse that wins each race it is still difficult for me to choose which ones to opt for.
  7. My selection in the 3.30 is a non-runner. Will Buick may well get a treble on the favourite but I'm having £2 to win on True Destiny with Saffie Osbourne aboard
  8. Just looked at Goodwood today 1.45 Longlai (SDS) £5 win at 5.2 = £20.58 2.55 Stunt (CF) £2 win at 14.5 = £26.46 (High in ratings so looks better value than the favourite) 3.30 Call My Bluff (SDS) £2 win at 12 = £21.56 if it wins 4.05 Evasive Power (WB) £2 win at 11.5 = £20.58 if it wins 5.10 Youllovemewheniwin (HB5) £1.45 win at 14/1 (to return £21.75 if it wins). Mainly chosen on ratings. Jockey is a 7%er Total stakes = £12.45 Good luck to all punting today. I can't be bothered to look at Perth, I have other things to do
  9. 4.05 Gd Evasive Power (WB) one point win at 8/1 with Bet365
  10. RESULTS UPDATE Only This Is Us gave me a pay out. Should have had at least a £1 win bet on it. What a game horse it is. With my other bets losing this created a loss of £4.85. My new balance is £931.42 (Bank £1056.22)
  11. My Epsom bets today 2.00 I like Patient Dream as it is a course winner, but I don't like the price as it has been smashed. No value at best price 11/4; I'll Pass 2.35 Maamora (WB) £5 win at 5.2 for £20.58. I suppose Statement may beat it but what the hec 3.10 Oh This Is Us (TM). £4 matched at 4.1 3TBP for £12.15 profit. I like the horse and it would seem a good bet for it to get within the first three at that price out of 7 runners. 3.45 Recon Mission (RD3) £2 win at 13.5 = £24.50 looks fair value 4.30 Bolshoi Ballet £2 win ins bet at 2.72 = £3.41 (I noticed that n
  12. RESULTS UPDATE Two winners today, one with the combi bet in the Oaks and also Rhoscolyn. One bet not matched. This meant a net profit of £24.91 so much better than yesterday. My new balance is £936.27 (Bank £1056.22) Aiden O'Brien relies on Bolshoi Ballet to win the Derby tomorrow. Don't think I will be backing it but once again I have the problem of not knowing which of these horses is best suited to the undulations of Epsom. Perhaps Third Realm with Andrea Atzeni may be a good each way bet.
  13. My Epsom selections today 2.00 Raging £2 win at 14.0 with an i/r lay bet at 3.75 for a £20.08 return 2.35 Fox duty Free (SDS) £2 win at 17.00, Mythical Madness 50p win at 40/1 3.10 Albaflora (FD) £2 win at 9.8 3.45 You're Hired (JD) £2 win at 15.5 currently 13.5 4.30 Santa Barbara (RM) £5.05 at 3.6, Snowfall (FD) £2.60 at 9.0 Divinely £1 at 20/1, willow £1 win at 20/1 and La Jaconde (WB) 50p win at 50/1. All Aiden O'Brien's horses. Let's hope that Ryan Moore has chosen the right one this time 5.10 don't have an angle or a bet to work with 5.40 Rhoscolyn (J
  14. I have backed Raging at 14.0 on the Betfair Exchange. It's only 5 points behind the favourite on Timeform ratings and although it does not have one of my top jockeys/apprentices aboard it looks just as good a punt as anything else.
  15. Many thanks for your analysis. Since these festivals are highly competitive I will stick with the longer priced runners. Though I did wonder if I could make a bet to back all Aiden O'Briens' horses in the oaks to either get out at break even or make a profit on one or two. I notice that you have selected Dairerin in the opener. I just wonder if the horse will be suited to a track like Epsom? It does annoy me that I cannot seem to find anywhere on the internet whether a horse is a small/large horse that will run best on a galloping track or a track like Epsom with its undulations. Do
  16. RESULTS UPDATE I don't think that I could have got this more wrong if I tried. I missed Luke Morris and Hoilie Doyle's winner and to boot my bet on Kaheall didn't get matched My new balance is £910.37 (Bank £1056.22)
  17. 7.00 Not backing or going against Tom Marquand's 5/4 favourite; I'll let it win at that price 7.30 Valentika (HD) £3 win at 8.8 = £19.99 at i/r 2.02 if it wins 8.00 Flaunt RH not top jock but Gosden's are top drawer trainers do having £2 to win at 14.00= £20.09 if it wins i/r price 3.75. Sea Empress 4/7, no value imo. That's me lot for the day. I was stupid not yo back Gypsy Lady with Luke morris aboard instead of backing an apprentice; had shown just as much as my selection last time. could have risked less and got more. Lesson learned, money burned
  18. Looking at Chelmsford now. 5.00 Be Be Ex (THH3) £2.50 at 9.4 = £18.08 with an I/R lay bet at 2.02 5.30 Thomas Daniel (MG3) Best ride of the day imo £4.50 win at 5.60 = £15.81 at 2.02 i/r lay bet 6.00 Looks like a bookies benefit race so i'll leave it 6.30 Kaheal (TM) trying to get £4 win bet matched at 6.2 (5.7) 9/2 with the bookies atm so it may get matched. We''l see
  19. Typical!!! Tim Eatserby wins with a runner that I didn't look at. Danzan 7th Got Misscarlett (BC) matched at 19.5. Put in a lay bet at 9.2 for a £20.19 return if matched and wins
  20. 2.45 Ham Danzan £5.50 at 5.2 Ellia McCaine's only ride today. Had £1 win at 12/1 (PM) on Manigordo in case Easterby wins with the outsider 3.55 Ham Misscarlett (BC) £2 win at 21 currently 14.0 so may not get matched Lots of other rides with top jockeys, including Kevin Stott but there also seems to be big problems associated with them so I'll take a peak at the evening flat meetings instead
  21. Was worth a small wager, though didn't fire at all 🙃
  22. Looked at a few at Hamilton 1.00 Yeeeaah £2 win at 17 = £20.38 i/r 6.6 Paul Mulrenan rides Back later as lunch is cooking and I'm the chef
  23. RESULTS UPDATE No winners today. One of my lay bets got matched so my loss today was £8.00. This means that my new balances is £931.86 (Bank £1056.22) 3 Flat meetings in the UK tomorrow and two over the jumps. Most of the top jockeys seem to be at Chelmsford , including Tom Marquand. There is scope at the other two race meetings with Ben Curtis, Kevin Stott, Paul Hanagan, Paul Mulrenan and a few others at Hamilton. Whilst Danny Tudhope, Mark Crehan, and David Allen etc are at Thirsk. Should be interesting comparing my top jockeys and apprentices
  24. Of Tom Marquands rides I am trying to get £4 win at 7.4 matched. If I do I will put in a lay bet of £4 at around 2.00 to get my money back if it gets matched Now matched with a £4 lay bet at 2.16 for £20.54
  25. 3.55 Ayr Economic Crisis (HR5) £2 win at 12.00 = £20.01 at i/r 1.79 (skinny)
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