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  1. Rearranging my betting rigeme, so just a couple for now. In future will choose between 1st, 2nd and max 3rd clear favourite with my top jockeys/apprentices for singles/ Trixie and also look at ONE outsider in each race with a top jock aboard 1.00 Lin Fair Power (OM) £3 win at 8.2 = £21.17 if it wins 2.10 Lin True Company (OM) £2 win at 24 = £45.04 if it wins
  2. RESULTS UPDATE No winners today; Caspian Prince got beat a short head so I guess that was a bit unlucky. I was a little annoyed to see that I missed having a small punt on Austrian Theory with Joe Fanning aboard for Mark Johnston in the 2.15 at Doncaster. The trainer is always dangerous with his un-raced two year olds'. Some of my top jockeys won on favourites today and though I didn't back them the quandary I have is which of the beasts to select for punting purposes? I can cite some that won and of course the others that lost. I guess with the going so firm now more of them shou
  3. 4.45 Don Debbonair (MC) one point win at 66/1 with Bet365
  4. 1.45 Don Turquoise Kingdom (LM) £1 win at 28/1; £2 3TBP at 8.6 = £14.90 if placed 3.15 Don Caspian Prince (BC) £3.50 win at 7.0 (um 6..0) 2.38 Sal I like Rose Hip (TM) but has a lot of weight to carry so not taking 3.85 3.08 Sal Awesome Lawson (Clive Cox record) £1 win at 16/1; £2 3TPB at 6.2 (um 4.9); Auditor (TM) £2 win at 11.5 (9.4 probably won't get matched) 3.38 Sal Cairn Gorn (OM) £3 win at 8.4 - £21.76 4.08 Sal Byzantia (TM/CF) £2.50 win at 9.2 (um 8.2) Poss total stakes = £17.00 I don't feel particularly confident about any of these but hey , this is
  5. RESULTS UPDATE I didn't get around to looking much further today so can only report on my two results. Man Of Riddles finished last but Gabrial The One came second. Very annoying that Richard Fahey won it with Tombolo at 18/1. Just goes to show that all a trainer's runners are very much in a race to win it, despite price differences. I was correct in choosing my selection over Richard Fahey's Hot Team 9/2 and finishing 8th but got caught out with his outsider. Loss today is £6 and my new balance is £899.94 (Bank £1056.22). Only two UK flat meetings tomorrow so there is bound
  6. Only had a chance to look at Chester today I like Red Derek in the 2.45 but with Arabist so much fancied with Richard Kingscote aboard I think it is best to leave the race alone 3.20 Chep Man Of Riddles (JS/DS) £3.50 at 7.0 (um at 6.6) let's hope that the money continues to pour on Oman and my bet gets matched. 4.30 Chep Gabrial The One (BG3/RF). £2.50 win at 9.6 = £21.07 if it wins. The papers are pointing towards Hot Team the other Richard Fahey runner but I like Billy Garrity and the horse runs well at this course I haven't looked at Bath yet but I see that Hollie Doyl
  7. RESULTS UPDATE Two winners so a much better day for me with Paul Hanagan winning on Shepherds Way. He actually had another winner too that I missed. Equally Fast with Tom Marquand won for me too. Big Wing didn't get matched so I achieved a profit of £36.18. My new balance is £905.94 (Bank £1056.22) Let's hope that by choosing races with less competition for my top jockeys/apprentices pays off in the future. I did check that Julie Camacho had at least one recent winner before backing Shepherds Way The big guns are blazing at Sandown and York tomorrow, but I may find some bet
  8. 4.20 Chep Dream Bird one point win at 10/1 with Bet365
  9. 2.20 York Star Fighter (KS) £2 win a12 = £21.56 p if it wins 3.30 York Shepherds Way (PH) £2 win at 16 = £29.40 p if it wins 4.20 Chep Dream Bird (TM/RC) £2 win at 12 = £21.56 if it wins 3.45 Chep Equally Fast (TM) £5 win at 3.6 = £10.78 if it wins + £2 win on Aquadabra at 5.8 = £4.51 if it wins 4.50 Chep Big Wing (TM) £2 win at 11.50 um 9.4 = £15 staked so far I couldn't put see these in a Trixie as Equally Fast looks the only qualifier
  10. RESULTS UPDATE If nothing else that was a nice piece of money management. Precision Storm ran no kind of race and shouldn't have been entered on that showing. Il Bandito did run well but the extra 6lbs proved to be too much. Just the one winner and fortunately I placed a singles bet on it. The price got smashed to 2/1 favourite but the odds I obtained meant a return of £11.56 so a small profit of £1.91. This brings me new balance to £869.76 (Bank £1056.22). Had my winner lost I would have considered a recovery bet on the second selection but had that one lost, which it did, there is n
  11. 5.00 Nott Junoesque (BC) £2.50 win at 4.7 = £9.07 (A) 8.00 Hd Precision Storm (PH) (B) 9.00 Hd Il Bandito (PH) (C) One £1 win Trixie = £81.86 if all three win = £4 outlay 1.25 Yar Woo Woo (LM) 65p win at 33/1 4.40 NB Honours (TM) 50p win at 50/1 8.10 Uttx Outlaw Jack (BP) £2 win ta 8.8 Total stakes today £9.65 That's my bit of racing fun for the day 🙂
  12. 4.40 NB Honours(TM) one point win at 50/1 with Betfair
  13. RESULTS UPDATE Another blank day for me today. I felt a bit unlucky that Mystic Court fell and then the favourite got beat so I didn't get my money back on the 2.45 at Fontwell. The net loss on the day was £18. My new balance is £867.85 (Bank £1,056.22). Four more flat meetings in the UK tomorrow and one over the jumps. Instead of insurance bets on the favourites I will try one/two Trixies on what I feel the best favourites have of winning their races at shorter odds. I will quite happily back horses for £2 at 11.50 and above all day long. Let's hope I get a winner or two tomor
  14. 6.00 Kem Judgment Call (OM) one point win at 20/1 with Bet365
  15. Pity that Mystic Court fell but it was good to see Brendan Powell getting a winner despite my ins bet getting beaten 5.45Ham Epeius (SB) £2 win at 11.5 (um at 10.0) 6.00 Km Judgmnent Call (OM) £2 win at 15.5 = £28.42 profit if it wins 7.30 Km Love Dreams (OM) £5 win at 5.2 (um at 5.0) That's all the meetings looked at for me today Good luck to all punting today
  16. One thing I have learned since upping my bank to £1,000 and almost losing £200 so far is that I forgot about SELECTIVITY. I am not clever enough to make money on lots of selections and so for my top jockeys/apprentices I will be looking for races when there are not too many of them competing against each other. Having said that I see Kevin Stott just won at Haydock at an SP of 6/1. Anyway, this will of course mean that I won't be backing at the big meetings but hopefully finding live contenders with less competition at the smaller meetings. One has caught my eye so far is Mystic Court w
  17. I think it is my AVG anti-virus protector; I'll see what I can do to change the settings. These things can be a curse and a blessing
  18. Anyone getting an error message on the ATR website "access is forbidden" I had a problem with Racing Post yesterday and now have one with this. I have tried using a different browser with no luck. Pain in the butt
  19. RESULTS UPDATE 5 bets with only one ins bet winner means a loss of £20.01 on the day. A bad day for my top jockeys/apprentices at Salisbury. Would have had more luck at Ayr with Joe Fanning getting a couple of winners and Kevin Stott one winner but I didn't play. My new balance £885.85 (Bank £1056.22) Four UK flat meetings tomorrow with most of the star jockey performers clustered at Haydock.
  20. 4.30 Sal Lumination one point win at 16/1 with bet365
  21. At least I got my money back on that race 3.55 Lord Marbury (WB) £3 win at 8.6 = £22.34 profit if it wins 4.30 Lumination (TM) £2 win at 19.52 = £34.33 if it wins And £2 win on Will Buick's King Castle at 6.0 = £7.84. I would hate to miss his only winner of the day as I backed him a few times
  22. Not going well so far 3.20 Amy Beach (HD) £4.70 win at 5.7 = £19.69 + Talbeyah (JC) £2 win at 3.4 ins bet for 10p profit
  23. 1.35 Sal Vitalline (HD) £3 win at 8.0 & £2 win on Easy To Dream (WB) = £18.62 & £9.21 should one win 2.45 Sal Rocca Magfica (WB) £5.11 at 5.5 = £20.58 & ins bet of £2 at 3.65 on Morrooj (AA) = £0.09 if the favourite wins Back later
  25. RESULTS UPDATE Only one winner today which was an insurance bet. Hopefully I should do better tomorrow 🤞. This has created a net loss on the day of £13.11 so my new balance is £905.86 (Bank £1056.22) Four UK flat meetings tomorrow so lots to sift through and hopefully find a winner or two
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