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  1. RESULTS UPDATE Katies Kitten let me down for my Trixie but the other two won. Not much return £9.45 so didn't pay for my £2 singles bet. A loss of 55p on the day. My new balance is £707.19 (Bank £1056.22) Haven't had a chance to check the Saturday racecards; let's hope there aren't too many short priced favourites .
  2. Well done to you and @MCLARKEfor having faith with this well bred horse. Not knocked about so should be ok to progress
  3. I hope that it does win for you Alex 🙂. However, if I owned a £2m+ horse I don't think that I would allow a jockey to give it a hard race on its first outing on a racecourse
  4. Sounds like Irony to me 🙂. Who do we listen to or take notice of? If we had just a list of named horses for a race and no other information then backing a horse would be pot luck. We furnish them with form figures and ratings and then either follow someone else's advice or form an opinion ourselves before having a bet. I believe that the markets are formed and developed by opinions. The problem is knowing whether those opinions are founded on logic. There was a horse in the 1.00 at Thirsk called Chanson D'Amour that I looked at. The RP's spotlight said that it was no worry about it returning to 7 furlongs today. I was worried about that and didn't back it. I felt misled by the RP who are supposed to have professional people sizing up a race. There are a lot of instances of the public being misled by the press. I guess we need them but "let the buyer beware" is the motto and check some of this stuff out for yourself
  5. My Trixie today is: 1.35 Thirsk Zebelle 11/10 3.35 Bri Katies Kitten 9/5 (A market drifter but it still seems the best bet to me) 4.10 Bri Merlims Beard 5/4 One £2 win Trixie = £8.00 Poss Return of £60.27 Single: 4.20 Muss Hayadh £2 win at 5.8 = £9.41 profit if it wins Total stakes so far = £10 I have a possible plan B at the evening meetings if all goes pear shaped Best of luck to all PL members today
  6. I wonder how Will Buick will feel sitting on a £2m horse? Funny it is evens for this race; one would have thought that it would be odds on!
  7. 4.20 Muss Hayadh one point win at 4/1 with Bet365
  8. RESULTS UPDATE No winners today but I tried really hard to get out at B/E from an initial investment of £14.00 extended to £21.10 which seems fair to me. Three short priced favourites turned over and two odds on shots won from my list of possibles today; so no great rewards for even odds on backers. The £21.10 loss means that my new balance is £707.04 (Bank £1056.22). I was wrong about the Doncaster meeting, three favourites and a joint favourite went in so I hope that a few PL members won something. 5 UK flat meetings tomorrow; the best class races are at Musselburgh and Newmarket. I haven't had a chance yet to take a decent look
  9. Will add £3.50 to win on De Mazzaro. Because of a non runner my odds were cut and subsequently went above my betting odds of 4.2 to 4.6; I hate it when Betfair do this; they should have a "cancel" facility so that people can play again if they wish. Anyway Rainbow Gift is flavour of the race so I'll take a chance that I am still betting on the same horse as I did earlier. Will net £18. 32 profit if my horse wins or lose £21.10 on the day. Not a good day for me so far. Some odds on shots have won like Aquaman & Super Proud but Blowing Wind let punters down. I hope that Bashosh wins the 4.20 at Redcar for favourite backers but I didn't fancy puting about £21 quid on it to get the £18 that I am trying to win on De Mazzaro
  10. I sometimes wonder about these top jockeys; Kevin Stott let Ulshaw Bridge get too far in front. And of course the opposite happened earlier with Will Buick giving Lucayan a pasting at 9/2, albeit my selection drifted out to 15/8! I have just got £3.60 matched at 3.30 on Betfair to receive £8.11 Trixie money back should Camerily Joe prevail in the 4.00 Brighton. Probably won't play any more today if that loses. The Doncaster card looks like a bookies benefit meeting. There is always tomorrow.
  11. Tough day with short prices for my selections in the Trixie: 2.10 Yar Lucayan 5/4 2.50 Red Sweet Believer Ev 4.00 Bri Camerily Joe 15/8 One £2 win Trixie = £8 = poss return of £59.31 Singles: 1.45 Red Mereside Pearl £2 win at 10.5 = £18.62 p if it wins. Bad draw to overcome 3.30 Bri Day trader £2 win at 4.9 = £7.64 profit if it wins Plenty of competition to overcome 4.55 Red De Mazzaro £2 win at 4.2 = £6.27. should have take 11/2 last night 🤨 Total stakes = £14.00. Will try a recovery bet on Camerily Joe if the first two legs of my Trixie fail Not a lot of wiggle room if all goes pear shaped today No qualifiers for the evening meeting at Doncaster with all class 3 events Good luck to all and keep your betting bank safe
  12. 4.00 Bri Camerily Joe one point win at 2/1 with Bet365
  13. RESULTS UPDATE The first Trixie blew out with just one winner and the second had a winning double at short odds. Because I placed an extra singles bet on the last selection and it won this meant that I made a small profit on the day of £1.50. My new balance is £728.84 (Bank 1056.22) 5 UK race meetings tomorrow with all the races at Doncaster being described as being Class 3 handicaps with some sort of Racing League banner. I don't remember this type of event last year. Should be interesting
  14. No luck with the above as only got one winner 5.20 Bri Praise Of Shadows 7/4 7.15 Yar Sweet Enough 11/10 8.00 Kem Chai Yo Power 11/8 One £1.50 win Trixie = £6.00 poss return £46.51 Still can't quite believe that Tashkkhan got turned over at 4/7 My first selection finished last and drifted to 9/4. I won't be around at 7.15 pm so I've put in an Exchange win bet of £3.53 at 2.74 to show a profit of £6.02. I would normally wait until the second horse has been beaten but I'm not fiddling around with betting whilst I'm out tonight Total stakes so far today = £15.53
  15. I have had to drop to class 6 races for two of my Trixie selections today as only Dr Youmzain seeemed worthy out of the Class 4 events 2.35 Pont Dr Youmzain 7/2 3.00 Bri Junoesque 9/4 3.35 Bri Espeegee 15/8 One £1.50 win Trixie = £6.00 possible return of £118.41 Possibly back later with some singles
  16. 2.35 Pont Dr Youmzain one point win at 7/2 with Betvictor
  17. RESULTS UPDATE What a pity that Entwistle failed to fire, I could have done with £370 quid. Anyway 3 came in and there was a return of £83.54. I felt a bit unlucky with Nigel Nott being beaten a head too. The net effect of all this was a net profit of £57.67. My new balance is now £727.34 (Bank £1056.22) 2 class 3 races tomorrow; Ev & 15/8 fav. Loads of class4 races, many of them at Kempton but with too many short priced favourites for my liking.
  18. 6.30 Ling Mr Tyrell one point win at 11/2 with Betfair
  19. I have decided upon a £1 win Yankee today: 1.35 Catt Entwistle 15/8 6.30 Ling Mr Tyrrell 5/1 7.50 Nott Jewel In My crown 13/8 8.20 Nott Boogie Time 15/8 One £1 win Yankee = £11.00 Poss return £377.81 I may have to look in the lower class races for some singles bets as apart from Russian Humour 3.40 Ffos Las (who has to beat Captain Haddock among others) there appears to be very few horses at decent odds in my class 3 - 4 races today Back later 2.10 Catt Hard Solution £2 win at 14.5 = £26.46; £1 win on Sfumato at 9/4 Ins Bet 3.20 Catt Dandy's Mix £2 win at 13.5 = £24.50 if it wins; £1 win on Fosos at 7/2 ins bet 3.55 Catt Amourie £2 win at 8.8 = £15.29; £1.40 win on True Romance at 7/4 ins bet 4.25 Catt Edgar Allan Poe £2.20 win at 10.48 = £20.48; Flower Power 50p win at 10/1 ins bet; My Boy Max £1.50 win at 9/4 ins bet 4.10 Ffos Las Captain Haddock £2 win at 8.8 = £11.76; Russian Rumour £2 win at 7.8 = £11.37 4.18 Chelm Nigel Nott £2.15 win at 10.5 = £20.02 (no ins bet) Total stakes £30.75 Good luck to all today
  20. RESULTS UPDATE Well, a blank day for me I'm afraid; however, I can see where I went wrong in a couple of the races. Fast attack that beat my nap must be some horse wining by 6 lengths in the 2.40 at Kempton with James Doyle aboard. The market knew about it too shortening it to 6/4 favourite. A loss of £38.80 means my new balance is £669.67 (Bank £1056.22). 5 UK meetings tomorrow and I can only count 1 class 3 race with a 15/8 favourite and 7 class 4 races with most favourites being at short odds. Looks like another tough one
  21. Hadn't thought about that. Good point
  22. Can't seem to find your selection in the Naps comp today. I have missed something Ooops Tarnhelm 8.30 Carlisle Good luck
  23. The problem is Alex that I have in the past disregarded a trainer's runner when it was fancied and he/she is on a very bad run and of course the damn thing won. Hence, being an eternal (infernal) optimist I now take the view that however bad a trainer is doing he has to break his duck one day, hopefully with my selection. Took 10.0 for Delphs Crescent which is better than the 8 or 8.8 that was on offer earlier. That's value isn't it?
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