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  1. My Trixie today is: 2.55 Carl Jackhammer 11/4 6.20 Bath Sassy Rascal 5/2 8.10 Km Viola 2/1 £1 win Trixie = £4 = £74.25 if all 3 win Nb. no bets on anything less than evens as I like to feel that I at least get my money back if two selections win Singles: 1.00 Sal Frankella (DP) £1 win at 10/1 1.35 Sal Firenz Rosa (SDS) £1 win at 16/1 5.15 Carl Geometra Ginty £1 win at 5/1 5.50 Bath Mystify Me £1 win at 4/1 (was looking at Equally Fast but it has drifted form 5/1 to 17/2 so I assume that the market knows something that I don't) Total stakes
  2. 1.35 Sal Firenze Rosa one point win at 16/1 with Bet365
  3. RESULTS UPDATE Drew a blank today. Only one winner in the Trixie so no return. Nothing else really came close to winning. This means a loss of £11.20 on the day. My new balance is £787.53 (Bank £1056.22) Four flat meetings again in the UK tomorrow. Will be looking at around 10 - 12 open looking races for my selections from now on
  4. My Trixie today is at Newbury this evening: 6.30 Navegaon Gate 2/1 7.0 Typical Man 2/1 7.30 Sunset Bay 5/4 £1 win trixie = £4 = £42.75 if all three win Singles: 5.00 Nb Suns Up Guns Up £2.20 win at 5.8 = £10.58 5.30 Nb Desert £1 win at 10/1 6.00 Nb Noonie (MJ) £1 win at 16/1 7.00 Nb Ask The Wind £1 win at 7/1 7.30 Blackcastle Storm £1 win at 4/1 8.05 Sweet Pursuit £1 win at 15/2 Total stakes £11.20
  5. 8.05 Nb Sweet Pursuit one point win at 15/2 with Betfair
  6. RESULTS UPDATE No luck at all today, not even my shorter priced bets got second. Just a few teething problems, I'm sure. Loss today with one non-runner = £14.20. I made a mistake with the Trixie as I should have had a different short priced beast included instead of Taawafoq; made no difference though as Mercurial was backed into 8/11 and could still only finish 3rd. My new balance is £798.73 (Bank £1,056.22). Four UK Flat meetings tomorrow in the UK with the top jockeys at the Newbury evening meeting. Ben Curtis/Mark Johnston predominate most of the meeting at Ayr. Should
  7. Withdrawn as refused to enter the stalls, so a non-runner 4.30 Chep Tawaafoq one point win at 13/2 with Bet365
  8. My Trixie today is now: 4.30 Chep Tawaafoq 13/2 6.20 Wolv Fircombe Hill 7/4 8.20 Wolv Hachert 9/4 £1 win Trixie = £4 = £120.95 if all three win Singles bets at Wolves: 5.00 I'm watching You £1 win at 8/1 5.50 Master Grey £1 win at 7/1 7.20 Hotalena £1 win at 7/1 8.50 Whatwouldyouknow 50p win at 15/2 and Pope Gregory 50 p win at 9/1 Total stakes today covering two meetings = £15.00
  9. Only looked at Chepstow today. Not enough selections strong enough for a trixie 1.55 Sisu £2 win at 6.0 = £9.80 if win 3.00 Chifa 80p win at 40/1 = £34 poss ret. + 20p win on Oriental Beauty = £1.20 if win 3.30 Luxy Lou 50p win at 14/1 & Duke Of Prussia 50 p win at 20/1 4.0 Beastie Boy 50p win at 11/1 & Lexington Liberty 50p win at 15/2 4.30 Tawaafoq £1 win at 13/2 5.00 I'm Watching You £1 win at 8/1 5.30 Two almost joint favourites + Luke Morris on the 3rd favourite so I'll skip this race Total stakes so far = £7.00 Possibly look at Wolve
  10. 3.00 Chep Chifa one point win at 40/1 with Betfair/PaddyPower
  11. RESULTS UPDATE I am quite pleased with today's results. Two selections beaten by a head; one double as there was a non-runner and a winner with Music Society winning for me at 15/2. though SP was a hugely reduced figure of 7/2; those bookies want it every way for themselves don't they? Anyway, despite the small profit of £1.50 I feel that looking at the trainers' stats definitely helped me today. My new balance is now £812.93 (Bank £1056.22) One flat meeting in the afternoon and two in the evening tomorrow for the UK. Looks like the main top jockeys are at Windsor in the even
  12. My bets and Trixie today is at Pontefract: 2.55 Iconic Queen 13/5 3.25 Urban Artist 15/8 3.55 Let Me Be 4/1 £1 win Trixie = £4 = £94.47 if all 3 win Singles bets: 1.45 Shouldhavebeenmore (PH) £1 win at 12/1 2.20 Moon Bay (PH) £1 win at 9/1 3.25 Golden Pass £1 win at 5/1 3.55 Selsey Sizzler £2 win at 4.2 = £6.08 if it wins 4.25 Furzig (PH) £1 win at 5/1 4.55 Dream Camelot (RK) £1 win at 7/1 5.25 Music Society (TE T) £1 win at 15/2 Total stakes £12.00 Good luck to all betting today
  13. RESULTS UPDATE Three winners today but only one in my Trixie. At least the winners paid for the losers today and I made a tiny profit of £1.00. This means that my new balance is now £811.43 (Bank £1056.22). Not a good Royal Ascot for me. I'm glad I latterly restricted my stakes in half at least saved some money. One reason why I chose Stratum for my win bet was because of the trainer Willie Mullins (Pity I didn't put that one in my Trixie as opposed to the hyped up Falcon Eight that apparently didn't like the going and got beat 24.75 lengths). Anyway that has got me thinking that I
  14. My Ascot Trixie today is 4.20 Dream Of Dreams (RM) 11/4 5.00 Kings Lynn (RM) 7/2 6.10 Falcon Eight (FD) 10/3 £1 Trixie = £4 = £137.91 if all three win Singles at Ascot: 2.30 New Science (WB) £1 win at 13/2 3.05 Creative Force (JD) £1 win at 11/2 3.40 Hukum (JC) £1 win at 7/1 4.20 Nahaarr (TM) £1 win at 9/2 5.00 Mr Lupton (PH) £1 win at 14/1 5.35 Fantastic Fox (SDS) £1 win at 6/1 6.10 Stratum (RM) £1win at 9/2 Total stakes today £11.00
  15. RESULTS UPDATE Only two favourites won and I had only one in the Trixie. Not too bad, losing £11 for an afternoon's entertainment. Many of these results are shocking this week and it's not just down to the bad weather today. Horses beating other horses that that were well beaten by their challengers before on previous occasions. It's almost as if one would have done better using a pin to make selections rather than going by form. I think that the jockeys too have behaved badly such as Silvestre De Susa on Queen Power on Wednesday. I backed the horse expecting it to be ridden promine
  16. 5.0 Ascot Glasga Girl one point win at 18/1 with Bet365
  17. My Trixie today is 2.30 Asc Flotus 11/4 3.05 Alenquar 2/1 4.20 Pretty Generous 7/2 £1 win trixie = £4 = Poss £92.24 Return Singles bets 2.30 Hello You £1 win at 7/1 3.05 the Mediteranian £1 win at 11/2 3.40 A Case Of You £1 win at 8/1 4.20 Mother Earth £1 win at 4/1 5.00 Glasga girl £1 win at 18/1 5.35 Zabeel Champion £1 win at 14/1 6.10 Mo Celita £1 win at 11/2 Total stakes £11.00 Howzatt for having fun and minimising stakes in these erratic Royal Ascot times 🙂
  18. RESULTS UPDATE Another luckless day for me. I had 3 bets that didn't get matched, including Secret Protector which would have yielded £20.58. This means a loss of £19.50 on the day. My new balance is £821.43 (Bank £1056.22). Four UK flat meetings again tomorrow with another dose of Ascot. I think that I will halve my rough figure of around £20 as it would seem that any horse seems to be able to win at these big festivals. I may try one £1 Trixie = £4 and just put £1 singles bets on others. I can still have fun but at half the cost. It isn't worth putting a lot of money on in t
  19. 7.10 Lin Celerity one point win at 66/1 with Bet365
  20. One quick addition I'm trying to get £5 win matched at 5.1 on Gullane One with Ella Mcaine claimng 5lbs aboard in the 3.25 at Ripon was 4.7 now 4.5
  21. My Royal Ascot selections today. Some may not get matched at my requested prices but I'm not bothered 2.30 Cadamosto (RM) £3.50 win at 7.4 = £21.95 if it wins 3.05 Secret Protector £4 3TBP at 6.2 (um 5.5). Looks like a good place bet. 3.40 Dubai Fountain £2.20 win at 10.5 (um 7.6, was 9.4 so probably won't get matched now) 4.15 Spanish Missiom (WB) £2 win 16 = £29.40 if it wins; Serpentine £2 3TBP at 5.2 (um 4.4, was 4.8) Supplemented by Aiden O'Brien so could be worth a place bet. 5.00 Mithras (FD) £2 win at 9.6 = £16.86 if it wins; Raadobarg (JM) £1 win at 15/2 and
  22. Hopefully you backed it each way; something I seldom do as this is a seperate bet imo and I struggle to find the benefit of it. I know that Rupert seems to be OK with ew bets
  23. RESULTS UPDATE Not even a whiff of a winner for me at Royal Ascot. Too Shy Shy got second at 25/1 with Mark Crehan aboard which would have got me out of trouble had it won. Ben Curtis did get a treble at Hamilton but I'm not sure that I would have put the first three rides in a Trixie A another straight loss today, this time £24.35. This means that my new balance is £840.93 (Bank £1056.22); over £200 down on my opening balance. Four flat meetings in the UK tomorrow; we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out about any significant changes to the going at the turf meeti
  24. I was hoping to find a Trixie at the other meetings today but could not see anything strong enough. Ben Curtis has a lot of rides at Hamilton but there are too many ifs and buts about his shorter priced selections for my liking. I have had a bet on some outsiders listed below and that's me done for today. I will put my feet up and watch Ascot later 🙂 4.25 Ham Zenzero (BC) £3 win at 7.8 = £19.99 if it wins 7.0 Rip Mystery Show (PM) £2 win at 10/1 9.00 Rip Catherine's Girl (PH) £1.15 win at 18/1 (poss return £21.85) 8.23 Chelms Too Shy Shy ((MC5) £2 win at 18.10 = £33.52
  25. My bit of Royal Ascot fun. 2.30 Yet (RM) £2 win at 14.5 = £26.46 3.05 Dancing King (SDS) £2.20 win at 10.5 = £20.48 3.40 Queen Power (SDS) £3.50 at 7.0 = £20.58. Has a good chance of beating Lady Bowthorpe over 1f less this time 4.20 No bet. Can't see any play at all in this race 5.00 Finest Sound (AA) £2 win at 14.5 = £26.46 5.35 Flaming Rib (RK) £2 win at 24 = £45.08 6.10 Mostly (come on Frankie make it 7) £2.50 win at 10.0 = £22.05 Total stakes £14.20 Good luck to all, whatever you do, just don't invest too much or else it could all end up in t
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