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  1. Re: Predict the Premier League 2010/2011 Champ - BORO Lg1 - Southhampton Lg2 - Burton
  2. Re: PL is 10 Years Old Today! The Hotel California of the internet:clap The best 6 years ive had, some of the best people ever and some of the best days out Ive ever had. Hats off to Rossy and everyone else making this forum the best. :clap
  3. Re: Grand National 2010 No you can't judge a horse's chances by weight BUT I'll gladly lose my money to any of the horses in the top 15 of the betting because IF one of those does win it will be the heaviest horse to win in 25+yrs. No doubt some of the higher end weighted runners are class BUT im a sucker for good stats and in a race like this Id rather stick to key trends.
  4. Re: Grand National 2010 I've narrowed it down to 4. SNOWY MORNING CANT BUY TIME ERICS CHARM ( carries a stone less then when winning LTO at Newbury 3m2 on GS) ELLERSLIE GEORGE All ran within 50 days for fitness, placed 3rd or more within the last 3 races, age, weight trends etc.
  5. Re: Grand National 2010 Got it,
  6. Re: Grand National 2010 cheers for that AK, BTW mate Im sure you put up a stat last years regarding headgear? Preists Leap and Ellerslie George are both wearing some headgear. I'd guess blinkers could provide an advantage but Im thinking Cheek Pieces can be a hindrance IF they get wet.
  7. Re: Grand National 2010 for the last 3-4 years I've done well with the G.N applying the filters and key trends. So far I've narrowed it down to: Preists Leap Snowy Morning Cant buy time State of play Ellerslie George Erics Charm Ive not inc Big Fella Thanks due to fate of the favs. But Im going to look more in depth of these runners. Last years Mon Mome only slipped through the net due to the French stat but it filled all other criteria. Im pretty sure the winner will come from those i've listed or at least get a decent E/W value.
  8. Re: Bookies Shop Question " I've seen bookies refuse payouts for ridiculous reasons (like a torn slip) " Bollox, you can claim a bet even without the betslip itself, 'Lost Ticket Claim form';) so we would never refuse payment because the ticket was ripped, fcuk me most of our bets slip returned look like they have been in the washing machine.
  9. Re: Bookies Shop Question Cloud your talking shite, any price other than when the bet is struck goes down as a board price failure and warrants investigation by security. If your mates are giving you the better prices then they are open to being sacked
  10. Re: Aintree ~ 4th April 2009 - Grand National Day Just off to work for what is going to be a manic day ( I work in Corals) My main bet is Rambling Minster for reasons posted in the other thread. He ticks too many boxes for me to leave out. Also Ive done a cheeky CTC @ 10p : 21,31,11,33,34,29,35,20,26. As a side note I think : REVEILLEZ and FUNDAMENTALIST can run huge races at very nice e/w odds. Good luck all:ok
  11. Re: BBOTD 4th April John Smiths Grand National - Winners Weight What will be the weight carried of the winner of the 2009 John Smith's Grand National ? This event will be open until 4:15 pm 04/04/2009 10 Stone 12 LBS & Under @ 11/10 coral
  12. Re: The 2009 Grand National VCBET: If your selection FALLS, VCB Bet will refund your losing stake as a free bet on the Grand National!
  13. Re: The 2009 Grand National Just done my bets at Taylormade which is down the road to Corals, obviously I cant bet with Coral but they (Taylormade) are paying 5 places. Ive done my main bet RAMBLING MINSTER @ 10/1 and a CTC @ 10p : 21,31,11,33,34,29,35,20,26. Good Luck all.
  14. Re: Grand National Competition Rambling Minster (NAP) Fundamentalist Killbeggen Blade Brooklyn Brownie Fleet St
  15. Re: In Loving Memory board Fcuk me thats a lot of dog food. One missing from there: Electrocutionist: On September 9, 2006, Electrocutionist suffered an unexpected and fatal heart attack. Five days before his death, an abnormality was discovered in his heart, but it was deemed nothing to cause concern to his owners and trainer. Godolphin's main Europe trainer, Saeed bin Suroor, said: "He was a wonderful, brave horse, a real pleasure to train. He gave his best every time he ran and I will always remember the courage and class he showed in winning the Dubai World Cup. He was a champion."
  16. Re: Grand National Lucky Dip and Predictor Last back-to-back winner was Red Rum plus hes up in the weights this time. All the best :ok
  17. Re: The 2009 Grand National
  18. Re: The 2009 Grand National yeah but at 150/1 for the place its worth a shot. Hes jumped these fences and had 2 runs since the new year. Why not? 2yrs ago I tipped up PHILSON RUN @ 150/1 (200/1 a few days earlier) it got 4th so its worth siding with a proven stayer and after you've filtered out the trends your left with a couple of big prices, its worth a few quid E/W.
  19. Re: The 2009 Grand National " I am going back in to back Black Appalachi as my main bet in the race " Good luckmate :ok Personally I wont be touching that as it would smash a 25yr old record. Im also looking at Cornish Sett but again from my notes "Paul Nicholls' last 10 National runners have failed to complete the course." wheres my shiney pin gone...............
  20. Re: The 2009 Grand National I did look at Darkness but for me he's a dodgy jumper. at the price Id be tempted with something else.
  21. Re: Exotic Dancer has died!!!!!!! Terrible news, for race goers he was a very popular horse. Always been a solid runner in GC. RIP
  22. Re: The 2009 Grand National Given all of my stats Ive narrowed it down to 9. A few more filters and Im looking at: Fundamentalist 150/1 Coral Cornish Sett Rambling Minster 10/1 Coral Brooklyn Brownie Kilbeggan Blaze Ive not finished yet but I think Rambling Minster bar an accident will piss this. Everything is spot on for it, the going, hes won over four miles and he's had 2 runs since the turn of the year. I spoke to a bloke the other day at work who seen it win LTO at Haydock and he said it could have gone round again. He's going to be my main bet @ 10/1 and Ill do a few cheeky
  23. Re: The Grandest National I got my stats up at work and Im aplying the same as Ive done for the past 2 years. (McKelvey + PhilsonRun 150/1) and last years winner Comply or Die @14/1. I'll post a few notes Ive found: Key Stats for the race are: Favourites Only 3 have won in last 20 years but only two of the last 10 winners started bigger than 16-1. Previous runners Since 1988, only one horse who either won or was placed in a previous year’s National has gone on to win a later renewal of the race. Weight No horse in the last 22 years has (apart from HeadHunter 05) has carried mo
  24. Re: test poll test: everytime I reply its saying Im not logged in. Obviously its ok now :/
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