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Champions League (18-19 Sep)


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Re: Champions League (18-19 Sep) Roma and Slavia are 1-0 up :) PSV also pls score :) Barca just scored :( . Own Goal !!! Can Lyon hit back quickly? Pretty Pls :p Arsenal !!! :) Steaua equalised :( Looking good at HT. Only lame OG cost me yet ;) PSV scored !!! Score 1 more come on !!! Slavia score pls !!! YESSSSSSSS Arsenal Home and Dry :) Man U scored :( Sporting hit back pretty quick pls ;) I hate late goals :( CSKA pulled one back via some strangely named Vagnar Love. No love from me.

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Re: Champions League (18-19 Sep)

I have gone mad 10 point treble on Barcelona winning 1 v 0 Roma winning 1 v 0 Sporting under 2.5 under at 0 v 1 10 point 4 fold on above + Rangers under 2.5 under at 1 v 1 no more goals please 10 point 5 fold on above + PSV 1 v 0 get in 10 point 6 fold on above + Arsenal over 2.5 2 v 0 got a feeling arsenal will shut up shop now gonna let me down. 10 point 7 fold on above + Fenerbahce under 2.5 1 v 0 so ok so far
Not too bad so far. Treble and 4 fold looking good now along with the 5 fold. Come on Arsenal 1 more. And no more in Glasgow please.
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Re: Champions League (18-19 Sep)

Sorry little time for much writing but these are my 5 bets tonight Barcelona -1 AH @ 2.0 Canbet 5/10 - I know alot about Lyon and they just havent impressed me much this season, they aren't the force they used to be. Barca misfiring this season but should have too much firepower for Les Gones PSV straight win @ 1.92 Hills 4/10 - Every year the dutch outfit do well in this competition, I'd say they can win tonight against CSKA who aren't as good this year as they have been in recent seasons, struggling domestically. Arsenal -0.25 AH @ 1.91 Canbet 3/10 - Too big these odds IMO, both these sides are quality but I'd always favour the host's in these sort of matches Roma -1.25 AH @ 1.94 Betdirect 3/10 - I was stung buy a couple of bigger handicaps last night but Roma are in fine form at the momnent and should collect a comfortable win. Rangers (0) AH @ 1.94 Canbet 2/10 - A samll one here as odds are just to meaty to resist. A dangerous match to bet in but Rangers ca'nt be underestimated at home IMO, Stuttgart are a weak German champion and have yet to set the world alight in the Bundesliga this year.
I'll take this, not often I have 100% success in a CL night :loon
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Re: Champions League (18-19 Sep)

Tip Detail
SportFootball (Euro Cups)
EventSporting v Manchester United
SelectionUnder 2.5 Goals
Bookmaker/PriceExpekt @ 1.63 (Back)
ReasoningManchester United will be happy to go away from home play it tight and would probably be happy with a point. They will be hoping to nick it and will then shut up shop. I can see the score line being 0 v 0 or 0 v 1 but I will opt for the unders to be on the safe side.
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Re: Champions League (18-19 Sep)

Hi all This is my first post, tho I been hereabouts for a while. I would like to give a bit 'illustrative' (its a bit boring reading stats and theoretical talks all the time..) breakdown of what i think might happen later on 8 CL games. Pls note, these are just my elementary 'guesses' at best, do take some of them with salt and i personally wont go with each and every one of them. Of course, these are based on the idealistic world, where theres no such things as sudden red cards, leading to penalties or gashing injuries or madman striking or goalkeeping form blossoming overnight. (Then again, this IS Football isnt it, who knows i might lucky one day..*Wink*) Cheers and enjoy the games! The number of Stars* denotes the confidence, the lesser the more likely the elements of uncertainty is likely to influence the game, ie mentality of players over 90min, the climate, the fans, the referees, the mood of the Coach (ha! good one) ***** Barca-Lyon 1. Barc to win SPOT ON 2. Barc to start the first half strongly with a lead to demonstrate their clout and determination in international competitions, hence HF/FT could look like Bar/Bar (possible: 1-0, 2-0, 2-1) SPOT ON 3. Both are good at attacking football, Bar to get least 2, Lyon should have 1 good shot, so TG >2.5, SPOT ON 4. Final Scoreline could something like: 2-0, 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-2 Close, 3-0 ***** Roma-DyKiv 1. Roma to win SPOT ON, again their class is stamped over their involvement in international competitions 2. To make sure they mean business and could strut their stuff, they would start as strongly as they could, so HF/FT its Roma/Roma, likely 1-0 SPOT ON 3. However DyKiv are no pushovers, they would try to hold the fort as long as they could against onslaught, however neither could they find a strong scoring oppt themselves against such class so, TG 2.5, very possible 4. FT: 0-2, 0-3, 1-3, 1-4 **** Ars-Sev 1. Ars is playing very cautiously without Henry for the first time on the international scene, they dont want to slip up looking they made a mistake selling him away. They would hold fort and go for the jugular as soon as the oppt presents itself and with Wenger determination, can they hold fort.(He dont want another Chelsea or Liverpool fiasco tonight, i get the feel Sev might have came for nothing except for a very grit teeth handshake) WOW! SPOT ON 2. Draw/Ars, as above 3. TG Most imptly, had fun! :clap :clap :clap ok spot on for all major 5* & 4* matches, except a 'dubious' one miss on the last couple matches, then again they are just 3* confidence, not too bad!
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Re: Champions League (18-19 Sep) Fenerbachce-Inter. Inter has some problems in defence: Ivan Cordoba,Burdisso and Maicon suspended. Materazzi and Chivu injured.Samuel is also injured,but maybe play tomorrow. Fenerbachce 1 or x 1.75 gamebookers. 1-0.:dude

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Re: Champions League (18-19 Sep)

Fenerbachce-Inter. Inter has some problems in defence: Ivan Cordoba,Burdisso and Maicon suspended. Materazzi and Chivu injured.Samuel is also injured,but maybe play tomorrow. Fenerbachce 1 or x 1.75 gamebookers. 1-0.:dude
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Re: Champions League (18-19 Sep)

Here's my analysis and bets for today's games: Barcelona-Lyon

Barcelona started the season "in the wrong foot" and coach Frank Rijakaard has been told by club president Laporta that his job is on the line if results do not improve within the next few weeks.

That of course includes tonight's match.

Lyon is a very experienced side with very impressive apperances in the Chamipons League in the last 4 or 5 years.

They also didn't start the season very well but improved lately with 4 consecutive wins.

I think tonight will either see a nice Barcelona win or that Lyon will come up with an unexpected upset.

I'll put my money in the 1st option as Barcelona sure has the talent (Ronaldinho, Messi, Deco, Henry, Eto'o, etc...) in their team to crush any opponent at home.

My pick: Barcelona -1 AH (Asian Handicap) won Glasgow Rangers-Stuttgart

There are a few injuries to both sides.

In my opinion Stuttgart are a better side than Rangers but they did not start the season very well including 2 away defeats in the Bundesliga.

I'll risk my 1st draw pick here tonight.

Rangers are not particulary impressive in the European Competitions even at home and I think the Germans will be more than happy to get away with a draw tonight.

My pick: draw lost

Fenerbahce-Inter Milan

Turkish teams are usually hard to beat at home where they enjoy a great atmosphere with their supporters and Fenerbahce coach (former Brazilian Glory Zico) will count on his fellow countryman Roberto Carlos to try to surprise the Italians tonight.

Inter will be with a depleted team at the back has they have Matterazi, Chivu and Vieira injured and Maicon, Burdisso and Cordoba suspended.

We all know they (Inter) still have the fire power it takes upfront but there are far too many important defensive players out for tonight so I think we might see them playing for the tie which would not be a bad result for them considering the circunstances.

My pick: Fenerbahce +0.5 AH won


Both experienced teams in European Competitions.

PSV is tough to beat, specially at home, but I've seen what CSKA does when playing away over and over again and I'm convincied they'll try to pull the same tonight: play tight at the back aiming at the draw and try fast counter attacks with Brazilian Internationals Daniel carvalho (playmaker) and Wagner Love (striker) when possible.

The thing is that Daniel Carvalho is out tonight through injury and I see them having a harder time creating opportunities, so they'll sit at the back and wait for time to go by...

PSV is coached by former Dutch glory Ronald Koeman and I know his coaching style very well as he coached Benfica 2 seasons ago.

He will not take many risks and will look for the 1-0 victory.

PSV has 3 "unders" and a 3-1-0 in their last 4 games while CSKA has a 3-5-2 record in their last 10 games.

I'll risk another draw pick here as well as a bet on the "under".

My picks: draw and


Arsenal is in great form at the moment (and "momentum" is always an important factor) with 3 home wins in the EPL so far this season but they will be without Lehmann, Gallas and Eboue tonight and the European Competitions are a different thing.

On the other hand, we have Sevilla which is a great team (results speak for themselves, they've won 5 trophies in the last 2 seasons including 2 UEFA Cups).

Sevilla is looking at setting themselves up to the next level and to do something interesting in this years Champions League.

I think Sevilla will be happy with a draw tonight but they will try to win and have the talent to do it.

Should be an interesting game.

My pick: Sevilla +0.5 AH lost

Slavia-Steaua B.

Slavia beat Ajax (Holland) recently in the qualifying round (beating them at home 2-1) and I guess that speaks a bit for itself.

They also have a 5-1-0 record in their last 6 games while Steaua has a 2-3-1 record.

I'm taking the home win here.

My pick: home win won

Roma-D. Kiev

In my opinion the odd is too low for a Roma bet.

Roma has a very nice team (they had it last year and added players like Brazilian International Cicinho to it), very hard to beat in Rome but Kiev has a 6-0-0 record in their last 6 and the only time these teams met was in 2004 with Kiev winning 0-3 away in Rome...

I'll pass this one...

Sporting-M. United

It will be a "welcome home" for Carlos Queiroz (coach), Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani as they've all been at Sporting before.

We all know Man. United so no need for a very deep analysis.

We also know that they haven't started the season in the best of forms and seem to be struggling to create chances and score goals.

Sporting has been playing well under young coach Paulo Bento ever since he took over almost 2 years ago.

They are a young team (lots of youth in their squad) but with a lot of quality (Polga, Liedson, Moutinho and Miguel Veloso) and they have a solid style of play. They do play "as a team" with all the sectors close to each other and it is hard to score against them.

Sporting has 5 unders in their last 6 while MU has 6 unders in their last 6.

I must say I'll be very surprised if I miss my "under" bet here tonight (but, of course, in sports "your never know"...).

Also, Sporting has never lost at home against English clubs in the past (4 victories and 3 draws) and in European Competitions.

I'll also risk another draw here.

My picks: draw and Good luck!

4-5-0 record today. It was looking great at halftime and I needed at least one draw, but no luck with it (draws) today :(... Oh well, tomorrow is another day and it is a long season. Cheers.
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Re: Champions League (18-19 Sep)

1:interface_getMarketData('>Arsenal v Sevilla - Over/Under 1.5 Goals (Backing Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.33)
2:interface_getMarketData('>Sp Lisbon v Man Utd - Over/Under 3.5 Goals (Backing Under 3.5 Goals @ 1.23)
3:interface_getMarketData('>Rangers v Stuttgart - Over/Under 3.5 Goals (Backing Under 3.5 Goals @ 1.24)
As a treble for me with Betfair - Odds of 2.02 Reason for those three is that Arsenal have scored in every game this season while Sevilla are also free scoring. Arsenal seem to have a weak backbone and I can easily see this game going O2.5, let alone 1.5. Man U are struggling to score goals in the Premiership at the moment and have in the past struggled to score away from home. I dont think Sporting Lisbon have a lot of what it takes to score against Man U defence. I think probably under 2.5 goals this time is likely but I have safety net of under 3.5 goals. Same with Rangers as I really can't see that being a high scoring game and will likely end 1-0 to either side or a draw. I think Stuttgart are the better side but if they are to win then they definitely wont win by any more than 2-0 or 2-1. That's my thoughts anyhow. As the bet comes in at around evens, I'd say it was worth a go!
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Re: Champions League (18-19 Sep)

Djalmha, expert, When I looked at the previous history/stats that's what came up....that might have been the case (I remember that referee incident but I don't recall which year it was)... ...still and regardless of that, I think the odd is far too low for a Roma bet (I rarely bet odds that low). Good luck for your picks tonight.
No problem :ok
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